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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    the weapons select hud on 'Yarm Weapons' doesnt work

    your always the infantry class

    whatever you chose


      hmm, did you hit the OK button once you had chosen your class? (hitting that button actually sets your character) Also each time the class selection window comes up it currently defaults to the Infantry class, though you just have to reselect the character you want). In any event, I'll fix it for the first patch.


        Okay, finally got around to trying out the new version and I love it! I think the new 1st person sprint animation looks awesome, great job!

        I came up with a few more suggestions too:
        1) leave the floating zone the weapons have when not using iron sights on while using them.
        2) add a little more bounce to the screen when firing weapons.
        3) make weapons have more random kick(as-is they just kick up when firing, maybe have them have a small chance to bounce at an angle?).
        4) maybe use the heavy breathing(from running) while low on health & add a grain or B&W effect?
        5) you know how in COD4, with the ACOG scope your screen would zoom and you could see the area around you in the corners, like how you would IRL? Maybe you can do this a cheap way and just make a GUI that looks like a scope tube with the crosshairs in the middle? Im not talking about an actual 3-D scope, just a GUI that replaces the top-to-bottom, side-to-side crosshairs. Drew a small sketch here to show you....

        6) maybe you could look at the UT04RPG mod and see how it records levels and use that for persistent ranking, making some weapons/perks locked until you get to xx rank. Not as deep as COD4 or anything, but would be sweet never the less.


          i love the new select 'your camo'


            @Malesu: I've fixed the automatic switch back to first person view now so that if you were in third person before sprinting, you will stay in third person after sprinting.

            Hi Whitsel and TurdDrive! Thanks for the comments! I have to admit that I wish I'd implemented the camo selection a long time ago, as its probably one of my favorite new features.
            Ok on to the responses:

            1) When you say floating zone do you mean the slight rotational leading? (eg when turning, the model rotates in the direction you turn a little bit)
            2) I'd been adjusting the bounce a bit, I toned it way down for some weapons. It still needs tweaking.
            3) Random kick: In a version of YARM about 3 years ago I had random kick (up and then randomly to the side). It was alright but also a bit frustrating I can add it back in and maybe make it optional.
            4) Breathing sound while low on health: I like this. Let me see about adding it in.
            5) I dig the scope idea (my friend Postal had suggested this a couple of years ago as well I think). I can definitely add the scope tube overlay, the tricky part though is leaving the rest of the periphery view unzoomed. I'm not sure RO was able to do that without modifying the native code, or resorting to a performance killing option (the old render camera window).

            6) I'll take a look at that mod and see how it records stats. I could probably also mess with the built in stat tracking code as well. I have to say that is a bit lower priority though. Bugfixes, new game modes and maps will have to take precedence though...

            Speaking of new game modes, I should be able to put out a code patch this weekend that fixes some stuff in the YARM Domination and YARM Recovery game modes, as well as adding a true King of The Hill game mode (that bots work exceedingly well in). The KotH mode features a moving hill, and can be configured for the amount of time required to capture it (kind of like Halo), and how long it will stay in one position.


              Thank you! :]


                i wont be able to play at the moment cause i need a new kettle lead


                  1) Yes, thats exactly what I mean.
                  Everything else: Great! Cant wait, dude!


                    Ok, here is a code fix for the version of YARM I updated on June 26th (see post 284 above). I've fixed the camera switching thing, but have not gotten around to the other weapon & player code changes. I did however include the two new gametypes: true King-of-the-Hill, and Assassination/VIP mode. These go along with the multiple control point Domination, Flag King, and Search and Recovery game types. I've fixed a few network bugs in the gametypes so they should work great for clients now.



                      Thank you! Have a great Weekend

                      Btw: I noticed, that you always start with an Grenade in your Hand, instead of your primary Weapon.


                        @ Malesu: Yeah, I picked up on that also, I'm not quite sure how to fix that just yet (the "switch on pickup" option in your player settings may do the trick though...)

                        Here is the updated version of my remake of Halo 3's GhostTown. I will post some pictures once imageshack lets me upload files again. I am open to any feedback on this (note that the level was designed for YARM game play in mind, and will feel too cramped for vanilla UT2k4 play).


                          Earlier I made a note to ask (but never got 'round to posting it)
                          "Would you please consider adding a config option so that the YarmFlagKing HUD overlay (the flag icon) can be set to display regular OR large size?"

                          Today, after trying the July update, I was reminded of this because YarmDomination Point marker overlays were so much easier to see (because each overlay includes a text label)... and am posting today to ALSO mention that the overlay for "DominationPoint 2" isn't always visible. I tried the same map over and over, I tried different maps... and in nearly every match the Point2 overlay would wink out of view periodically. It shouldn't be affected by antiportals... or is it?

                          These go along with the multiple control point Domination, Flag King, and Search and Recovery game types.
                          If there's a way to choose this & I've just missed it, sorry.
                          In FlagKing, a team has a (one) flag, but for YarmDomination, I wish the number of control points could be configured (vs just having 2).

                          Also, for both Domination & Search/Recovery, is there a config setting to 'force' the node location(s) to change after a selectable period of time? I mean beyond "if the SAM spawns someplace inaccessable & isn't picked up after xx seconds, it respawns elsewhere" ~~ I'm hoping for the ability to configure a timer setting which will force the SAM (or hill or DominationPoints) to unconditionally "respawn elsewhere" every xx minutes, regardless of its current (red/blue/yellow) status when the timer elapses.


                            Very nice at the moment. Some excellent gun models on show here. You definately take your time with 'em, and it shows.

                            I just wish that there was more team camo options.

                            Also, the 3rd-person/1st-person sprint works now, but I've noticed that mantling also changes back to 1st-person. DM-DogTown2k3 is a good example, as you mantle in order to get out of the creek.


                              @(ODC)wrench: First, thank you for trying out YARM, and providing specific feedback (which is really helpful)! Here are some answers (hopefully I'll be able to incorporate some of these in the next month or so..
                              1. Flag King HUD Icon: no problem, I can add a tag to the icon to improve its visibility
                              2. I'll check on the point 2 flicker. The code for this only draws the icon if the point is within 5,000 UUs from the player and it is within approximately + 45 degrees of the center of the player's view (dot product > 0.7).
                              3. The number of Domination points is configurable in the rules section ("Number of Control Points"), however if you have the "Map Default # Control Points" option selected, then the number of control points will be based on the number of players and the "Player x Control Point Multiplier"
                              4. The Domination gametype already has a "Forced" timer mover (just make sure that "Moving Control Points" is checked and "Control Point Time" is non-zero. In the Recovery Game mode, the "Recovery Point Reset Time" and "Object Reset Time" are the settings to adjust how often the points are forced to change.

                              @ L4Y Duke: Also thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback! I agree, more team camo options would be good. Do you have any suggestions for pairings you would like to see? (keeping in mind they sort of need to be similar in color to prevent giving one team a complete advantage over another). I'll see about fixing the mantling auto switch back....

                              More to follow, I'll update this post with the answers.


                                Well, off the top of my head, how about some plain colours? Such as plain tan, plain black, plain urban grey, plain dark blue etc.

                                Also, some of those modern 'pixelated' camo patterns work well.