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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    one can select any non-YARM avatar, yet play with YARM's weaponry in-game.
    it's YARM Weapons mutator with disabled YARM player classes in options, and it's in the readme)


      New version posted. See first post. Here is a quick list of changes:
      Version 130 May 2013
      -Bots will use parachutes (when tactical gear is given) and they jump out of vehicles
      -Improved mutator code for weapon swapping
      -Optimized code for shotgun spawning pellets (lowers network bandwidth requirement too!)
      -Added Mk3 Pistol, Mk00 Long Range Rifle, Mk6 DMR, and Ballistic Knives
      -New Mk8 SMG model
      -Optimized script based pawn animation code
      -Added experimental SinglePlayer AI cover usage system (can be added to custom maps) <- NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED
      -Made all secondary fires on guns "Aim Down Sights" like in Infiltration
      -Each weapon can have its freeaim range set custom now (requested by SilverIbex)
      -Near clipping value is now adjustable. See the configuration variable 'fNearClipDist' in Gun_yarm.
      -Tweaked Pistol Positions in first person view and when aimed and the firing animations
      -Added third person fire animations to most pistols (the slides move backwards and forwards now)
      -Added a few new "quacky" death effects when paintball mode is turned on
      -Tweaked weapon model for the Kabar, now it looks like the MW offhand knife. Also adjusted its damage code to make its a little more useful.
      -Adjusted various player models and improved the camouflage selection menu
      -Added Mirror’s Edge style Parkour/Free running player movement capabilities and disabled older Animation/Root Motion movements (code is still included, but no longer referenced by player controlled pawns).

      Of course there is always more to add/tweak. I welcome any feedback/suggestions, though I won't have reliable access to the internet for the next couple of days so if I don't reply immediately don't worry.

      [EDIT] I should mention a little about the movement options and weapon features.
      Movement Notes
      1. Dodging in any direction will cause you to perform a evasion-roll (like the 'Evasion' move in Halo Reach, or the forward roll from the original Syphon Filter)
      2. Pressing 'Jump' while strafing causes you to dodge sideways (this is just like Mirror's Edge)
      3. To Wallrun, run parallel along a wall, but aim slightly into/towards the wall and then press Jump. pressing Jump again while looking away from the wall will cause you to leap away.
      4. To WallClimb, push forward into a wall and press jump. When you get to the top of the ledge you will usually stop running and then drop into gripping/ledge hanging. From ledge Hanging press 'Jump' again to climb up the ledge.
      5. To slide along the ground, run for a little while then press 'crouch'
      6. To Vault or Mantle some object, push or run towards and then press 'Jump'
      7. To Zipline in the maps that I've made that include ziplines (DM-YM-GhostTown, CTF-YM-HIghTower, DM-YMRBNewEden), move underneath the zipline while looking at the bottom of the zipline and then press 'Jump'

      To turn on a bunch of parkour related debug messages and vaulting markers that I used while programming and testing the parkour code use the console command 'TogglePawnClimbDebug'

      Weapon Notes
      1. Make sure to bind keys to the reload and change firemode functions
      2. For the new sniper rifles that have scope wobble, hold down the 'walk' key and crouch while zoomed to lower the wobble (simulates holding your breath). The scope wobble can be turned off altogether by setting 'bDoBreathMovement' to false via the console (for example 'set w_amr.bDoBreathMovement 0').
      3. The Mk6 DMR's heartbeat sensor can be toggled on and off using the switch firemode key.
      4. The first person view of the how the knives are held can be toggled using the firemode switch key
      5. The Scorpion RL's mode is switched with the firemode key (toggles between normal, heat seeking, and guided). The player's view will be switched to the rocket when fired in heat-seeking mode.
      6. The bow and arrow: when the bow is 'drawn' it can be unloaded by tapping the reload (if I recall correctly) and then letting up on the fire key.


        Great!! dou you have another mirror? i cant download from filefront


          Can you please upload to Cause it's difficult to download using proxy. Unless you can recommend a good one..


            NON-GF MIRRORS: Direct via Dropbox // Direct via Google Drive // Indirect via MEGA


              I'd like to see a Yarm Invasion with those SP enemies :L