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M:2003 Recruitment. 99.9% need not apply :)

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    M:2003 Recruitment. 99.9% need not apply :)

    We are currently recruiting talent to work on our mod 'Marathon:2003'

    What we are doing:
    We are bringing an old game 'Marathon' up to date with all the latest technology UT:2003 has to offer.

    We intend on keeping the feel of the original intact, we believe that to recreate the 'feel' we need to reproduce the weapon models in a very familiar looking way, no super sized rocket launcher or new super laser guided rockets here folks.

    This is Marathon, don't worry, you'll get your carnage, raw and bloody. You'll know when your opponent is dead by looking at his scattered steaming remains.

    For the 99% that don't know what Marathon is:
    Marathon is a game produced by 'Bungie' makers of Halo. Marathons cult status is still strong today but it's appreciation is heavily confined to mac users only, as that was its only running platform, though many Windows and UNIX users have fallen in love too through the use of the AlephOne port.

    We are currently looking for:

    1. People talented in the 2D graphics to work as texture artists. And to help with any other 2D related work.

    2. Talented 3D Modelers who can help bring our visions to 3D.

    3. Animators to bring life to our models.

    4. Coders to help tie this all into something great.

    5. Level designers to create worlds to use our new toys in.

    6. A GIBMASTER, someone who's purpose is to make stuff die in new exiting ways.

    We currently don't have the man power to pursue Character creation, so we really need individuals who can handle the job of modeling and animating Characters for UT:2003

    The reason Kamikaze pilots wore helmets was because they had the thing that regulated breathing at high elevations in them, in regards to your signature.

    And good luck on M:2003, sorry I can't be of any aid!


      Edit: I accidentally double posted here.


        Marathon was an *awesome* game :]

        Good luck with this mod :]


        if i get a rigged model , i can make some pretty gnarly deaths :]


          Strange, why does everyone who posts a tc mod her request a whole mod-team?


            Perhaps because you need more than 2 coders, 2 3D artists and 1 2D artist to make a TC?


              Would be usefull to post how many peeps are already working on the mod, hm?


                Will you be able to jump in that MOD???? The original Marathon was released in a time when jumping was not implemented in FPS yet.
                Nowadays it wouldn't be fun to play anymore, if you couldn't jump... ...IMHO.


                  Yes, you will be able to jump but not as high nor as far as in UT.


                    We are also in need of a sound artist.


                      Re: M:2003 Recruitment. 99.9% need not apply

                      Originally posted by HeliosDoubleSix
                      6. A GIBMASTER, someone who's purpose is to make stuff die in new exiting ways.

                      What do you mean by that?


                        A Gibmaster would make sure in everyway he can, that everything dies cool. We want lots of death animations.

                        My main reason for putting in the request for a Gibmaster was:
                        1. For my own amusment.
                        2. To illustrate that we want a gory mod

                        I don't like all the ways that SOFII is gory. I'm not interested in shooting dead bodies and tiny pieces of skull. I am interested in satisfactory splattering and goopyness. Blowing off arms is cool, and I'd love to do that with M:2003 but thats not what I'm really after here. In most games you cannot tell the difference between someone who died from a big fall or from a rocket in the face. I don't want gore for horror, I want it for comedy.

                        Marathons deaths were very gooey, splattery and amusing. Dead bodies would fly through the air and splat satisfyingly on walls. You really felt like you were drilling bodies with the AssaultRifle tatatatatatatata Splat splat running through the bodies while they are still exploding mid air spraying greeney goop everywhere. Launching a grenade would splat your oponents body almost liquifying his remains infront of your eyes with whipping guts flying around. It's all about the satisfaction of killing. Im very sure that seeing someone insides explode in real life would not be amusing or nice in anyway, but this is a game, and death is very amusing, I can tell the difference, people who can't should stay away.


                          we're still looking for people.


                            Is this game freeware or shareware? If it's really so old, I would think it would be. If so, why don't you get linkage for it? That way, skilled artists and such could download it and say "This rawks! Now I want to work for that mod!". Might help quite a bit in recruiting.


                              Nope, it's not free... but it is by Bungie Studios, and that should be enough to convince anyone of its infinit leetness.

                              You can try the open source version of the game at this page. However, only the Infinity (Marathon 3) demo levels are available for download. You can also read about the games' amazing plot here.

                              There are also two Marathon mods for UT1, they're called Marathon Rampancy and Marathon Resurrection.

                              Btw; cheese is fun to play with, I like building stuff with it.