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Kame House - Screenshots + Download

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    Kame House - Screenshots + Download

    Ok let’s get straight to the point this time.

    Here you can check out a few more stuff from our progress

    1. In the first three pictures you can see DarkSniper and Flickone latest work
    2. The 4th picture is a picture take it directly from UnrealED by Scarface. You can see in this picture the map that he is working at. yes is the Cell Islands in anime look. Stay tuned to see some more pics later

    I remade the whole Kame House almost from scratch by working almost day and nigh and here is how it turned:

    And here is something special to see with what we are dealing it:

    CREDITS gose to Scarface for his wonderful Palm Static Meshes that I used in this level

    Some Ingame screenshots:

    We also looking for some help but this not the right place for that. Check out the weeby for more extra info

    Well I think this is it for today.
    Enjoy and have fun!

    LoL this looks cool! :haha:


      link for download?

      I used to wach DBZ a lot when a was a kid


        only problem : you see land near the island while it's supposed to be really far from any land.