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M:2003 Recruitment. 99.9% need not apply :)

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    So... is this going to be single player or multiplayer? If the latter, than yay. If the former, then good luck, you will need it.

    There have been a million "move marathon to another engine" projuects, and they all have failed, or faded into oblivion. There have bee na few cool MP mods (for UT actually) which worked well, but single player is just FAR too complex to port.

    Originally posted by fuegerstef
    Will you be able to jump in that MOD???? The original Marathon was released in a time when jumping was not implemented in FPS yet.
    Its funny actually, Bungie could have done it, I dont know why they didnt. Marathon had amazing physics for its time, it had rocket jumping, machine guns which gave you kick back while you were in the air, and a bunch of people even made very cool jetpacks out of the flame thrower.


      We will have multiplayer. All the Marathon gametypes and more, possibly singleplayer and co-op.