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GoodKarma Physics Mod Beta 4 [Networking][Test Map]

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    Lol @ the 2007 comment.... Hopefully their engine will be a hundred times more integrated than my project ever was.... and hopefully Novodex is more accurate than Karma

    The key to the non-slideshow aspect is interpolation and approximation. It only sends movement information if it moves a certian amount (though it isnt a large amount) and dosen't send physics data when stopped (stops massive net spam.)

    Then I took advantage of the same interpolation inherintly built into UT2004's cars, so a single frame of updated data could be turned into a half second+ approximation of where it would be. It makes it look much more tolerable, even if the object is occasionally in the wrong place because of sparcity of net updates, at least with the new update it will be in the proper place.

    It definitely took some work because of the server/client setup. I ended using existing kcar and simmilar net code for the basics, as the engine does almost all replication and physics calculations through native code... so it's hard to find the functions which are called, and even harder to make them do more stuff.

    Though finals are approaching for me, I do want to release another version of this.... of course with full documentation and source code. I have come a long way with it.... and don't want to really give up (though it's been some time now)


      Certainly I would love to get my hands on something that works better than what i've got now If your changes to more recent versions are something that does not require 2k4, that would be just awesome for me

      i'm probably looking at at least 3-6 more months before we are ready to roll out the conversion for land of the dead that i'm working on (god i wish i could speed that up because i'm already getting antsy to have it out ) and if I did have to go right now with it, I'd have to have all the Phys_Karma objects turn themselves off and go with some kind of regular push code if they are in an online situation.. since movable objects will be key to several parts of our game.. and i would love to be able to use the karma..

      oh, re: Actor physX, for 2k7 .. hopefully the physics will just plain work right on both ends for the new physics engine.. I have this disparaging feeling that every major engine upgrade comes with just as many bad things as it does good


        so... umm... are you still working on this karma test map? or what?
        you shoudl right up a tutorial on how to make meshes (poles, boxes etc etc) work. I would love to make a map with karma objects.


          Heya DaJMasta.

          I really hope this project is still alive so im a big fan of it!
          This karma-mod is great.
          Is it allowed for me to embed your code into my map?

          thx and kepp that good work! :up:


            when's the next release? Lot's of people are waiting for this. Including me.


              Does anyone happen to have beta 4.5 of this mod?


                I have 4.0, I would love to have this too,
                sounds like it went to KF mod team, I also found this :

                It would be cool if DaJMasta was around and could dig it out.
                I do know one dude that worked on KF, I could shoot him an email and see if he knows anything.


                  Does anyone know what the changes where from beta 4.0 to 4.5, I do know he was talking about making it fully compatible online.
                  Has anyone tried using the mod online. I am a big fan of the mod, I love messing with the karma objects, if you've seen my youtube page.