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Over 100 mutators online @ UTCMS

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    Over 100 mutators online @ UTCMS

    The mutators are listed in creation date order, newest first.

    If you don't see your mutator in the list there may be two reasons for that.
    1) The system could not recognize the file as a mutator. The UTCMS detection mechanism searches for the following actors from the *.u file: StartEffect StopEffect ModifyPlayer. If none of these is found, the *.u file is assumed being just another Unreal class. If you have any suggestions or addtions to this algorithm, please let me know - it is easy to fix.

    2) Your file is not present. Upload it and it will be online in less than 5 minutes.

    Have Fun !

    You shouldn't search for those actors.
    Recognizing mutators is simple : there parent class is 'mutator' ...
    If you want to check for the methods replaced then 'CheckReplacement()' is the one you need as that's where most mutators replace existing actors

    Custom-gametypes : their parent will be xDeathmatch ... unless they did something really weird.

    You don't even need to read packages ... just the .int-files should be enough info.


      Reading text files is so ... IBM

      Thanks for the information - I'll fix the animal doing some inheritance tree walking .'.'.'.' - and if it stumbels to class 'mutator' - then the case is closed.

      Custom gametypes are easier as these usually contain user defined classes and packages which are needed to play a map. The only hard maps to distinguish are TO and TO-AoT maps - those contain the exactly same packages and actors - if someone could explain me how to tell which is the other he would be an angel.

      Appreciate this help !