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    Originally posted by CTFX1
    I can tell that its not real but thats cuz i'm a mapper and i've got a sharp eye
    And because it doesn't look it.


      Just tried DM-FromHell. Gorgeous map, brilliant detail and atmosphere. It also ran well on my PC too.

      Angelheart, your mapping work is excellent, but I always think it would be better suited to a singleplayer game or mod where the detail, design, size and atmosphere of your maps could be better appreciated. Especially when maps like FromHell are up to the standard of some of the best mission levels in retail games.

      Anyway, Highlander looks awesome, keep up the excellent work


        Originally posted by §uper-]V[oose
        And because it doesn't look it.
        shut up moose lol I was sooo sick yesterday when I posted that.




            AngelHeart, FromHell is a THE map to own. Players are in for some serious bone chilling sessions.
            By the way, Highlander looks like nothing I have seen for UT2003.


              Cant fault you work, I really cant and your a prolific mapper for sure. I do have one complaint, and its common in all your maps so far. You dont seem to want to cater for the scale and pace of UT2003. I say "want " as I am sure you could. If you can just do this then I would bet my balls to a barndance that you will see lots of your work popping up on servers all over. You clearly have the skill to do this and do it well, perhaps best. But why this fundamental shortfall. Dont get me wrong I enjoy your maps and I am also sure they are an inspiration to all of us but UT2003 needs space and you can feel so disconnerted in your maps as some of the scale is off.

              Fix this and rule my friend



                hey it's me AGAIN :P ...i'm eagerly awaiting your highlander map. But like the post above PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE scale it. Not to diss the other awesome mappers out there but if you did that your maps would be near perfection....Cliffy B ownage everytime...heck even BETTER than ownage. I've seen entire retail game levels that wasn't as good as your work. You can release two versions...scaled..and original version.


                  Great map! Plays great but maybe a tad to dark. But not like I can't turn my gamma up a bit.

                  For all of those complaining about the scale problem. It's hard to make a map like this look right if it's been scaled up for UT2k3 play. This would have made a great single player map. But it's hard to make it perfect for multi and still look right.

                  That looks like I could get in it and ride around all day long. Now if he scaled the buildings up then he would have to scale the steps up and so on till it just looked crappy.

                  But I did find 1 minor bug. As you go up the steps from the water up to the lightning gun you look out the window you get a bsp error no biggie just thought I would point it out if nobody hasn't all ready.

                  Great job with the casket and mummy! the eyes the eyes.. hehe loved it.