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Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

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    Yet Another Real-life Mod [beta][UPDATED May 29 2013][DL][version 130]

    Name: Y.A.R.M.
    Version: 130 - May 29 2013
    Compatibility: UT2004 (patch 3339)
    Description: Yet Another Real-life Mod. Semi Realistic weapon and player pack. Players choose between seven classes to fight as: Sniper, Recon, Infantry, Demolition, Spy, Light Machine Gunner, and Assault. Each class has different speeds and health statistics as well as starting inventory. Featured weapons: Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Kabar knife, Suppressed .22 cal pistol, Combat Pistol (with TAClight), Single Shot Grenade Launcher, Smoke Grenades, Gas Grenades, Timed mines, Remote Mines, Proxy Mines, anti vehicle mines, claymores, and a Light Machine Gun.

    NEW Weapons (29 May 2013) include Ballistic Knife, Tek-Bow, CheyTac Rifle, a new guided/homing missile launcher, and Halo Reach DMR (use the YARM SP Weapons mutator).

    Comments: All non explosive weapons feature melee attacks. Players can climb up ledges as well as perform "railing jumps" as in Splinter Cell (configurable via mutator). Players can lean (Goldeneye64 style) and go prone. Make sure to reassign keys to these functions in the controls. For instructions on how to perform rail jumps and ledge climbs READ THE YARM130_readme.rtf help file.

    All YARM pawns can perform most of the Mirror's Edge style Parkour movements (close enough to get the general feel for now). Trapeze moves and skill roll are not included yet sorry!

    Weapon Aiming has been assigned to the right mouse button too now.

    Credits and Thanks: Please see the included YARM126_readme file for the complete list of those who helped in one way or another. Here is a quick rundown: Postal, Mr. White, Mr. SD, EvilDrWong, Grobut (for the cool new AK skins!), Dicky_B, Silver_Ibex, Doc_Edo, Mr. Evil, Parser, Mysterial, UT2004Addict, Lopar-XL, 4TX4, SquirrelZero

    Download: YARM Version 130 Core May 29 2013

    Link to last version
    [September 1 2010] Here is a link to previous version: YARM 129 Sept 1 2010. Updates include:
    -fixed some weapon animation issues
    -a few new weapons that will be featured in the SP/Coop portion to be released later (hopefully some time this fall). These include a rifle with a CODMW style heartbeat sensor and display, long range sniper rifle with scope sway etc. Also features a new test Parkour pawn that can perform many of the Mirror's Edge parkour moves.

    Have Fun!

    Screenshots looks like ***. Perhaps upgrading your comp is a good idea?

    But keep up the good work! :up:


      When creating a mod, don´t let an old computel limit your abilities. Even if it hitches horribly with your awesome mod, it won´t do that on newer systems.

      But looks great imo, keep it up! :up:


        Looks great, not bothered about low res screens though

        I like mods like this, gonna give it a try, if its any good, and time permitting I may do a RW map for it ( bit tire of space age stuff right now).

        Looks like nice work, nice dl size too:up:


          I really enjoyed that! Nice weapons, good accuaracy, smallest weapon capable of kills. Bots use it really well. Taking cover and retreating etc, works well.
          I played it mainly in Blackhawk, not on purpose, it was just the last map I tried in normal play. Its great on that map, the bots use the rooftops and choose the weapons to great effect.

          I do have some crits, if your interersted.

          The reload anim for the shotty is a bit drawn out, you should be able to fire the shots as reloading if your in a pinch. Sometime you can see the bots reloading and it looks like they are being dumb, they arent, they are just wating to rl. Other reloads are fine.
          Some more custom sounds might be nice, especially for the rifles, the good ol assualt rifle is very easy to place

          Grenades are nice, as is the grenade gun, agains the sound on this needs work imho. A "whump" as fired and a the expolsion you have now would carry it off better. It is a great weapon though.

          Sniper rifle can be a tiny but spammy, as its so accurate, with a large mag and you can fire it reasonably rapid. I dint really notice a prob with it ( or on the recieving end of it) as even with the pistol you are capable of giving them some of their own medicine. I just havent seen a semi rapid fire sniper rifle before, I liked it and as I say its not too devastatiing as you can get well aimed shots with most weapons and turn the tables.

          The skins could do with a bit more work, dont get me wrong they look good, just not great, yet. See if your skinner can scratch them up a bit, a deeper gun metal grey too, some look a little bit plastic. I didnt want to say that, but its the best way I can describe it, now thats not to say to anyone reading this the weaps arent good, they are, in fact I think they are excellent. They could do with gritting up a bit.

          CHaracter are nice, could be improved, detail and polycount wise. That said they did the job, looked the part and are well animated.

          Their collision hull is presumably smaller than that of a default ut character and on some maps like Grendlekeep the list can let you fall throuh the gaps if your not stood on it right. Just something I noticed, not a big issue at all, as most UT lifts do not have that swiss cheese thing going on that Grendlekeep has.

          I really like it and will be keeping it, my buds are gonna love it and I am really looking forward to any future revisions.

          Very good work guys, and 56k friendly too!! Somewhat of a rarity nowdays.



            [edit] i cant get it to show up in my games list, and theres no exe.


              Add it through ther mutators list...


