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YARM / TD Vehicle Pack UPDATE Released May 31 2014 [BETA Ver 128][DL][PICS]

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    YARM / TD Vehicle Pack UPDATE Released May 31 2014 [BETA Ver 128][DL][PICS]

    Name: TD Warfare Vehicle Pack
    Version: 128, 31 May 2014
    Compatibility: Compatible with standard UT2K4
    Description: A HMMWV, IFAV Assault Jeep, Recon Motorcycle, Scout motorcycle (w/ Sidecar and machine gun), Main Battle Tank, Hound MI4 Helicopter, Blackhawk Helicopter, AH-6/MH-6 Helicopters, MH-53 Transport Helicopter (very large!!), ATV Quad bike, Zodiac Raft, and LAV-25 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Air Defense version.

    HMMWV is armed with a Fifty cal. machine gun and can carry three additional passengers (for a total of 5, either good for assaults, or quite a death trap! ). An alternate version ("HMMWV GL") is included which has a Mk19 Auto-Grenade Launcher for the turret instead.

    Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV) is armed with an M240 machine gun and can carry a total of three players (similar speed to the scorpion).

    Recon motorcycle is unarmed, but makes up for it in speed. The scout motorcycle is the same as the Recon but has a sidecar with machine gun.

    MBT90 Tank has both its main cannon and coaxial machine gun for the driver and a top mounted Fifty cal M2 machine gun for a gunner. Two versions, "_tracked" version has an independent suspension (the tracks conform to the terrain)

    Hound MI4 Helicopter (not pictured) can carry two passengers plus two Door Gunners armed with M240D machine guns.

    UH-60 Helicopter (Blackhawk) has two door gunners (each with their own minigun) and side mounted missile launchers for use by the pilot ("dumb" rapid fire missile pod, and Air-to-Air seeking missiles)

    AH-6 Helicopter has pilot controlled minigun and missile pod, while co-pilot controls a 25mm cannon.

    MH-6 Helicopter Unarmed helicopter used to rapidly transport assault teams across maps. The "Alt" version allows human players to fire their own weapons while riding on the side benches of the helicopter.

    MH-53 Helicopter has two door gunners (each with their own minigun) and the ability to pick up ground vehicles (except the tanks and Leviathan). Can hold up 6 passengers in seats, or however many can fit in the back cargo area. The tail ramp lowers to let players off whenever the helicopter slows down to a very slow speed or is traveling low to the ground.

    LAV-25 IFV has both its main 30mm cannon and coaxial machine gun for the driver and a top mounted M240 .30 cal machine gun for a passenger gunner.

    LAV-25 AD has vehicle tracking missiles and a 25mm Vulcan Cannon for shooting down flying vehicles.

    ATV Quad Bike is unarmed, but very maneuverable and can fit in places where a normal vehicle cannot.

    Zodiac Raft is the token water-craft for this vehicle pack. Two versions, one unarmed, the other with a forward mounted M240 .30 cal machine gun for a passenger gunner.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	All_TDW_vehicles.jpg
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    Comments: I could not find too many realistic vehicles that did not come with a TC mod (requiring a huge download) so I made a few of my own. I designed them with VCTF in mind. They are somewhat lowpoly, so be warned Please leave feedback (especially regarding handling etc)

    [EDIT] May 31 2014: Fixed some really bad code bugs (the bots will fire the LAV25 weapons now!); gave the bots the ability to select which weapon mode to use in the tank and LAV25s; added some camo team skins to the HMMWV, IFAV and Tank; added bAddToServerPackages to the mutator so no more need to edit the .ini ServerPackages file anymore; fixed some bugs in the Zodiac Raft.

    UH-60 Helicopter AH-6 Helicopter

    Battle Tank , HMMWV , IFAV Jeep , Motorcycle MH-53 Helicopter

    Credits: Me (models, textures, some custom code), and some help on the BeyondUnreal coding forums. The UH-60/MH-53 control console texture was found on a website about Military Copters.
    ZIP format GameFront:
    ModDB Link:


    Is it me, or are the skins in the top screenie of lower resolution than the others?


      Allrighty - thanks for working on vehicles! I like the looks of these and I personally don't mind lower-poly. Bring on the fun!


        Yay, i like the last pic with the flag!


          Cool stuff! :up:

          I'd make them a bit more Dirty, though!


            Oooh, nice ones! i can't wait until a release! :up:


              They look nice, but I agree on looking dirtier.

              I've been out of UT for a while now, but I'm comming back (again). When I was first here ppl wondering how to do motobike physics, how did you acheive it?


                I will see about "dirtying" up the skins a bit.

                @pyrotechnic: Well I tried a lot of different wheel and physics setups. I finally settled on the "trike" setup (albeit VERY narrow). While not exactly like a bike, it works well enough, allows me to perform sharp turns, and helped reduce the annoying roll oscillations typical when performing tight turns.

                I have one wheel in the front (with a slightly larger wheel radius than the back two wheels), powered. I have two wheels in the back, powered, each about 5 units to the left and right of center. The center of mass is set low and forward (to apply a little bit more force to the front tire to provide steering). The main trick to keep the thing balanced (even when I was using two wheels) was to set the upright stiffness and damping. Those two karma settings did the most to keep the roll oscillations to a minimum. Another important setting was to lower the chassisTorqueScale down to about 0.01. This unfortunately keeps the you from doing wheelies easily, but greatly improves the steering because the front tire is kept in contact with the ground most of the time. I could probably get two wheel physics working now, but three wheels allowed the best control and traction. Right now it does not roll that much, but that can be adjusted by changing the StayUprightStiffness.


                  Cool, cheers :up:.


                    Originally posted by Xyx

                    Is it me, or are the skins in the top screenie of lower resolution than the others?
                    I think your right about that Xyx

                    So any idea on when this baby is gonna be released?:alien: :alien:


                      @Xyx & Mr. Uglypants: yeah I cut a few of those shots down in PSP to lower the memory they would take up on my website.

                      Been testing with a friend of mine online with my other mod (YARM). No large online bugs noticed. I should be able release the alpha on either Sunday or Monday (hopefully) after I have tweaked the skins a bit more. Download size looks to be under 5Mb zipped.

                      [Edit] version 108 released


                        may I have Zip version too not UT4MOD ?

                        I want to Zip version to instal so ....
                        please ?
                        thank you :heart:


                          looks great except make the mercedes-benz sign on the grill a different color from the grille so it is more destinguishable. overall nice job:up:




                              @buffytheSlayer: Lucky for you I still have enough web space
                              check the link at the top for the nonUmod version.