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    Coder needed!

    We are currently looking for an experienced coder who is looking to help out with a new mod. The mod is a GTA type mod. There are plans for custom cars, weopens, and characters.

    We are open to any ideas and suggestions that you might have. This is still just an idea so suggestions are needed and welcome. Control of the mod will be quite high since coding is such a big part of it.

    We do have other designers and a mapper but we are still looking for others who might be interested in another portion of designing and/or making of this mod.

    Some of the people already involved already have a basic understanding of Uscript but don’t have the capabilities to do the things we have planed.

    If you are interested contact:

    We do not have any renders to show at this moment.

    Read this :
    Before posting 'yet another generic we-need-people'-post ...


      someone tried this a hwile back and it did not work. But do post more information please.


        All the info i have is what i have posted. We have some basic renders and just an idea. To get the things we have planned done, we need a coder.


          Only cuse' you spelled it wrong in two different posts-

          it's "Weapons"