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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    Hi, I am Postal.

    If you have complaints about YARM balancing, blame me, for I have forced Meowcat to make the mod as I want it.
    *Evil Laugh*

    Now, let me catch up with this thread.

    Originally posted by legacy-Hedge_o_Matic View Post
    Actually, getting hit anywhere with a modern battle rifle will kill most people. Even shots to the arms and legs cause such massive shock that people often die without obviously fatal injuries. One shot, and you're usually out of action, either conscious and in terrible pain, unconsious, or dead on the spot.
    Wow, I wish someone had told me that before I was shot with a 7.62x54R. That way I would have known I was suppose to drop dead. Man, I just walked away and call in a medivac.

    Originally posted by legacy-Assassin007 View Post
    i started that thread telling people how this is one of the greatest mods EVER.
    Meowcat need to hear this type of stuff. It motives him to work for free and make all the stuff I want to see in game.

    Now finish that Garage map!

    Meowcat is hard at work at the next code patch. This mod is a 1 man show, Meowcat does all the work, and I tell him to work harder, and he thanks me for it.

    Your all suggestions and requests are seriously considered and debated. Meowcat is waiting on the comments on this release before he goes for a huge public release.

    *Edit: All your page 16 belongs to me.*


      HI, downloaded your mod not tryd yet, if you ever get a chance look at a mod for return to castle Wol v2.60 free on-line, it's called True Combat Elite. pretty fun, but no bot support, see if it gives any ideas or play and waste huge hours if anyone is on it. SQUIDMAN


        Back again, played your newest mod still liking it. But for some reason I start out
        with a sheild/automatic rifles from un2004, your pistol and then pick up stuff. Was wondering is there a way to get rid of these from the start? Also also still play tango down is there a way to change weapons aim points from the circles in mod? Thanks SQUIDMAN


          this mod dosen't exactly work the way it says, I can't get the goggles to work, and the grenades don't reload when you pick them up from dead bodies, plus the sprint doesn't have a limit, it's an endless run, to easy to get away from your opponents, also just not enough weapons to satisfy each class. that's what I see, not meening to be mean.


            @ shadow21: Thanks for the feedback. Actually, thats exactly the stuff I need to hear. I forgot to remove the reference to the goggles as I took them out of the mutator.
            1. What exactly do you mean by the grenades don't reload?
            2. Good point about the sprint. I had tried having a limit in an earlier version. Depending on what everyone else thinks, I'll probably add a 5-6 second limit on the sprint.
            3. For the weapons and classes can you elaborate a bit more? Do you think I should I give each class more weapons?


              Originally posted by meowcat View Post
              1. What exactly do you mean by the grenades don't reload?
              2. Good point about the sprint. I had tried having a limit in an earlier version. Depending on what everyone else thinks, I'll probably add a 5-6 second limit on the sprint.
              3. For the weapons and classes can you elaborate a bit more? Do you think I should I give each class more weapons?
              in order:
              1. the grenades won't reload as in, the grenade counter won't refill when you kill someone then pickup the grenades the bodies left, ex. you kill a bot, he drops 4 frag grenades, you go and pick them up, and you can't use them with the "Throw Grenade" key, the counters stay 0 (after I used them up in the first place)
              2. good idea man
              3. yes, you should add more weapons.


                This is an interesting mod, nice.
                I agree with shadow on his ideas, the sprint should be limited, and all that stuff about nades, i didnt notice the nade part. Also, theres some smg u have in here that has crappy iron sights. when u use them u look below where u should so u look straight at the back end of the gun and u cant aim, its called the Fiero or soemtihng, part of recond kit. Also, i dont think the gun of the back thing works in multiplayer.
                I played this mod on a server with a bunch of friends, and we enjoyed it. HAve some other suggetions for you as well:
                -possibly some scopes on weapons, stamina is definatly a big thing to fix, also theres a suggestion for a better explosion for the RPG7.
                -grenades shouldnt explode on impact, i had my friend sprinting aroudn and chucking them at us and killing us instantly, thats kindof cheap and unrealistic.
                -the Claymore mines arnt very effective, my buddies ran right past them and they didnt even explode.
                -you dont spawn with guns when u use the TD weapons mutator.
                -You should be able to perform the special moves liek grab cover in the yarm weapons mut too, and it doesnt let u prone in teh td weapons mute.
                -the Scope on the Halo BR is awesome, but you should limit the range to wich u can see other players because its kindof like hax.

                I tihnk your Sniper rifle is having the same problem i had with mine and the recoil, where the bullet comes out after the recoil happens, making the shot inaccurate. That could use some help.

                Theres a suggestion for an INV mode for YARM, such as you go and attack the taliban or terrorists or something liek that, and you could have osama as the boss guy.

