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Arkon Weapons 3 released

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    Arkon Weapons 3 released

    Release version 3, my phase2 msuc entry.
    (7.0Mb zipped)



    ArkonWeapons is a weapon pack including a complete combat gear of 11+ new future themed tools of destruction. Some of them, like the ThermoBlasters and the Desintegrator, are mildly inspired by the Perry Rhodan universe, hence the mutator's name. To include them into your game just select the "ArkonWeapons" mutator from your config menu, or you might also use any other weapons replacer like WoRM or SwitchArsenal. The additional mutator "ArkonShields" is meant to be used in combination with the weapons to compensate for their superior firepower, but you're free to use it independently. It will outfit every player with configureable, self regenerating shields that also spawn a special, orb-like hit effect. New guns in this version: Fusion-Gatling Gun, LaserBomb and Arkon Missile Launcher. See ReadMe for complete list of changes and detailed weapon descriptions.

    Arkon Weapons Logo

    Shields breaking down

    LaserBombs in action


    Desintegrator Grenade

    Mowing down people with new Fusion-GatlingGun

    obliterated by Arkon Missile Launcher

    unlucky fellow vaporized in a viscious Thermal Projector crossfire

    "...Eagle Eye, gotcha covered..."

    I would have downloaded it if you had custom models...


      If that's a voluntation to do them, fine with me.

      (The grenades and tripmines have custom models btw. Thought I'd do some proper skins rather than forcing my first modeling attempts upon you. saves you some download time also.)


        Hey, Shameboy, they are not begging for you to download, they are making something for the comunity (read well - giving way they effords). Don't comment if you don't even bother to test.

        Have you done something??? I would test before commenting!!!

        GREAT weapon pack, BTW!



          It's up on UT2003 HQ too now


            FileFront had been down about half of today for repairs, seems to be up and running now! :up:

            BTW, this is CaNNoN from UT2003HQ. I noticed that they pruned the registered users, and my name was now available, so I re-registered.

            Now I don't have to use that blasted "EvilCaNNoN" nick anymore hehe!


              Canon don't you dare to change that name again or i will ground you till your dead do you hear me well do ya?


                Originally posted by cool_dude2k3
                Canon don't you dare to change that name again or i will ground you till your dead do you hear me well do ya?

                I keep getting referred to as EviLCaNNoN, though I put in my quote that I don't go by that, only used that for registration purposes.

                Funny though, I happened to see the thread/sticky about forum something something, and noticed that they removed a bunch of dead accounts, so I was like "What the hey, lemme see if I can register"

                Now, I am the "Original" CaNNoN and nobody can nick my name! I'm trademarked and copyrighted now! muhahaha :weird:


                  Custom models definitely make a mod more attractive

                  You don't have to be good at modelling yourself, or persuade someone good at modelling to do them for you because there are lots of high-quality weapon models for free in places such as Weapon Workshop and Prefablab.


                    UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2003-04-07_17.42]

                    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
                    CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 938 MHz with 255MB RAM
                    Video: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (4523)

                    Assertion failed: inst->KPhysRootIndex != INDEX_NONE && inst->KPhysLastIndex != INDEX_NONE [File:KSkeletal.cpp] [Line: 570]

                    History: KInitSkeletonKarma <- KInitActorKarma <- AActor::setPhysics <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (ThermoBlasterProjectile DM-00abah.ThermoBlasterProjectile, Function Engine.Projectile.Touch) <- TouchTo <- AActor::BeginTouch <- ULevel::MoveActor <- ThermoBlasterProjectile <- AActor:hysProjectile <- AActor:erformPhysics <- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

                    why why does ut2k3 hate me?

                    using arkon weapons beta 3 and aireal view :cry: :cry:
                    edit: I don't think arkon is causing the problem because I got the same error with excessive v2

                    edit edit: I got the errors because of this custom model called Dungjan (whom apperently doesn't like to be burned or incenerated)


                      I honestly didn't think of extensive testing with custom models, as in this case it's up to the modelers to guarantee a crash-free 'skeletonisation', or the same thing would happen whenever you just fall in lava...


                        Great mut. :up:


                          Arkon Weapon has just been reviewed (9/10) at ModSquad:



                            I'm suprised that Fraggi has not done a review of this yet? Very weird, he's usually popping out new reviews left and right.

                            I'll see what's going on, then I'll post the review link here as well.