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(SinkPack) VCTF-U4E-SterlingFlood

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    (SinkPack) VCTF-U4E-SterlingFlood

    Name: VCTF-U4E-SterlingFlood_RC
    Version: Release Candidate
    Compatibility: UT2004 v3339ECE +, with Unreal4Ever mod
    Description: This is my entry into the Unreal4Ever Mapping Contest. A full description is on my website, but the things of interest are as follows: This map uses a MovingWaterVolume, and many examples of vehicles riding on top of movers. The board is effectively "scripted" to change over a period of about 8 minutes of play, changing the attack tactics as you go. There are custom vehicles, properly accredited, such as the Viper speedboats, Seal raft, and Locust hoverboard (hidden!), and the Unreal4Ever UFO, a personal favorite. And last but not least, GoodKarma elements, which go PERFECTLY with the U4E IAM weapon (gravity gun).

    Download, Hold on, and swallow your gum, people! You WILL get wet on this ride!

    Comments: The only thing I worry about is whether or not the framerate will drop on systems with older videocards. Please let me know if this happens for you. More comments available on my website. Please feel free to register there


    Credits: See description on homepage
    Download: Click the link above. Note: This will most likely be the same as the final version so either wait until then, or, if that's the case, rename your map file after it's been released by removing the "_RC" from the name.

    Ah good to this is comming along. D/Ling I will check it out.


      Thanks, CMan! I only put one Viper on each side; Hope that's enough With the Vipers, Seals, and Mantas, there should be enough to provide some good Naval combat. Plus, at the end, there are a lot of "islands" to hide behind, etc. I hope people especially like that.


        Not to knock U4E at all, but is this going to be coming out (eventually) in a "normal" version?



          I dunno - is the demand there, everyone?


          I'm thinking "probably not".

          First, I have to cut back on the editing a liiiittle bit... if I'm not going to be able to get a fulltime editing job, I'm going to have to concentrate on improving life for my family some other way...

          Second, in the Unreal universe I have other commitments to fill (for Herzog Zwei and LawDogs)...

          Third, it's not a quick-and-easy change, since there are some things in here that really requires the U4E weapons to get around on the board...

          and Lastly, this map 'belongs' to the Unreal4Ever mod, in the sense that I made it for their contest, and the purpose of that contest - which MaxSMoke put out some not-very-small coin for - is to create maps specially for U4E.

          U4E, especially if there are maps made like this one (humility being darned), really is worth the download, anyway.


            Doublepost! Whoo!

            Okay, I just put the official release links on my homepage (same link as above), so go ahead & grab it if you'd like. Please note that I made some minor but important changes so you will have to re-download if you previously grabbed the release candidate. You only need to get the small-sized package, though, so that's a little help.