                If anyone wants to play this online, sometimes ill have uit on my server, be sure to dl this before you join though. IP is


                  Thanks Wangtang!
                  1. Postal also suggested that I fix the RPG 7 explosion effect, do you have any suggestions in particular?
                  2. I had messed with the timing thing a lot on the grenades, I still want them to arm after hitting a wall, but I will see about turning the "explode on impact with pawn" into a configurable option.
                  3. The Claymores are a tad tempermental, they only check directly (a single trace line) in front of them 384 UUs, and only 5 times a second. I may change this to a simpler foreach radiusvisiblecollidingactor and dot product check. I also may get rid of the claymores & AV mines altogether and replace them with a 'universal' explosive that can act as a remote charge, laser trip bomb, or other explosive.
                  4. I thought I had fixed the no gun spawn thing in TD Weapons, added to list to fix
                  5. I had limited the Cover moves to YARM TD at the moment for development purposes (as there are stilll plenty of bugs in it). I also purposely removed prone from TD Weapons (although I don't quite remember why...). I'll look inot readding it, but I don't make any promises
                  6. I have gotten a few other suggestions for this as well. I'll try the limited range suggestion out.
                  7. I'll have to test the recoil thing to see how bad it gets. The sniper rifle itself will be incredibly inaccurate though if you are moving at all. To get best performance you just have to stand still and crouch.

                  8. The Single Player Portion of YARM has a basic version of invasion with a bunch of random commandos / soldiers / my version of HL2 combine are spawned that will attack you. I have to make some additional maps first and tweak all of the map specific code first (doors that open like in R6 RvS, doors that can be blown open, decorations that can be picked up and moved around like in Deus Ex etc.)


                    Karmaonline should help u with the object u want to throw and shoto around i think.

                    As for the RPG7 explosion, it needs to be more explodie, the explosion sound need to make a bigger boom.


                      The thing with the grenades is, when they were damaged balanced, they still had a 4 or so second fuse. Being hard to use, they were given a larger kill radius and more damage. Once they how the timer was changed, they became much easier to use, and then became overkill.

                      Claymores are best used as remote detonation mines. Don't wait for them to auto detonate.


                        Ok for those of you that have some extra time and want to mess around with the latest beta of YARM try both of these:
                        YARM Core Files - removed link because they are outdated
                        YARM SP Files - removed link because they are outdated

                        These are just sort of a beta of the next update as I am still working on some other stuff (refining the melee attacks for some additional capabilities, updating some skins etc.). Try the SP portions and the test maps for some sample themes (TerrainTest maps), and test out the Deus Ex style pickups and decorations (CityTest map).

                        For the next full beta here are a few of the items I hope to have fixed/included:
                        1. Fixed ninja rope, inclduing ability to brake/hold position and swing (already tested & working) along with better rope texture that sizes itself to rope sections
                        2. Enemy attack helicopter in SP portion to act as a boss
                        3. Fixed cover gameplay so that it is actually useful in the normal run & gun style (I am open to any suggestions for this...)
                        4. Sprinting/roadie run now has a limit (8 seconds) and then must recharge
                        5. Better/interactive map decorations that react to weapon fire, can be pushed around by players but not using expensive/network intensive karma physics(already tested)
                        6. Improved / simplified melee attack system with weapons - view switches to third person when attacking (tested)
                        7. Simplified explosive devices - instead of multiple mines etc, only two types that can be configured for any given situation

                        Please feel free to suggest anything else that you would think might be worth trying out.

                        [EDIT] links were removed because the files are outdated, see last post or first for new links


                          Fun stuff, good work

                          Only suggestions that come to mind are

                          Would like an option to turn off/hide the 1st person view weapon model when not aiming down the iron sights (you could just toggle the players default weapon hidden state on/off in the aim function).

                          A HUD action circle around the crosshairs, like is used in Raven Shield, to show reload time countdown. That was always cool and something I would love to see in YARM.



                            Still playing your mod LOVE the uniforms for different classes, please if you can put out a simple mod pack so we can use on other maps! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


                              What do you mean by use on other maps? You can already use the YARM mutators to play with the custom player classes on any UT2k4 map.

                              I am hoping to upload the next semi official version this weekend. I should probably note that I have temporarily removed the blindfire/cover option in this next version for the time being because I have been trying to figure out how to get it to work smoother/better in the current gameplay, I really need to make some maps better suited first. Some of the additions to the next version will be:
                              1. New first person mesh for hand grenade weapons (instead of just the little icon up in the corner)
                              2. New 'crisper' views for weapons with scopes
                              3. Arm Camouflage on first person weapon models now matches the player model (when using YARM players)
                              4. Leaning readded to all YARM players. It is similar to leaning in America's Army so that it will still work on network games (no invisible clients) and the bots will actually shoot at you.
                              5. Sprinting Time, Sprint recovery time, health regeneration rate and delay time are all configurable


                                hmm... so much for this weekend (over a month later).

                                Anyways, in the time since the last post I've been messing with a Metal Gear Solid style mutator. I have most of the basic moves and gameplay in: melee punches and kicks, vent crawling, isometric camera, being able to grab enemies from behind and choke them out, as well as the basic bullet & grenade weapons (Famas, PSG1, Socom Pistol, chaff grenades & modified YARM grenades), some basic enemies, and an alpha version of the radar. I've got the controls set up right now so that an XBox 360 controller connected to your PC will work pretty well (even have all, except the analog triggers, buttons working).

                                I will try to kick out the rest of YARM soon.