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[VEHICLE] UT2K4 WH40K Chaos Predator [BETA v1] [Pics] UPDATED

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    [VEHICLE] UT2K4 WH40K Chaos Predator [BETA v1] [Pics] UPDATED

    Name: WH40K Chaos Predator [Beta]
    Version: Beta v1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Beta release of above entitled vehicle. Mutator replaces the Goliath
    Comments: This was made for learning and teaching purposes. Please feel free to use any of this content.
    Credits: GamesWorkShop, Epic, Magnum, Fyros, Buzz 'n' Co., all the fellow coders and devs here at Atari Forums
    Download: (613KB)

    //WH40K Chaos Marine Predator Beta v1
    //Modeled and UScripted by Magnum Modeled in: Maya5.0PLE, Scripted in: ConTEXT (I know move to WOTGreal...)
    //Creative help from Fyros
    //Special thanks to Hsoolien and Angel_Mapper for quickly answering questions for me. And all the other good people at //Atari Forums that gave me help.

    Here's the new Beta v1. It works and is highly playable, so I decided to call this a beta as opposed to Alpha v2. I have yet to learn how to UV map in Maya 5.0 PLE. So it remains untextured. I will keep the bubbly clay default as opposed to a stretched and skewed tex that looks so bad you can't even see the model.

    OverView: Total rework of model for more detail and proper scaling

    Chassis: Slowed from Alpha v1. Turn rate slowed. Added Nasty Exhaust Smoke. Exhaust is tied to throttle inputs. Good luck getting a shot off with the main gun, on target, while you are moving...this is to not only look very cool, but to limit the placement of 600 dam from the main gun.

    Main Turret: Dual Lascannons. They fire at the same time (thanks porkmanii...) they also do not converge. Each Beam does 300 Dam. Turret is a tad slow at 0.1 rev per sec. Pitch is very limited up/down. Custom emitters for Muzzle Flash, Beams and Hit Effects. Working on Team Colors.

    Sponsons: Heavy Bolters. Slower fire rate but nice damage. Modest Spread. Camera works decent. Limited arc of fire for Port/Starboard respectively. Played with the tracers a little, made them red. Again, working on TC's.

    Top Turret: Bolter. Higher rate of fire, less damage, fairly accurate. Use this to fend off AirCraft. Basically a slightly modified ONSTankSecTurret.

    Bot support is fairly decent. 3 bots will always jump right in, sometimes 4. Very effective and FUN vehicle with 4 people/bots.

    Known Bugs:

    -Sponson and Top Turrets will continue to fire after a bot leaves sometimes

    -Sponson Cameras need to be constrained to their repsective Yaw

    -no UV Map

    -Treads poke through aft bulkhead a tad, fix forthcoming

    -Sponson MuzzleFlash needs rework, doesn't follow muzzle well. (needs it's own class separate from the shell emitter)

    -Needs Headlights

    -Needs Destroyed SMesh

    Its okay but the Texture is extremely streched


      Originally posted by DinoKind
      Its okay but the Texture is extremely streched
      Well, my guess is that the vehicle is not completely UV-mapped, yet.

      Anyway, looks neat. I suggest looking at Dks' vehicle.

      Just so you know.



        Here's the latest model. After I finish this post I'll be boning and getting it in game. The new playable version will be availalbe soon.


          Whoa, attack of the W40K vehicles! Did you know about the UT40K project?

          But that said, it looks pretty **** hot, for an alpha. W40K does have killer rides indeed. It's cool to see so many of them pop up these days.

          I happen to be working on Dks' Helios. Maybe we should get together and see if there's any common obstacles we can overcome together. I'll PM you my contact info.


            looks pretty neat. gg:up:


              Good going Magnum :up: Keep up the good work and people will really see the payoff when we release the ScorpMBT.


                Thanks for the votes of confidence people. Much appreciated. Anub, he's my Dev_Lead over at HaloUT. And I will admit, this is a test bed for the Halo ScorpionMBT for HaloUT. I was playing for like and hour with the Helios. That thing ROCKS. And I usually only play for testing purposes. My Predator is smaller and faster. It's faster than the Goliath and has 2500 Armor so far. But the more people play and as feedback comes in I will make adjustments accordingly. I don't have an .int for it yet so it won't show up in WormMotorPool or other vehicle muts. But one can be made easy enough, or I'll put one on the next release.


                  I am nobody's boss ... just a lead.


                    shameless bump


                      Anyone download and try this yet? Please give me some feedback. Constructively is prefered


                        You got it.

                        Great vehicle! Couldn't find much fault with it, just this:
                        • Wicked smoke! Only, there's hardly any smoke when driving backwards.
                        • Bolter tracer graphics could do with something a bit more spectacular.
                        • Do the bolter sponsons use all six fireoffsets? I have a simple bit of code you can use for that, if you like.
                        • The lascannons are totally uber. Insta-hit, great range, relatively fast recharge, 600 damage? Too much. Puts down distant nodes in seconds.
                        • I might be the only one thinking like this, but I prefer not giving drivers control of the most powerful weapon. That way, there's actually a reason get more people into the vehicle.



                          Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure about the damage. But I guess I should have turned it down

                          Sponsons, 6 fireoffsets? What are the six offsets? They are rather dull. I can "Kick'em Up A Notch" but just wanted to get the new exhaust and Main Gun out there. I will mess with the sponsons.

                          I can give the driver the top turret bolter...and leave the main gun for a passenger...but that's a tad odd I think. The Levi has the driver with the homing missile launcher and then the nuke gun.

                          I will look into making smoke while moving backwards, possibly even left side/ right side while turning in place...we'll see...


                            Even though it seats five, the Levi is mostly just a one-person vehicle. The side turrets are useless compared to someone running after the Levi with an AVRiL or Link Gun ready. :bulb:



                              The GW intellectual property and copyright police could jump all over this (they're evil that way)! BEAUTIFUL model, BTW!