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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    I figured it would be difficult. We were trying to do the same thing for the pezbot mod(cod4/5 bots mod), but there wasnt any way to check for the vegetation since, in the new engines, there is no references to it in the coding.

    I was thinking of something else that you might be able to look into, meowcat... I dont know how these bots find navigable areas, but if there was here is what I am thinking:

    Bots measure the distance between two surfaces that are not a floor or roof, like a pylon next to a wall, if the distance between these two points is valid(a pre-defined number of units) they will drop mines here.

    I figure this could work well in corridored areas with hallways and such. Pylons and many other flat-surface objects are typically near the corner of buildings and this is perfect for doorways, so it would seem like the bots knew what they were doing ...if its possible to code it.


      I was thinking about this also, but it would be quite a kludge (and I am really not sure how effective/efficient it would be trying to dynamically locate the corners). What I had planned on doing instead was either using navigation points (or pickup locations) to have the bots plant mines/claymores. Another option would be to use a .ini file for the default maps that would store good locations for mine drops. In my custom maps I could also just use some other actor ("lights" for instance with 0 radius and no light effect and a specific tag) and place them in the maps simply as good mine location markers. Again it was more of a tradeoff between the amount of effort it would take versus the fun it would add, and I decided I needed to work on other stuff first.

      Have you tried the ShoreLine CTF map yet (see above post)?


        I am trying to finish Mafia and waypoints for the pezbot mod, but I will see if I can squeeze playing around with that map tonight(I need some UT04/YARM :P).

        BTW: Good idea for the pickup locations/mines. I too was thinking of that, but wanted to see how you took the other thing first.

        Also... Maybe you should think of incorporating something similar to the Tactical Shadows mod. TurdDrive(lol) talking about the camo made me think about how useful that mut made sneaking around/hiding in the shadows.


          you could make a class that forces a The Gillie Suit as one of the perks and then you could code it to that the perk makes you more or less invisible untill you move/fire


            here you cant walk up onto the plank you have to jump

            no collision

            flickering texture

            you need to jump to get in
            cant walk in

            looks weird

            easy to get stuck in cars


              Thanks TurdDrive! I should have those fixed and ready to go in the next release (i can't believe I forgot the collision on the planks!). I've also finally gotten around to working on GhostTown some more, I hope to have some updated screens posted soon.

              (by the way, why that username?)


                Originally posted by meowcat View Post
                (by the way, why that username?)

                I have No clue at all :P


                  Any info on next possible YARM release? *gets giddy* :P


                    What will be in the next release:
                    1. Bug fixes
                    2. Some new bot code (they use the sprint capability now, though it still needs work as they also sprint backwards...).
                    3. tweaked a few selection animations (MA5b, ARB, SMG), but I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be touching the reload anims any time soon (I did not include finger joints in the original FP models, so I would have to completely rerig and animate every model to add that kind of detail ).
                    4. Camouflage selection menu for the YarmWeapons mutator (also has a team camo option so that all members of the same team use a specific camo). Along with selecting your class, you select your camo

                    Stuff I hope to include in the next release:
                    1. Improved Down-But-Not-Out code with bot support.
                    2. Bots use mines (probably at pickup point and nav points)
                    3. Bots fallback while reloading
                    4. First person sprint view (configurable)
                    5. More Game modes (Team Captain/VIP game types).

                    And then of course some additional maps (remakes and originals). So far here's what I have at least "80%" complete (playable but without all the nice polish & details):
                    Halo2's DM-Zanzibar; Halo3's DM-GhostTown; Goldeneye 64's DM-Complex, DM-Archives, DM-Stack, and DM-Caves; CTF-Shoreline; CTF-PortFight; CTF-ParkingGarage.

                    I have a bunch of art assets to support making some more Half-Life 2 style maps, a Halo Jungle map (trees and bromeliads), and some other forested levels. I just need to come up with some layouts....

                    Not sure when it will be ready, but I can probably kick something out next weekend.


                      Cool! Looking forward to it.


                        Loved the last release, can't wait to see the new gametypes. Keep up the awesome work Meow!


                          Quick update: Of the "Stuff I hope to include" category, I've got the first person sprinting finished (also was my first excuse to use quaternions for rotations!, and is optional to use the third person or first person view). When sprinting, the weapon is held in a different orientation (rifles mostly pointed to the side, pistols pointed slightly up, RPG7 aimed downward etc.). I updated the weapon code to encourage the bots to not rush enemies when they are reloading their own weapons. I will probably upload whatever I have done tomorrow evening so that it will be ready to download Saturday morning PST to beta test over the weekend. I'll post back here when its ready.

                          The new VIP/Team Captain game mode is next on my hit list (along with tweaking some maps a bit). Bot mine usage and improved DBNO code will have to wait.


                            Ok here is the most recent version of YARM as of June 26 2009. I will try to update this again in a week or two once I get tired of working on maps.


                              Thank you! I'm downloading right now

                              Btw. I love it, to play your Mod in Third Person. But after Sprinting, the Camera goes back to the First Person View. Do you have any plans to change that?


                                Thanks for trying it out Malesu! I can fix that, (I'll add to my list!) and depending on what other feedback I get I may be able to upload a code package "patch" in a day or two to fix the immediate issues folks find.