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CTF-LavaGiant4 Has been released!

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    Originally posted by Riktar
    Who are you and what have you done with our Grimlock?
    People who actually have something to show for all their talking get respect from me.


      this has actually been final for a while

      this new version of LavaGiant that has been out for a while has a great skybox now with wild red/brown spores, green sprite lights, nebulae and the red/orange hues of lava fields in the distance and looks a lot better in UT2004 (not sure about the green sprite lights though); the lava fields look a lot better and I like all the variations; I like the new rocky paths, radio towers, blue crystals as well as the easier base layout. I like the weapon placement better, but I would still replace one of the rocket launchers with a flak cannon. I don’t think anything is too small or too narrow and this map has really opened up more in UT2004 (did you see some of the paths in the original UT version?). It would be nice to have at least one more entrance into the base, but then it might be too hard to defend and at least it is now easier to grab the flag in this version vs UT. I like the sounds and the music choice. The bots play this one well, so watch out. It plays better as a CTF map.