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    Land Raider Helios

    Continuation from this thread, since Dks has been very busy as of late.

    Name: Land Raider Helios
    Version: Beta 0.6
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: The Helios is a large fire support tank from the Warhammer 40000 universe. It harnesses the awesome power of two twin-linked Lascannon sponsons and a devastating Whirlwind missile launcher.
    1. To enter, walk into the cargo hold and press Use.
    2. The Whirlwind Missile Launcher cannot be fired while the Helios is on the move.
    3. Use Jump and Crouch to increase and decrease the Whirlwind's range.
    4. The lascannon sponsons are operated by the Helios fire control systems, but can be manually overridden.
    Credits: Dks for the model and missile launcher skin, Xyx for most of the coding, Marc Janson and SGO Gobi for the prototype, Magnum and porkmanii from HaloUT for bits of code, Winkyboy for hosting, this community for support and feedback.

    The beast!

    Exhaust smoke and track dust.

    Long range delivery! Note the Helios in the distance.

    Seen through the missile camera. Note how the range indicator is set to about 60%.

    AI controlled twin-mounted lascannon sponson > Manta

    Seen through the lascannon sponson camera. The circle's color indicates that the cannons will be recharging for a while.

    Taking potshots from the relative cover of the Helios command seat.

    Download: Land Raider Helios Beta 0.6

    Installation instructions: Unzip and place the folders in your UT2004 folder.




      Wow, Downloading This right now! :up:


        wow that is awesome. now if someone will just make some warhammer player models.....


          :bulb: :up:

          Omg. If I actually played UT2004 anymore, this would be #1 favorite thing ever. It's still amazing.


            Those pictures look awesome. Just downloaded it, and haven't had time to test it yet.

            meleemaster, you can find some WH40K Space Marines HERE.

            There's also an Ork model (made for UT2003, but works perfectly in 2004) around somewhere.

            Ok, I just playtested it in Instant Action. Here are a few things that need some work:

            1. Turning while going in reverse seems to be messed up. You Press right and go left and vice versa.

            2. It's pretty much impossible to aim the main missle salvos properly. The ideal way to aim it would be to have secondary fire bring up something like the SPMA's secondary fire; where you get a top-down POV showing the vehicle's maximum range, and aiming reticle . Then have primaryfire fire the missles within the selected area.

            3. Only being able to enter the vehicle through the door (which auto-closes when someone's in the driver's seat) is just insane. No bots will ever let you enter it; and if playing online, everyone who wants to get in will have to get in, and immediatly switch seats to let other people in. Also, if you try exiting the vehicle while someone's in the driver's seat you're stuck on the inside of the vehicleuntil either the driver leaves or the thing explodes.

            4. The camera seat seems pretty useless. Maybe make it so if you click somwhere from that seat the Lascannons auto-target it.

            5. Enemy bots driving Land Raiders always seem to ram right into the side of your Landraider and just keep pushing you around. You can't reverse, turn, or get away. You just keep getting pushed around in circles and blasted by their lascannons.


              MisterTrioxin, thx a ton, those skins are sweet.


                seems to cause more slowdown than the other vehicles.

                really spikes in Kupdatecontacts and Kworldstepsafetime


                  MisterTrioxin, do you know where to find that ork skin? Thx again.


                    It looks more like a futuristic version of a Warcraft Orc than one of da boyz, but it should make do until someone decides to make a better Ork model. (any takers? eh? You know you all love Nobs)


                      I just downloaded and tested out your beast, heres what I thought:

                      I had some trouble entering the vehicle even by entering the cargo hold (which i had to crouch to enter) it seems really really picky about where you can enter.

                      I kept getting pushed around by an opponent Helios thus could not fire the primary rocket, also inertia stops me from firing and theres no brakes on this thing, it would be great if pressing some key (i know the jump key is used for power) while your moving jams on the brakes so that you can stop to shoot.

                      It seems to trap a lot of players under it and spawns slightly into the floor, bouncing very comically

                      Other than that it is a most magnificent beast!!! Cant wait for the final version


                        I'll test this baby once I get home from school.




                          :up: DownLoading!



                            This Rocks!


                              More ScreenShots:

                              AnimGifs: No 1. (1,31 MB) | No 2. (1,92 MB)