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RoadKill Warriors Alpha 1 released!

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    RoadKill Warriors Alpha 1 released!

    Name: RoadKill Warriors
    Version: alpha v0.1
    Compatibility: UT2004 + ECE v1.1
    Description: RoadKill Warriors is a post apocalyptic total conversion and inspired to some extent on the Mad Max movies and other Postapocalyptic movies and games.
    RKW is all about Multiplay, where two tribes (Survivors vs Bloodhunters) fight against eachother for fuel and dominance.
    The game includes a variation of vehicles, all with mounted weaponry.
    The RKW weaponry has a mixture of modern armory such as machineguns, pistols, scoped rifles, crossbows, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and
    homemade melee weaponry such as throwable knifes, axe's, spears, longbows, explosives etc.

    Credits: RoadKill Warriors Development Staff

    TeamLead - JuanDaMan

    Code - SuperDre, Capone, GreaseMonkey, JuanDaMan

    Maps & 3DMeshes - MadHorse, JuanDaMan, BeardMonkey, GreaseMonkey

    Characters/Skins - EarlEstes, JuanDaMan, Digerr

    Vehicles - GreaseMonkey, JuanDaMan, EarlEstes, CheeseSteakJim

    Additional Animations - JuanDaMan

    Sound - Badass, JuanDaMan, GreaseMonkey

    Weapons - JuanDaMan, CheeseSteakJim, Yezariael

    Concepts - Last-V8

    Music - Zoolook


    Congrats guys, I've been waiting on this one for awhile now.

    d/l now

    Epic shoud have doubled the amount of time for the contest. Good things take time.


      Nice work guys, coolness indeed. The cars are great....wait ummm, where's the women?


        hehe, there is one woman.. but she looks more like a man.. LOL..


          nice !!! model is hot ! vehicle is cool !

          Map is so HUGE !!! I lost in map ... Could you make all models can playable in UT2004 too ?
          I really want those models in UT2004 too thank you !:cry: :heart: :up:


            Bot in game but they dont play with me ..

            :cry: I hope next version Bots working more better :heart: :up:


              Very Impressive for an Alpha

              This mod is very fun. It turned out much better than I expected, Especially for an alpha. The models and textures of the vehicles are very well done. I can't wait for the patch. When this mod starts to get polished up its gonna be awsome. Lets just hope this mod does not stop development and die like shattered oasis did.


                "Dunno but, we all get to be a King one day and then it all fades away afterwards."


                  oohh, looks nice, I will dling sometime soon. :up:

                  oh, just wondering, is there pedestrians, traffic or any of the sort?


                    Ok, i downloaded it, great job on it, but try and make the default vehicle view 3rd person. i always have to type in 'behindview 1' just to see the normal view. Everything else seems good. :up:


                      Just roll your mouse wheel back or forward to go into different levels of third person.


                        Yes, there will be a patch, we're working on it.. When will it be released? don't know yet, but it won't be month's or something..
                        We're planning on fixing/adding some major stuff and then release a patch, so it's more a matter of weeks.. after that we'll fix some more and release another patch..

                        Normally in UT2004 to switch between 3rd and 1st view you can use <F4>.. but you can also set a key (if it can't at the moment then I'll add it for the next release)..

                        The only problem we have now, is that we only have 1 server and that one is only a loaner..


                          Heres a pick of a Camaro that will might be in the upcoming patch.
                          (4th post down)



                            RoadKill Warriors Alpha 2 is Out !!!


                            :heart: :up:
                            but why this model is gone ?? I hope he come back next version :cry:


                              It was replaced by the male survivor with football shoulder pads.