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UETF Chronicles Beta 2.0 Release!! Exclusive screenshots!!

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    UETF Chronicles Beta 2.0 Release!! Exclusive screenshots!!

    Trigger Stupid Software is proud to present: UETF Chronicles Beta 2.0

    The next evolvement in the struggle between the human UETF forces and their robotic enemies, Beta 2.0 introduces a host of new weapons, models and enemies. Changes include:

    3 new weapons & 9 new upgrades-the TAG cannon, laser cannon and rocket launcher.
    New Player skins for easy identification.
    7 new enemy models.
    4 new enemies-The heavy missile attack bot, the energy-cannon echo, the plasma artillery echo, and the stealth bot.
    Class-bonuses-Class specific bonus abilities-regenerating shields, speed boost and emergency resupply.
    New damage system-weapons deal unique damage types and bots are equipped with armor designed to absorb certain damage types. Learn how to use your weapons to maximize your damage and stay alive.
    Unlockable enemies-play on harder difficulty levels to battle deadlier bots.
    New re-modeled weapons and tons of new sounds.
    Brand new HUD and UI.
    Optimized code and network replication.
    Two similar but unique play modes-Lone Wolf(single) and Team-Play(multi). Team Play will require you to carefully balance your weapon selection between team-mates, while Lone Wolf offers a more rounded weapon selection.

    We hope you enjoy this release-please send all feedback to

    Download the mod here:

    And of course, screenshots to get you excited.




      Originally posted by Unserene

      Amazing how many people don't bother to check the url of the images posted with new mods


        Originally posted by Kel

        Amazing how many people don't bother to check the url of the images posted with new mods
        I did...after I posted. Amazing how many people are bored enough to jump on any old simple question

        I was subtly pointing out that it's no good pimping your mod without a link



          My bad on the lack of the link, should be fixed now.


            Sweet Mod,

            I've been playing it for about an hour, and I can say that I'm really enjoying it. Especially playing as an engineer and setting up that sweet *** turret

            I've uploaded this little beauty up on UT2003HQ and I look forward to playing some more of this! :up: