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CTF-Deadlock Layout needs feedback

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    CTF-Deadlock Layout needs feedback

    Name: CTF-Deadlock
    Version: Layout test 1
    Description: Capture the flag map :bulb:


    Yes, there are weapons, but the shots were taken without...


    My first attempt at a CTF map. I'm not a CTF player myself, so I'm not totally sure on what makes a kick-*** map. So, It's a symetrical layout with multiple entrances to the base, also with plenty of cover and z-axis gameplay (that kinda stuff is obviously what makes a map, right? :noob: ).
    For now, just comment on the layout etc. Don't comment or give suggestions on visuals, as this is a very early version, and at this stage gameplay comes first.

    Re: CTF-Deadlock Layout needs feedback

    Originally posted by Slainchild

    ...symetrical layout...

    (that kinda stuff is obviously what makes a map, right? :noob: )
    Not exactly. :noob: I prefer asymmetric layouts.


      Yeah, well can someone at least comment on my map plz?


        Originally posted by KEKEKEKE
        static meshes? detailed textures? ( looks too grey )
        Did you actually read what I put in my first post? :weird:


          Originally posted by KEKEKEKE
          Get the fuсk out of my thread then.


            Looks nice, I got no real comment about layout really, I am a fan of symmetrical CTF maps and it looks tight and could be packed with action!


              Well i had a quick go.very nice.

              To many holes in the floor at the top imho,easy to fall down when in a fire fight.

              Also a prob with this jump pad.
              (Maybe in the middle so you can get to both ledges.otherwise you have to run round it to get to the ledge.)

              Also seems to me like its going to be a small map,would be a lot better if the middle part was a bit longer,but thats just me..
              (Just seems like soon as you got the flag your more or less in your base..)

              But it`s def looking goodbetter when you have put the proper textures in ect.

              But as we know,a lot of things will prob change soon as it becomes final


                Ah that's better

                Thank's for the feedback, every little helps :up:


                  as a CTF player, mostly, this is laid out real nice. i like the middle room upper route 'cause you cann't switch to the other side too easy.
                  that one jump pad does take some getting used to, but if you jump to the left to get onto the lower level with the health vials, you can reach that higher ledge from there. it might be too easy if you could just hop up in one motion. but where it is and how it functions will confuse/annoy people.
                  the size seems fine for me. this could easily hold 12-14 players. if it was too much longer, you probably wouldn't stand a chance of getting the flag home.
                  those routes high onto the columns left and right seem too easy to jump. maybe if you narrowed the ledges just a bit so it was a challenge at least..
                  no real problems to be seen layout wise. not sure that keg-o-health is good in this map, right at the flag. but since the bots won't hunt its hard to say. i'll probably play this iG anyway


                    Small update.

                    The room with the Pillar and lift is now this: