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*XxxX* Brighter Skins / Hit Sounds

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    *XxxX* Brighter Skins / Hit Sounds

    Name: *XxxX* Brighter Skins
    Version: Alpha
    Compatibility: 3339 ECE

    Description: This mutator overrides player highlighting on the server and on clients regardless of bNoCoronas=. It sets bUnlit=True, so skins will alway stay bright in dark areas. It also cranks up the ambient glow to 255. The result is some really nice looking brightskins for the entire server.

    Comments: The problem is it isn't overriding bNoCoronas in CTF4 online. It still sets bUnlit and the ambient glow in CTF4; it's just not forcing the player highlighting. It does however work 100% for every stock gametype, so far. I was hoping maybe someone here could shed some light on the CTF4 problem. hehe no pun intended.

    Screenshot: think bright
    Credits: *XxZER01xX*
    Download: Here

    :up: thanks m8, will link to this from the other post, most appreciated. :up:

    [EDIT] beat me to it :haha: [/EDIT]


      It still works fine with CTF4, it's just that not everyone knows about bNoCoronas=False. The idea here is to force the same settings on everyone, so no one is left out.

      So for now, all CTF4 players will need to manually set this in the User.ini for the full effect.


      The mutator forces that setting in stock games like deathmatch or onslaught. But I hope to get that setting fixed for CTF4 soon as that was the whole idea. I'll prolly add in some hitsounds tomorrow.

      It would be cool if UTComp squeezed out another update with a setting to force Brighter Epic Style Red/Blue/Green/Gold skins in CTF4. But I can imagine that would require a major overhaul. The colors really would need to be locked. If not, everyone would just force em the same color again wrecking the gametype.

      ServerPackages= isn't needed, it adds itself.


        thanks :up:


          Well I added some hitsound options which can be turned off and on. Admin's choice between quake and utcomp styles..

          I just need to make the player highlighting that's being forced on 100% reliable for everyone in the server, before it goes final.

          If anyone could pin point the uscript responsible for "Player Highlighting" it would help alot. All I can find is the switch to turn it on and off clientside in xPawn TickFX. I just can't seem to find the actual code responsible for it. Eample: The code that makes the highlighting expand at long distance. Or how it attaches the player light to the pawn. Where in the uscript is this?


            hmm.. i looked around on UnCodeX and found a class called: PlayerLight


            Maybe it helps.



              OLTeamGames\OLTeamPawn overrides the code there a bit....
              simulated function TickFX(float DeltaTime)
                  if ( bDrawCorona && (PlayerReplicationInfo.Team != None) )
                      if ( PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.TeamIndex == 0 )
                          Texture = Texture'RedMarker_t';
                      else if ( PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.TeamIndex == 1 )
                          Texture = Texture'BlueMarker_t';
                      else if ( PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.TeamIndex == 2 )
                          Texture = Texture'OLTeamGamesTex.GreenMarker_t';
                      else if ( PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.TeamIndex == 3 )
                          texture = Texture'OLTeamGamesTex.GoldMarker_t';
                          texture = Texture'BlueMarker_t';
              xPawn has this:
                  bDrawCorona = ( !bNoCoronas && !bInvis && (Level.NetMode != NM_DedicatedServer)
              	&& !bPlayedDeath && (Level.GRI != None) && Level.GRI.bAllowPlayerLights
              		&& (PlayerReplicationInfo != None) );
              	if ( bDrawCorona && (PlayerReplicationInfo.Team != None) )
              		if ( PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.TeamIndex == 0 )
              			Texture = Texture'RedMarker_t';
              			Texture = Texture'BlueMarker_t';
              Basically for player highlighting to happen, every single one of those conditions must be met:
              bNoCoronas must be false
              bInvis must be false
              Level.NetMode != NM_DedicatedServer
              bPlayedDeath must be false
              Level.GRI != None
              Level.GRI.bAllowPlayerLights must be true
              PlayerReplicationInfo != None

              (GRI is GameReplicationInfo)

              I made this feature request:
              "Player settings menu could allow "player glow" option in CTF4/TDM4/etc"
              Maybe you could reply to that message so that it receives more attention.

              relevant classes that mention playerlight:

              These ones would be related to the server-side setting:
              GameReplicationInfo (relevant subclass is OLTeamsGameReplicationInfo)
              Deathmatch (relevant subclass is probably is OLTeamGame)

              Playerlight (not sure if that is used in the game since no classes seem to reference that class)
              xPawn (relevant subclass is OLTeamPawn)
              this says "var bool bForceNoPlayerLights; // OBSOLETE"


                No Forced BS, Please

                I'd honestly hate to see this mutator come into wide use. The only reason I can stomach UTComp's brightskins and hitsounds is that I can disable them client-side. That feature spared me much frustration. If server admins start using mutators that don't even allow me the option to play with stock skin settings and no hitsounds... a happy camper I won't be.

                That said, good on you for the development effort... it would be nice to give people the choice, though.


                  Been awhile.. I let this one go cold.

                  yeah man I've been all through there. I just can't find exactly when and where that player light is attached to the player. I've ran out of classes to search or I'm just not seeing it.

                  I havn't had awhole lot of time for this mutator. It's only meant as a work around for not having utcomp in CTF4. But I def hear yea Raptor .. maybe down the road I'll add an ingame GUI for client options. That's just more work then I intend to put into it right now.

                  Anyhow, I got it fixed to always force Brightness/Playerlights in CTF4. well.. it hasn't failed on me yet. This should work in any gametype.

                  Here's what I have atm.. this one has some basic hitsounds. With admins choice of UTComp/Quake style Hitsounds. hehe I had to name it MutXxxXComp for lack of a better name.




                    I like to play on ASC's UT sniper server and they have a server based mod that yields a hitsound in the form of a low THOOMP upon hitting target. I don't have this thud anymore and I want it back. Admin says there must be something wrong on my side. On other servers that apply this mod I can hear the hitsound fine. Any ideas?


                      **** it, somehow the XxxX made me watch this.
                      I'll D/L this tonight and try it out.