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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    @ Dark Kontroll: Yes, the Yarm Goggles mutator can work on its own completely independent of all of the other YARM mutators. If your using it though you may need to switch the selected inventory first (usually bound to the '[' and ']' keys by default) before activating them using the inventory activate key.

    The project is still alive sort of, but since the weather has finally gotten really nice around here I've been out hiking in the nearby mountain range during most of my free weekends rather than working on YARM. See the photos below showing Mt Deception and a few shots from the top of it (hiked/climbed this on Friday):

    Link to Panorama Shot of Mt Deception (2nd Highest in the Olympic range)

    The "Needles" range looking north from Mt Deception summit

    Royal Basin and Royal Lake and upper tarn from the summit of Mt Deception

    Looking east from the top of Mt. Deception back towards Seattle

    Shot from the upper tarn in Royal Basin, Olympic National Park


      nice keep up the work


        Did you take these pictures? They're gorgeous! (I might take one or two of them into my desktop background rotation... )


          Can the mappack be played without YARM? (always looking for new maps)


            @ Baryonyx: Yup those are just a few of the photos I took while there on and around Mt. Deception.

            @ Sergeant Todd: Yes the pack can be played without YARM, but the maps are specifically scaled for YARM (so they may seem way too cramped for normal UT2k4 play).


              Thanks for the reply Meowcat, and awesome pictures from your weekends in the region where im living all is flat and insanely hot
              Ok, back on topic...

              Originally posted by psy┬░chief View Post
              The goggles were very impressive but the weirdest thing happended when i was using the mutator with ballistic, you could use the goggles but when you used thermal and looked at an enemy the enemy would be invisible and the weapon would have the heat signature. i think it has to do with the Railguns thermal scope that is probably reacting badly to the mutator... well i dont know.
              ok. i test the Yarm Googles and i think the problem is the model itself, and not the mutators. for example, this is the NOVa Model by Yourpackage

              in night vision looks good, but in thermal vision...

              Now with the Ancient Predator model by Evilengine
              in night vision

              And Thermal vision

              all this screenshots were taken with the same mutators runing. by the way, the female Genmokai Model is invisible in the termal vision


                I updated my YARM to the current version yesterday and discovered a bug when in the COD4 mutator. The Iron Sights do not work the way they should. So I PMed Meowcat, and he said he is working on an update for the mod in the next month or so! So I wanted to post a screenshot of the bug so that it is fixed in the next update. Here are the screenshots: Click image for larger version

Name:	Image 000.jpg
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Name:	Image 001.jpg
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                In the screenshots I also showed a glitch YARM causes when playing DM-CBP1-Elegance, one of my favorite maps besides DM-Zanzibar (by the way Meowcat, you are my hero for converting my favorite map ever to UT2004!!!!). The skybox gets all messed up when using YARM. I ain't too concerned about it, because I can just play YARM on other maps, but it would be nice if that could be fixed too. But my main concern are those Iron Sights. The Iron Sights work somewhat properly in the Infiltration mutator oddly enough, but I don't use that mutator. In Infiltration, they aim properly, but the crosshair doesn't go away.

                I also thought I should give a review of the mutator. So far I've been loving it. You can choose a loadout, and pick up additional weapons from corpses, much better than switching out weapons like in **** of Duty and all those other military shooters (although I do like some of them, such as CrossFire). I never really got into Call of Duty, always hated it, but yet everything Call of Duty did wrong, this mutator did right. I have a lot of fun with this mutator, playing it on my favorite maps, and doing Team Deathmatch on Torlan with 31 bots and the TangoDown Vehicles made by Meowcat. I had such a blast I was up until 4 in the morning (which I have only done 3-4 times in my entire life!) killing very intelligent bots, that stay together and even retreat! This is a very good mutator and I smacked the **** out of myself for waiting so long to play it. The third person is great too, but I constantly have to hit F4 to use it. I wish there was another YARM mutator that allows for consistent Third Person gameplay when using YARM. Another thing there were those 2 guns missing from YARM that I almost cried because they weren't in there. I would love a Scar-Light and a Desert Eagle. Yea, I have fun without them but I still wish they were in there. Another thing I would like to mention is that the three-round bursts in some weapons are really bizarre. For some reason they only shoot one bullet sometimes, and other times they shoot all three. I usually click my mouse in a complete rampage trying to use those three shot guns. I wish they were like in every other game, where you could just click the mouse once and it shoots three bullets. Another glitch is that the Save Custom Load Out just straight up doesn't work. It's annoying having to do everything every time I want to play. Overall, this is a very good mod, and I haven't seen such an addicting mod like this in... I have no idea. Anyways, excellent work Meowcat, keep it up! I rate this mod a 9/10. The fun factor made up for several points lost from my above complaints. Can't wait to see more!


