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DM-PRESSURE POINT Released! Screenshots...

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    gonna dl it now. But from the screens, the terrain and lighting both look amazing! I also like how varied the environments are.


      Yeah the lightning looks ubercool.
      d/l now:up:




          Great Map!!!

          I liked this map allot.
          There is a good combination of out doors and in doors. The flow of the map is great. When playing with bots the action seemed to center aroung the rocket launcher on the lower level. That's OK though, it worked really well.
          I saw the bots get stuck and die trying to get the maga health. They had some trouble navigating the under water tunnel. Not every time, just some times.
          I think you did a great job choosing textures. I hate it when textures don't support the theme of the map.
          Great job on this one, it will stay on my HD.


            Just played it
            Plays good :up:

            Only thing i thought was bad about it was the lava lets things down a bit. Take a look at Teddies Deck17[fut], the lava bubbling away by the flak and sniper rifle. If you made your lava look realistic like that, it'd be amazing.


              Hmm, I'm seeing the same mistakes from your aquifer over and over again.

              - You have once again mesh overlapping causing Z-fighting. If you don't know what that means well check the pic below.

              - The cave ceiling is too low, imo, you can't do any jumps on the higher platform without bumping that head (some ppl wanna boostdodge you know)

              - The meshes, don't make sense as a whole. You just seem to take the first walkway mesh you come by in the packages and just throw it in the level. If you can't make your own meshes, you can do two things. You plan your level better, and use coherent meshes (mostly one package only) or, you can try reskinning them (that's an option under display of the staticmesh)

              - I find the outside area quite useless (once again imo) you just made a round with some weapons in it that feels more like a dead end, or an appendix of the level. I know you can go in the water through that hole, but that is slow and that brings me to your next issue, that really needs to be looked at.

              - You make thin hallways with one entrance and one exit. The one at the bio rifle is even the worst, you have a lift at the other side, so if you want to drop down, you have to do it really right or the lift just carries you back up, letting you wait or take again the slow route through the water, either way, when you go there, YOU ARE ****ED, dead, chanceless, ...

              I'm not trying to bash you here, but to be honest, you really need to plan your levels more, before you dive into the editor and start slapping together a level, coz really that is how it looks sofar.

              If you want to do deathmatch levels, you really need to start thinking about real flow. Every corridor most have atleast 3 exit points. Make your levels bigger, there is nothing more frustrating than thin corrids and walkways causing the best spammer to win.

              If you don't want to lose time on creating own meshes then just check the mesh packs and see what meshes make sense together, mostly meshes from the same pack will work better as a whole.

              I'd suggest reading the link Gui (the guy from dm-hardcore) once posted on UP forums. It is about quake maps yes but most of the gameplay and flow rules apply here too, so read it, and live by it.

              I'd love to see more work from you if it is going in the right direction. More planning, more flow, more coherency, which makes more polish.

              Good luck.


                Alright, I downloaded this map and gave it a whirl... I wasn't too sure if I would, since I'm not normally into getting a map where the mapper himself pretty much says it's a leet map, one of the best out there... My experience is when you create something, you lose proper perspective on it.

                That aside, I'm glad I downloaded the map. I get rock solid FPS on it (inside and outside with no drop between the two), and regardless of what some people think (since this one is totally subjective), I loved the gameflow of the level. Very nice. And I like the idea of making the Flak and Amp in "danger zones". Nice touch, and something we don't see enough of in maps these days.

                Great use of fog, it really compliments the map and adds a touch of atmosphere. Other then the mesh overlapping problem that was mentioned, everything else looked pretty good. I loved the use of the water tunnel (that reminded me of a few maps in UT I used to play... Once again, these little touches that I haven't seen in too many UT2K3 maps, that made UT maps great... Good choice of music for the board too. That track that you chose from the UT2K3 library suits it.

                This should be interesting on Invasion. Anyway, cheers, :up: you did a great job and I'll forgive ya for the ego, cus you did a great job. This map's a keeper.

                Lio Convoy


                  GIden Joe, thanks for the comments.. I actually did plan this one out from start to finish, but if it doesnt show, well then I must have screwed up big time .. The outside area was part of my theme and design, so I wasn't going to take it out... I actually think it works really well, and seperates it from the rest of those maps that all resemble Quake 1 factories. I don't think the static meshes were used as poorly as you say, but thats my opinion... You do get a much more coherent theme with sticking to just one mesh package, but then your map looks like the map that originally used those meshes.. I find the whole static mesh thing to really limit a map maker (if they can't make them yet like me), so to have some degree of freedom I use different mesh packages the best I can. I agree though, I have to work at making some tighter plans with less 'room corridor room' design.

                  Lio Convoy, I never once said anything along the lines of 'best map out there'. I said something like you guys would have fun playing it.. so I don't know where my 'ego' has come from, but I'm sorry you got that vibe.. I did say I think my map is above the average, cause there is a lot of better stuff out there (just a lot worse aswell unfortunately). Thanks for the post.


                    If you are feeling, you have much inspiration and creativity but you feel blocked by the limited number of static meshes, then you should really get to learn a 3d model package.

                    It must hurt that everytime you just don't find what you want in the mesh browser and you have to start making compromises.

                    If you get to learn a model package, you can start making things at your own request, you can make your level around your meshes, instead of your level and then add some meshes in it.

                    If you are looking for good tuts: (sign up for free) and when activated and logged in, go to the downloads section. Video tutorials galore. Pick 3dmax or maya, and start watching the vids, by the time you've done with them you will have a basic understanding meshmaking. On the same page, on the very bottom, you have 2 ut2003 level design issue's (for you I'd recommend the second one, because the first one you already know )

                    The only things you need to cover in max are, primitives, modifiers, editable poly, uvw mapping, and perhaps some lightbaking but I doubt you'll need that


                      From what i can tell form the screens, this map looks good & you can tell a lot of effort has gone into it.

                      The map looks really big as well, is this right?

                      Anyway i'ii be downloading and i'ii give you more feedback then, as for the screens the map looks **** good!



                        Nice map, I really like the lightning in the inside areas wich all in all are nice with good layout. I don't like the biogun area though. Like already said it's kinda cut off from the rest of the map and the tube just isn't enough to make up for that since you can't get through fast and it's a risk going down there. Another thing about that room that bugs me is that it's kinda small and too tight imo.
                        Another thing is the outside area. It also needs better connectivity with the rest of the map and I found the looks of it not really fitting with the rest of the map. It was too dark imo.
                        When I moved from the inside area to the entrance of the outside area I noticed that the colour of the outside switched (dunno why). I liked the colour that the outside area had during the switching much more, it was more autumn like. Hehe I know this sounds vague but maby this screen helps you out.


                          GIdenJoe, thanks, I'll look into that.

                          Helios, yeah, that 'autumn' look is due to a fog transition, your moving from the inside which had orangy type fog to the outside that has grey type fog... if you do it really quickly , you can notice the colour transition for a split second..


                            Awesome map man, I'm wondering tho, how did you get you lights to do shadows like that?


                              Um, which lights? If you refering to the ones in the 3rd screenshot in the very first post in this thread... the shadows are like that because I set the textures lightmap to be very sharp (2.0), and had those lights as the only light sources in the area making the shadows look really sharp.


                                Know any tutorials showing how to do that. It's looks alot better that way.