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Preview of pending unnamed DM map

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    real promising!

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    looks good

    add some sky box and other stuff on the grey walls and should be fine

    keep it up man

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    That looks like it will be amazing .
    It gotta name?
    Oh, and you might wanna hide your crosshair when doing screenies.

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  • started a topic Preview of pending unnamed DM map

    Preview of pending unnamed DM map

    Picture an outdoor Seraphim type map.
    Here are some screens.
    I've been working on this like crazy.. and I think I'm doing well.

    shot 1

    shot 2

    shot 3

    shot 4

    shot 5

    shot 6

    I'll probably have an alpha by friday. If it looks good.. it's time to add the details.
    These pics look a tad dark, but in the game everything is pretty well lit.