                  I'll add some more info later, but just wanted to mention that in real life the three round burst fire only fires all three rounds if you hold the trigger down, if you just tap the trigger it will only fire one shot for instance (I've got a little handling experience on the M16A2, M249SAW, M240G, and M203).


                    Originally posted by meowcat View Post
                    I'll add some more info later, but just wanted to mention that in real life the three round burst fire only fires all three rounds if you hold the trigger down, if you just tap the trigger it will only fire one shot for instance (I've got a little handling experience on the M16A2, M249SAW, M240G, and M203).
                    Oh, interesting. I never knew that. I like that you made it realistic in-game now! I've only fired pump shotguns and .22 rifles, so I didn't know.


                      1. The glitch in DM-CBP1-Elegance is caused in part by YARM, and in part by the way the map author set up their skyboxes.

                      In YARM I had to reduce the near clipping plane in order to allow the weapon models to be drawn close to the screen in ironsight mode without having part of them cutoff (to test what I mean, use the console command "nearclip 16" and then bring one of the rifles into iron sight mode). When the near clipping plane is reduced, the overall z-distance/draw resolution/accuracy is also reduced. This mean that surfaces that are parallell to each other and very close (usually noticeable when less then 4 Unreal Units) start getting glitched together when viewed at distances. In the case of CBP-Elegance, the map author (for reasons that don't make much sense to me) put the new skybox (the snowy white one) just inside the old skybox without deleting it. Unfortunately the new skybox sides are only like 1 or 2 UUs inside of the old one. The YARM ocde plus the map construction is why this glitch occurs.

                      2. I think I fixed the loadout not saving bug in this next version. (I hope.... its been so long I can't remember, I know it works on my version)

                      3. Did the iron sights not work for all of the weapons in the COD mutator, or only those ones that you posted screenshots of? Also, did you try toggling sight/aimed options by using the "ToggleIronSight" console command as mentioned in the YARM readme file? There are three different "aimed" modes: Iron Sights (like Infiltration 2.9/COD etc.); High Aim (like old style Infiltration 2.75, not looking across the weapon sights, but weapon is brought up closer); and No Aim Adjust (the model does not change position).

                      4. The SCAR light may make a an appearance in the next rev, but it won't quite look exactly like a SCAR-L (I actually added this weapon about two weeks ago, how fortuitous). I don't think that I will get around the adding the Desert Eagle (I still have some other player model work to do along with another TDW vehicle or two).

                      Thanks for the feedback!


                        1. At least we know what is going on with Elegance. Maybe when I become more experienced with UnrealEd I can go in and remove the old skybox.
                        2. That's good. That was starting to drive me crazy. xD
                        3. That was my problem. I guess it was set to High Aim. I had no idea that option existed, and it took me about 15 minutes to find a readme with the command. xD
                        4. GET OUT!!! Hell yea man! Thank you a lot! Honestly, I prefer the Scar-L over a Desert Eagle!

                        Keep up the good work dude! I appreciate the work you put into all your work!

                        I just wanted to ask one more thing if you don't mind, you think you could remove the grenades from being in the way of scrolling through my weapons with the mouse wheel? That really kills me sometimes, especially when my clip runs out and I quickly want to jump to my pistol, and out of habit I use the mouse wheel in all of my games so thats why I don't use the numbers. It ain't a big deal, I can adjust to using the numbers but I was just wondering how out of the way that would be for you.


                          Any updates on your progress meowcat? Is the next version near release? Its been a long time since you've posted.


                            Originally posted by chrisl121212 View Post
                            Any updates on your progress meowcat? Is the next version near release? Its been a long time since you've posted.
                            He has been updating here:


                              Fiero SMG aiming to setup any avatar with YARM's weaponry & mechanics...

                              Hello meowcat!

                              It's been a while since I last posted here or at Infiltration's forum. I'm happy to see that there's some activity again on the threads!

                              I'm encountering a bug with one of the submachineguns, the Fiero SMG. When I go to aim using its collimater, it doesn't actually elevate the scope enough for me to look down its center. When I go to aim, it centers the weapon, but I'm stuck looking at the top of the scope. Thus far, all of the other ironsights/collimaters seem to be working fine in regards to how their centered relevant to the viewer's eye.

                              Also, I recently reinstalled UT2004 altogether, and for the life of me I can't recall how one sets up the mutator (and all of its sub-mutators) so that one can select any non-YARM avatar, yet play with YARM's weaponry in-game. Could you give me a detailed reminder? My young son loves the Spartan avatar from the Halo series, so I'd like to use it while paired up with your weaponry and body movements.


                              July 4, 2012


                                Eep! It looks like I spoke too early in regards to the ironsight issue, as the AK 107 and the M4 are having the same issue as well: the scope/collimater are not being centered properly. Would you like to see my log to see if a mutator is interfering with the functioning of YARM, or...?