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DM-IronMonolith (released!)

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    Yes, we had already established that fact in this thread long ago.

    Have you downloaded and played the map? If so, what do you think of it?


      Killer 215219.

      I think as a first attempt this is great. It doesnt matter to me if you used the Buzz tuts to do it. I can tell you have put your own stamp on it and it looks fun to me. I could see me and my mates playing it.
      Simplicity is good, I like simple. That aside, despite the tuts help ( we have all used tuts guys) Killer has chosen to contribute this to the community and that can only be applauded.

      Well done, brown or not (I liked Quake). Keep on mapping.


        quite a bit of fun here. a little bland on the weapon placement, and other items, but first map, we overlook these things

        overall, i say keep it up. maybe next time make something a bitmore interesting, though not too complex. maybe get into the terrain?


          Terrain is exactly what I was thinking of using for my next map!

          I've been experimenting with the tools at the same time as finishing DM-IronMonolith. I was thinking about making a small, out-door 1 on 1 arena for my next map.

          The map is very brown, and a bit bland, but I feel it flows well and that should make up for it! It is my first map after all! I agree that the weapon placement is a bit bland also, but I haven't really got much clue about that just yet! I'll keep practicing, and hopefully develop my skills!

          BTW I am going to upload a website soon to promote my new maps. I'll post it in this thread when it is up and running.

          Thanks Bonehed316 and Wolv34ine for your constructive feedback. It always helps!


            Is nobody else going to comment on my map?

            It seems everyone else who releases a map gets pages and pages of replies, but I haven't.

            Is that an indicator that none of you like my map?


              Sorry, didn't notice this map before now
              I must say, I like it very much.. gave me much fun againt bots, running around picking up stuff every 5th second or so :P

              I don't bother much with the textures, in a map, the fun should be most important.. And you using the 3d buzz map shape is great, yet it's very different!

              Keep on the good work


                Thanks for your comments!

                I had fun playing against bots, but I didn't know if that was just me being biased towards my map!

                Glad to hear someone else liked it!

                Wolferey, would you say DM-IronMonolith is a keeper?


                  I would say it's a great map for lan party's where everyone is going wild for the first, second or hundred time, or deathmatch maps.. maybe team DM for clans.. So yeah, I would say it's a keeper, even with the basic 3d buz layout.. Nice for first map


                    Honestly, not a keeper.

                    Don't get me wrong here, it's a good map. Definately great for a first map. However, when you stick it alongside other maps, they just have more bang for the megabyte.

                    You do show a lot of potential as a mapper, though. This has excellent flow, and the DM-Liandri style layout works well. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Liandri (which might contribute to this map not being a keeper for me) but it is a good map. I prefer to see the sort of layout of DM-Seraphim.

                    Your weapon and item placement is ok, though a little tip; never place three of one ammo type in a row. It gives way too much ammo in one place. Also, be sparing with shields, health, and especially the super shield; risk incentive is a good thing with that particular item.

                    Lighting here is fairly good, though it lacks contrasts. This map isn't about contrasts, though... it seems to work without them fairly well. Static meshes are also decent, though somewhat repetitive on some of the outer walls.

                    All in all, a decent map. I'll be watching for future maps released!


                      Thanks for the comments MortalPlague!

                      I'll bear them in mind for my new outdoor 1 on 1 map!


                        Originally posted by Killer 215219
                        After about a month now, I am finally ready to release DM-IronMonolith!


                        Please let me know what you think of my new map!
                        put the url in your first post, i hunted for ages to find it


                          Originally posted by BesigedB
                          put the url in your first post, i hunted for ages to find it