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CTF-Anthem2004 Beta 1 [DL] [PICS]

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    CTF-Anthem2004 Beta 1 [DL] [PICS]

    Name: Anthem 2004
    Version: 1.0 BETA
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: A UT2004 conversion of my semi-popular CTF map, CTF-Anthem. This is the map's third incarnation. In this installment, the updates are strictly graphical, with a much better oasis-style look for the courtyard and some cliffs around the top. The map's gameplay is always fast and furious with the best weapons easily available and (from my personal experiences) promotes and often requires heavy teamwork. Great fun for 4-8 players.
    Comments: The skybox is stretched, surely a stoopid problem that's easy to fix. However, when I made a new box, it still wasn't fixed.:bulb: I'm gonna' find out how to do this before the final version is released.
    Main Courtyard 1
    Main Courtyard 2
    Blue Base

    Credits: Jonathan "Knives" Dantzler

    I am open to comments and suggestions, but I don't want anything that will alter gameplay TOO drastically, as I have gotten it about exactly where I want it to be. Don't worry though, I won't be a jerk about it Soon I should be posting some shots of my latest DM project, DM-Algid.


    looking pretty cool, downloading

    [edit] alrighty well i had a look. the map has a good layout, but something bugged me alot. the terrain texture, well just the grass texture. it was way too streched out. i would retexture that part of the grass. also, some of the terrain needs smoothing. like at the sheild/double damage pickup, the sides that are hills, you cant walk up that. i noticed that theres redeemers and ion painters on top of the statues in the middle quad area, and i had no idea to get up there. well thats unless you use the translocator, but i steer clear of the TL while playing. i really liked the reflections off the water, it looks cool. your skybox is alittle empty, i would put some planets, or stars, or moons, or something in there to make it so its just not a dark blue color. the fire inside of the bases should have a lava volume around it so if you jump in the brazier, you die from the fire. but other than all that stuff, its a pretty fun map, the bots were alright, but got confussed of what way to go when they grabbed my flag.


      Thanks man. I'll try to implement those changes for the final release.

      Any more suggestions from anyone?


        Bump. I would really like some more opinions on this map.


          It looks kind of plain overall (judging from the screenshots). I would add more decorations to the walls.