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YARM / TD Vehicle Pack UPDATE Released May 31 2014 [BETA Ver 128][DL][PICS]

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    Cool! I whipped up some similar passenger code as well.

    Bots are such a pain in the butt with vehicles. I feel your pain.

    Originally posted by meowcat
    I spent quite a while trying to get the bots to not do the stupid "jump on the back seat of the motorcycle and sit there" thing, but to no avail. Anyways, with the new version, even though passengers will be able to shoot their own weapons from the passenger seats, I do not think that I will be able to get the bots to actually fire their weapons. Part of the way bots select to even get in vehicles is based on what weapon is available on the vehicle. I might be able to fake it so that the bots will hop on, but it will be just as bad as they currently are in the passenger seats.


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      Well its been over two years since I worked on this vehicle pack. Since UT3 will be out soon, my job is consuming an ever greater amount of my time, and because I felt I needed to finish some stuff items, I will be providing at least one last update to this pack.

      There will be two new vehicles: A motor cycle with sidecar, and a tank. I will also be including an updated HMMWV model with the CROWS cannon system (ala AA). Some pics of the tank are shown below:


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        New version uploaded, see the first post! Main Battle Tank has been added, along with a motorcycle/sidecar combination. Also various model detail /smoothing group tweaks. Please leave feedback!


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          Have the tank be able to shoot smoke grenades out of its launchers.
          Replace the Hound with a Blackhawk.
          In the next version you need an Apache helicopter.
          Add doors to the Hummer.
          Replace the bomber from the target painter with a B2.
          Have an APC type vehicle.
          Replace the SPMA with the M270 MRLS.
          Have a version of the Hummer with a rocket launcher.
          Have new effects for the tank shell explosion.


          • #35
            Herr_General: Thanks for the suggestions!
            1. I has been debating whether or not to include smoke grenades for the tank(mainly due to possible performance issues) but I will try it out and maybe at least include it as an option.
            2. Since I've been working on my other mods, I also thought that it would be nice to have a Blackhawk for that as well, so If I get the time I will try to add one.
            3. I will be keeping that version of the HMMWV in, but I will include a fully armored version with a CROWS MK19 grenade launcher on the top (or perhaps TOW Missile).
            4. I might not o far as a B2, but at least some sort of Close Air Support vehicle would be good, this is lower priority but I'll add it to the list
            5. I had thought about APC but when I actually played VCTF/ONS having lots of people in a vehicle was always just a terrible liability. Right now the HMMWV, IFAV, and Hound can carry over 3 people each so they will have to do

            I do plan on making a new Tank shell effect (along with new machine gun sounds and muzzle flashes), do you have any suggestions for the tank shell explosion?

            As for making any other new vehicles (M270 MRLS) it all depends on how much time I have after finishing up my other YARM work.


            • #36
              As for suggestions about the explosions, a basic explosion I use to test stuff is ONSVehicleExplosionEffect.(though its a bit small) If you add some dirt and maybe make it bigger, it seems like it would work.


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                I like this mod very much.

                I've also been thinking about new vehicles for this, and I thought that perhaps the Paladin could become a M1127 Stryker Reconnaissance vehicle?


                • #38
                  Updated version 121 posted, now with Blackhawk helicopter

                  Here are four pics of the Black Hawk "based" vehicle I'm working on. Right now it has the pilot, two gunners, and the ability for crouched players to climb into the cargo area.


                  This version shows the Pilot's armaments included (a "dumb" rapid fire missile pod, and air-to-air seeking missiles like those used by the Raptor)

                  [EDIT] Uploaded new version, see first post. Sorry, no smoke for the tank yet...


                  • #39
                    wow welcome back from long time !

                    looks amazing update !


                    • #40
                      Nice, does it have a black-out mode? Hahaha, sorry, dumb joke. XD


                      • #41
                        That's some sweet stuff. reminds me of Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2


                        • #42
                          New version 122 uploaded, see first post for download link. I updated the MBT90 Tank:
                          1. added new coaxial machine gun for the driver
                          2. updated the first person view to include a turret vs. tank body indicator and a tank heading indicator (looks similar to the BF3 tank view). See pic below.


                          • #43
                            Saweet! Now, if you can add a little bit of independant suspension to prevent it from screeching when going up or down hills, this will be my absolute favourite tank!


                            • #44
                              Yeah, the screeching of the Goliath is pretty annoying and sadly it seems to be a phenomenom that all kinds of tanks in UT2004 seem to have (I guess because they extend it from the Goliath).


                              • #45
                                About the tank, I was thinking about trying to make it based on the wheeled vehicles instead, but I don't think that will work much better (the native code seems to fight slopes pretty heavily when the bStayUpright setting is true), and I'm not sure I could get it to turn in place.

                                On a slightly different topic, I've begun work on a Harrier type jet plane (slightly different as it will hold two players) for the next update. I've based it on the helicopter code right now so it works fine in the hover mode, but now I've begun working on the "jet flying" portion and wanted to get some feedback on how everyone (or at least those that follow this thread) would prefer to see the fighter jet controls work.

                                I can attempt to make it fly like the fighters in AS-Mothership, or more like the Arwings from StarFox64. Do you all have any preferences?