                Originally posted by {MM}Juggalo_kyl

                [edit] i cant get it to show up in my games list, and theres no exe.
                It is not a TC mod (just a .ut4mod packaged mutator) so look for it in your mutator list to use it. I should be able to get a non-umod version up soon for mac and linux users (give me about five hours till I get home from school)

                @Wolv34ine: Thank you! That is exactly the kind of feedback I need! I may see about recruiting someone for the weapon sounds (as I don't really have the equipment myself to make them). Yes you are right about the player pawns (they are "thinner") I am hoping to be able to make some maps that take advantage of the vision modes and flashlight. I like maps with claustrophobic feellings, and the default UT pawns size did not really allow me to make those since everything had to be so wide. I will see about "grittiying up" the weapon model textures. Are there any weapons that are worse (more plastic looking) than others? The reason I opted for a semi auto sniper rifle was that in online games I had found that a slower firing sniper rifle was often useless because of lag, but this way you have a slightly higher chance of hitting your target. However if it ends up being too spammy I wll slow the ROF. As for the character models, I may make them higher poly (faces in particular) , but now that the holidays are over I may not be able to get to it for a while (are there any areas/models that you think could use a lot more immediately?). Again thanks for taking the time to post feedback!


                  Its a pleasure, I really like the mod, and I know my mates will

                  I think the grenade launcher could do with some attention, skinwise anyway. The deault machine gun, the one with the scope could be better too. Loved the sniper and the shotty though. The other skins seem ok, though a uniform "grittying" up would be just the ticket!!That shotgun owns, useless long distance,as it very much should be, but close up, another storey!Im kind of fond of the pistol too

                  The player collision hulls are not really a concern I reckon, as Grendlekeep is the only one I know with that kind of lift.

                  Another thing was the vertex lighting on the scope, its illuminating BSP and terrain p-roperly, but when the torch is shone between two verticees on a mesh it doesnt illuminate. This is either a problem with the interpolation of lighting low poly meshes or something else, though I suspect the former..
                  Another thing on the torch, and its connected to the mesh lighting issue, is the "light" an actual dynamic light? Or is it a projector? Again I suspect the former, you might want to try a projector, others have and it seems to work better, at least as far as meshes go anyways. Personally, I can take or leave a light on my gun, but thats me.
                  The polycount on the player could do with being a bit higher. I dunno, they are just a bit angular, but thats cool as they do look good. A high res texture on a meduim high poly character might look ok, one rounded in the right areas like shoulders and feet. Perhaps for the hat an alpa chanel texture would cut down the polies on the Ranger style hats, again take it of leave it. They are good as is

                  I really like the mod, compact, and very playable. The weapons feel super, I do think the sounds would be of great benefit, if they where more tailored for the look of the weapon. But again I liked them. I geuinely wouldnt know where to start with sounds so you have my best wishes on chaning them if you do.I am just making suggestions, as I know it takes a long time, and a lot of hard work to make anything worthwhile, and if you work, as I suspect you do, its very hard. My brother was the skinner for the Remote Strike mod, I put him onto Romanov, as I was needling Romanov about his skins. I have to say, bias aside, your weapons are better. They feel better than most weapons in some fo the retail games I have bought, no mean feat. My bro is very busy with work as usual (paid work) but if you like I could fire him a mail and get him to send you some info on helping you with the skins as he is really very good. He did the Remote Trooper too, as I say let me know.

                  If I can be of any help please let me know.


                    this mod/mutator is pretty **** good. but a few things bugged me, one was that the textures on the weapons, they were kinda plain. they need some detail, like chipped paint or scrached paint, something that some of the tactical mods have on there weapons. and the other things that wasnt good was the kills. very easy to get kills. one shot to the body will kill. as you can see from these screenshots right here, i had many.

                    ill post up some more screenshots in a more "realisitic" level


                      and heres some more screenshots of bots. they are playing on DM-BlackHawk by AngelH@rt


                        hey meowcat, is this tango down with a new name? im downloading it now and gonna play it when it finishes downloading. but thats some quick work youve done there.. gotta give you lots of credit for that. anyway, ill come back and tell you what i think


                          @{MM}Juggalo_kyl: Thanks for the feedback (and the better screenshots) ! I hear you about the weapon damage, it can be quite high. I had debated with a friend of mine for the last couple of days about how high it should be. I will probably keep it where it is at for the moment, but if there is a big enough push for it to be lowered I will. Also did you turn on the YARM damage mute? The damage mute will scale the damage recieved from the weapons configurably up or down, and can also set how often a shot will result in a "fatal wound". So if you want to play like license to kill (from GE) just crank the dmage way up, or lower it to a minimum of 10% or normal. I will see about adding scratches and other stuff to the skins.

                          @Dr J: No hehe, I wanted to make something slightly different (and a little more over the top) than TangoDown. I used some of the player anims and 4 of the weapons (HK69, Kabar, HKG36, smoke nades) for it but redid all of the animations (and added melee attacks). I'd been applying some of the code optimizations I made for YARM in a patch for TD that I will be releasing later, but as far as additional content, I probably won't be adding any more to TD (I may release some base source code for it so people can make their own weapon packs for it if they want).


                            lol i just turned on every mutator that had YARM in the name. so yeah, i think i turned it on. but it was put to a good use


                              man, just had my first session of YARM. all i can say is that this is like what it was when i played TD for the first time. man is this good. yet another mod well made, meowcat. good work man!

                              ill get back to it and make sure that i dont get completely owned by adept bots by the end of tonight