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DM-PRESSURE POINT Released! Screenshots...

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    DM-PRESSURE POINT Released! Screenshots...

    Check out my new map, and second for UT2k3 (first being Aquifer). Heres the description:

    Above, a serene forest and wildlife reservation, below, a top secret high security prison keeping its inmates secure by the lava that runs through the area. Blast your way from the stormy outside deep into the lava filled trenches below. This map is bigger than Aquifer with just as much atmosphere and intensity.

    Here are some screenshots:

    I can post more screenshots if you want them. I spent a lot of effort on this map, and it shows, with a strong theme, good flow and intense play... try it out and tell me what you think! Any feedback is appreciated! I think you guys will all have fun...

    Download it here
    Thanks guys!

    Gonna have a look at it, looks great

    Upload it to


      been waiting for this one


        Wow looks sweet I'll try it out


          i'll pick it up once it is off fileplanet - i prefer to not use it when i can.

          the map looks really good. bince work, will tell the gameplay once i get it.


            you can get it from, tho they seem to be having server trouble right now, so i can't give you a direct link


              Good map. Solid construction. Simple looking, but it still looks great (thanks to the good use of shadows and subtle fog indoors) and doesn't snag you everywhere. It has this nice "smooth" feeling to it.

              On to some pointers...

              The layout feels kinda disconnected, and sometimes its hard to find opponents. Its sort of like a bunch of DM maps connected by "CTF like" pathways (or something like that). Its still pretty good tho. :up:

              I couldn't help but feel some shiny surfaces would have been appropriate in a few more places, and maybe some indoor terrain poking through the architecture in spots...

              You should have put a slow animation on the lava too, to help the level of realism.

              Also, and more importantly, there are occlusion problems with the outdoors area. There is a huge dip in fps once the terrain comes in view, and its even worse when you go to the back of the terrain area and look back at the base. You should have put an antiportal on that large hill in the center or something.
              Also, are you sure there are no redundant elements residing outside of the playing area? I get a dip in fps when looking out over the edge of the terrain in a couple of areas too, as if there some thing being rendered behind there.

              If you made those changes, this map would really shine.

              Good work.


                Wow, outstanding map! 9 out of 10. I am not seeing the drop in framerate that Plumb Drumb mentioned when going outdoors. In fact, the framerate throughout the map is excellent (above 60 fps on average!). With regards to the speed of the lava flow, I think it's fine. If you have ever seen lava flow in person, it can really move! Just go to Hawaii when that puppy gets mad... that lava is amazing!

                I also have to disagree with the connectivity of the layout. I think the theme and gameplay of this map are right on the money. But hey, we are all entitled to our own opinions

                Thanks for the great map!


                  Yeah, making the lava not move was actually personal preference, originally I had it moving.. so it was a personal pref...

                  The outdoor dip in FPS aint too bad on the machines i tested, so I didn't bother antiportaling.. actually the way the terrain is designed out doors, antiportalling wont optimize it all that much, so I left it as is.

                  Your point about disconnection is fair.. I suffer a bit too much from room hallway room syndrome unfortunately. :bulb:

                  Thanks for this feedback!
                  Oh, and I have to say this map really shines with the 'Invasion' gametype in the new Epic Bonus Pack.. the map is more like a single player type map, so when you have a team running through the outside down to the depths of the base fighting monsters, its really convincing.. Just MY thoughts hehe


                    hmm, I'll try it with Invasion.


                      Is anyone else interested in the map? Or do I need more screenshots...


                        Seriously, any more feedback?? It sucks when you put a lot of effort into an above average map only to get 3 people telling you they downloaded it and liked it..


                          Originally posted by hellfirexq
                          Seriously, any more feedback?? It sucks when you put a lot of effort into an above average map only to get 3 people telling you they downloaded it and liked it..
                          I do believe I told you more than "i liked it".

                          Give it time, people will try it and hopefully comment.

                          I think the thing you did best was the shadows, and keeping the performance of the inside really high.
                          Well, I already got into all that, so... (im just dissapointed that you decided not to optimize the outside more)




                              Im gonna d/l :up:
                              Screenshots look sweet