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Clockwork Cannons v1.01

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    Clockwork Cannons v1.01

    Like a phoenix from the ashes, we've found a new home at PlanetUnreal, just in time for the new version (the patch to upgrade to 1.01 from 1.00 is there too, and this time there is an installer.)

    1.01 fixes the framerate problems of 1.00, and heavily optimizes the textures, so the problems you had with 1.00 should be gone. As well several minor but highly annoying graphical bugs are fixed.

    Our new site is at and the game file section is here.

    Here's a race rundown, in case you're interested

    Special Ability: Invisibility
    The Elf's special ability allows him to turn completely invisible as long as he remains motionless. Once he moves a faint outline will slightly reveal his location until he stops again. The concentration required to maintain the illusion means he cannot fire or remain invisible if struck by weapons fire.
    Primary Weapon: Crossbow
    The crossbow is fitted with a long range sniper scope, and can be outfitted with homing bolts, explosive bolts, or homing explosive bolts.
    Secondary Weapon: Dartgun
    The Elf dartgun can be fitted with hallucinogenic Paramnesia darts, deadly Poison darts, or Paralysis darts. If engaged in hand to hand combat, the lethal clawblades on the dartgun will finish the job.
    Team Skill: Beacons
    The Elf plants beacons in order to reveal enemy activity in that region. As the Elfor usually operates alone and without support, the beacon doubles as a grenade.

    Special Ability: Repairs
    The Dwarf, being a master mechanic, can repair any damage turrets or vehicles sustain (barring death of course).
    Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon
    The Dwarf hand cannon can be made to fire a variety of different kinds of ammunition, including flak, flechettes, and grenades. This flexibility requires an incredibly bulky weapon, which can cause a considerable amount of damage as a melee weapon as well.
    Secondary Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
    The Molotov is a messy, inefficient and dangerous weapon. However, its value as an incendiary, and the fact that dwarves seem to recover quite quickly from wounds with a few good chugs, means that dwarves will be using whisky and moonshine, as well as the popular kerosene, as weapons for the conceivable future.
    Team Skill: Robo Mines
    Dwarven robotic mines are deadly things. With their clockwork minds, they lie in wait for an enemy vehicle to come into range, then race up to it and explode. Recently a variety that hack and saw at the vehicle over time have become popular as well. Robo mines can be combined into antipersonnel mines as well.

    Special Ability: Steam Boosters
    The Synthetic can fly and hover with blasts of steam from her steam jet boots.
    Primary Weapon: Energy Blast
    The Synthetic can project blasts of destructive energy either in a solid pulse or an energy wave. Upgraded versions of these abilities allow for faster recharge and wider burst.
    Secondary Weapon: Earth Manipulation
    The Synthetic can cause minor localized earthquakes and mud sinks which interfere with troop and vehicle movement. Upgraded versions of these abilities cause much more serious earthquakes that can injure damage and kill, as well as much worse mud sinks.
    Team Skill: Healing
    The Synthetic can send out a beam of healing energy that saves lives, but a simple change allows the synthetic to blast this same energy more violently as a weapon. Upgrades to this allow the damaging or healing beams to be more effective.


      Holy **** this looks like a hell of a professional mod. You should really post a gameplay description and some screens here so people notice it!


        (from the manual we forgot to include in the build....)

        Artillery Types:

        Cannons are the most powerful units of any team. Once a team has lost all of their cannons, they lose the battle. The cannons are mobile but due to their immense power, they must stabilize before they fire.

        Thunder Rig
        A marvel of dwarf engineering, this compact cannon is the fastest of the three units, but has the shortest firing range. Its secondary attack is to fire three shells in succession; although this requires extra reload time.

        Steamwork Dragon
        One of the only cannons ever produced by the elves, the Steamwork Dragon has the greatest freedom of turret movement of all the cannons, making it a great direct fire unit. While driving, the Steamwork Dragon has the ability to become invisible.

        Iron Goliath
        The Iron Goliath is the most powerful of the cannons. Designed by human engineers, it can shoot farther than any cannon ever built, but suffers from much slower movement. Its secondary attack is to fire shells simultaneously.

        Shell Types:


        Usage: Small Cannon only
        Damage amount: 120 units
        Damage radius: 1000 Unreal Units
        Function: This wacky shell will bound across the battlefield until it hits an enemy and explodes.


        Usage: Medium Cannon only
        Damage amount: Instant death to soldiers, or 10 units to vehicles.
        Damage radius: Contact with rods
        Function: Impale enemy soldiers as you launch a volley of impassable metal rods to enclose their vehicles.


        Usage: Medium and Large Cannons
        Damage amount: 10 units per second
        Damage radius: 1000 Unreal Units
        Function: Snuff out those pesky soldiers, even the ones all locked up in their vehicles, with this disease-ridden mixture of chemical warfare.

        Meteor Storm

        Usage: Medium and Large Cannons
        Damage amount: 75 units per bomb
        Damage radius: 250 Unreal Units
        Function: Take the guesswork out of locating your enemies by bombarding their base with a shower of ten bombs.


        Usage: Medium and Large Cannons
        Damage amount: 50 units per bomb
        Damage radius: 250 Unreal Units
        Function: Clear the skies of incoming enemy fire, or seek out their ground units with six homing missiles.


        Usage: Large Cannon only
        Damage amount: 500 units
        Damage radius: 2000 Unreal Units
        Function: Obliterate your enemies with the mother of explosives, and leave survivors crippled by her shockwave.



          Additional Vehicles:

          Pennymaker ‘Phoenix’

          This small vehicle will offer quick transport to players looking to get quickly into battle. If the Phoenix is left unmanned on the battlefield for too long or is destroyed, another will appear in its place back at the respective team’s base.

          Stationary Cannon

          These cannons can be found scattered throughout the level and offer excellent protection from invading enemies. They may use Medium or Large default ammunition, Meteor Storm ammunition, and Perforator ammunition. The stationary does not have a bullet camera because they aren’t able to fire long distance like the mobile cannons.


            Nice summary of the vehicles and cannons Greg
            The gameplay is simple enough really, destroy all the enemy cannons and you win. How you go about doing that is your business, but you have the above to work with . I'll try to get more screenshots later showing different gameplay aspects.


              For the meantime, I've setup a dedicated server on my box.

              It's not the most powerful box in the world, but it's a start.



                Originally posted by Commando
                Holy **** this looks like a hell of a professional mod. You should really post a gameplay description and some screens here so people notice it!
                yeah more people need to play this mod (there is no offline support :cry: ) but in any case its actually pretty cool and yeah professionally done! (hell if this doesn't win 1st place in the MSU contest I don't know what will)

                in anycase um... little minor (very minor) bug or 2.. with one of the synthics attacks there is no 3rd person animation (I think its the attack she charges up) also with the elf, when he uses that sniper rilfe kinda gun when you zoom in in first then switch to 3rd and zoom out the camera pans back. (though I don't mind that bug since I can pretty much use that to adjust my cam view )


                  Kinda Dissappointing on how many servers there are on Frag.Ops and Red Orchestra compared to this...Their Generic and have been seen many times over but this is extremely original and well amde and i havent seen any servers for it... great job though!


                    ^ I aggree 100% :up: a mod thats orginal and fun .. thats very rare


                      We would love to have more servers unfortunately we're a band of poor game design students and can ill afford to run one of our own. If you can help us in any way in this regard, please, help us

                      Heck, if someone was willing to help us with bot support that would rule too, while I'm dreaming...