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Recruiting UScripter for Project Torlan aka HaloUT

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    Recruiting UScripter for Project Torlan aka HaloUT

    Name: Project Torlan
    Version: Currently 1.75PR
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Mod using Halo content ported to UT2004
    Comments: We are looking for a few good UScripters
    Download: 1.75PR is currently mirrored everywhere

    Project Torlan is expanding our team. We are currently looking to add UScripters to our member list. We need people familiar with UScript or similar programming languages, C++, Java, etc. Help is needed with Vehicles, Weapons, GameTypes and other aspects of modding with the Unreal Engine.

    If you are interested please join our forums and post here:

    Please know before you post, we are looking for dedicated MATURE individuals. Age is not a factor. We need people that are able to work on a team, are non-confrontational and display poise and at least a showing of intelligence Integrity is a must. We need people that live, eat, breath and dream in code. Dedication and hard work is a prime requisite. If you are a weekend party animal, this is not for you. Modding takes time and we need people that are willing and able to devote their time into putting out quality content in one of the best and one of the highest profile up-and-comming mods in the community.

    Excellent recruitment post Magnum!! :up:


      Thanks Boss. Think you might need to edit your sig Hope we can get some hits with this. Got one lead on a friend of mine. He already is very familiar with coding and coded for NWN. I ran him through my Predator code lastnight, and had him compile it. This kid is gonna be the Neo or Anakin of Uscript with proper cultivation. Heh, hopefully he won't end up being a Vader and spawning Terminators with UScript


        Coders needed for Project Torlan aka The Real Project Nexus

        Project Torlan also known Internally as Project Nexus, thanks to the great ONS-HUT-Nexus map by Dace that you can view on our WIP page on our main site, is still seeking solid Coders for the next phases of HaloUT ... P2.0. Since we'll be finishing all the weapons and vehicles and would like to add at least one more solid gametype we can use any assistance any of you great UScripters can provide. See this thread for more information from our Head Developer Evil Engine ...

        We are still moving forward and have gotten some more great talent to join our team ... you could be next! We are asking that you be able to spend some real time and effort on this and also that you be at 18+ or at least a freshman in college to be a full team member, if you can be a contributor but are younger but consider yourself very mature you can contact me. :up: