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    Help make Napoleonic mod


    I am acting as the Producer for a Napoleonic Era action adventure MOD which will be submitted to
    the Unreal MOD contest. It is titled The Devil's Own and is at
    This is only a temp. working website.
    The website has information about the Napoleonic FPS being developed and the Links page has information
    about Epic's big contest.

    Here are some thought about converting its game play to ours

    I like the idea of taking UT2K3 game modes and adapting them to our story and missions.
    Death match = a Duel between 2 gentlemen/soldiers ( read some where that by making target cursor fade in slowly we could
    approximate, the drawing of weapon and counting to 10 )
    Team death match = small squads battle it out ( hope to have both foot and mounted game play if possible )

    NOTE: You like challenges - then figure out how to design ( low poly count ) cavalry horse and animate it so we have
    a really unique game. I have looked but I have not found an adventure game were you get to ride animals.
    ( though I did find an old rodeo game ( model and animation are a joke ) and some childrens titles )

    Capture the Flag = works great as capture the French Eagle, or the payroll box, capture the fair maiden, retrieve secret docs.
    Double Domination = In order to win the battle you must control the battle field ( take the artillery on the hill and the farm house )
    Bombing Run = pick up the powder keg, or special grenade, and throw through enemy positions

    Picture the French Old Guard against the
    thin red line. or an Infantry Square against cavalry charge.

    I do not know about making every one march in formation. That would probably be impractical and a little frustrating.
    May on certain team missions you are force to stay with in a certain distance of one another.

    Health = Food ( bread, fruit, beef jerky, ? ) make it fun
    I have heard of games with mini missions to catch your meal.
    Permission to leave the line to shoot a rabbit , catch the chicken could be a mini game in its self.
    Health pack = ( field doc or nurse helps you ) Maggie the maggot, and other fun stuff. Saw bones.

    Shield pack = Imagine a think leather or steel breast plate ( This is an opportunity for special , advance tech items, it may
    not have been used in actual battles but history shows that some one did think of it or tried to sell the idea. Well our "Q" branch has heard of these ideas and has secretly developed working versions. )

    Double damage = They out lawed square bullets because they did too much damage to people.

    Adrenaline = Sugar cane, docs special mixtures.

    Keg o Health= Keg of rum, your daily ration of drink

    Any and all help is welcome

    We currently have over 10, 3D character models ( currently in Rogue Spear file format ) and an outline for
    game design and game play.

    This video game is a collaborative project for students, hobbyist and freelance game developers, who want to make a fun to play historical period game. By teaming up with others dedicated like yourself, we can create an amazing game. The Devils Own will always consider new team members to help with making the best possible Napoleonic FPS game.

    The more experience you have the better.
    We are looking for programmers and artist.
    - experienced Unreal Tournament level designer
    - music editor
    - Unreal script coder
    - 2D and 3D artists animators

    If you are serious about video games then email James Finn (

    Be prepared to give samples of work.

    J. Finn

    The French :down:


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        Napoleonic Mod moving forward

        Thanks for replying to posting.

        The Devils Own will be an opportunity to express your views on the battlefield.

        We have 2 artist/programmers working on Unreal level designs/Maps. One is a newbie to unreal and the other is currently working on a Spanish town map, which will be used for CTF game play.

        We could use the help of a skilled mapper like yourself. Any and all help is welcome.

        J. Finn


          Do you want to make RTS quality models, and have 36 o so people on a team? That would be cool, but it wouldn't look that nice graphicly, and who knows if the server can handle that.

          About your foot/mounted game. You can just make a horse a vehicle, and put spawing points for it, like a stable, but when your on the horse you have your normal weapons.


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              Originally posted by Beefypeanut2
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