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UTC&C Vehicle Mutator[Beta2] [pics] [Download]

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    Well, yes, it is a new version. It was only released last sunday.
    Oh, and I'm ok with anyone using the code from the vehicle mutator. If you can't decompile it, just ask for it.


      FINALLY!!!! I've been looking for this thread for ages now and i finally found it, I am the biggest C&C Vehicle lover in this world!!!

      I got ideas for a Orca Transport!

      Orca Transport:
      rear opens up to reveal a roomy interior with a weapon locker and health.
      the orca transport is the ultimate in troop transportation!
      can hold up to 20 players but if u try to shove a vehicle in it it'll flip around like nothing you've ever seen!
      Driver gets control of the rear door and the landing legs(to stop hijackers from jumping in and pummeling the craft from the inside)
      well??? cool idea eh?


        As one of the founders and the original idea of making a C&C vehicle for ut2004,
        I would like to say this mod is relitively dead :cry:
        Unfortunately, many of those people that made the vehicles, got busy with school, uni etc. Eventually everything slowed down. Now its stopped. Please sign up to the utcc board and view all the old topics for what we have made. I reccommend the Kirov Airship, its just awesome.
        Unless Khol or other members come back anytime soon, then nothing more shall really be happening

        Hopefully we will be back for 2007
        Really sorry