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Recruiting Modellers and Animators for Total Modification - Reavolk.

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    Recruiting Modellers and Animators for Total Modification - Reavolk.

    Greatings all,

    We're currently working on a full modification called Reavolk. The mod will be taken place in the medieval ages and will have the same gameplay as Rune. The big difference between Rune and the mod is that Reavolk will have huge landscapes , multiple sub quest and has 4 sort of character classes the player can choose. Each will have it's own skills and Weapons.

    As the topicname already shows we're are currently looking for tallented Modellers and Animators. We're currently working hard on the mod with tallented people that have a strong will to make the modification being one of the best available.
    We just started and we're makeing big progress already.

    The Team :

    So far our team contains :

    - 2 Project Leaders
    - 3 Mappers
    - 1 High Poly modeller
    - 1 Voice Actor
    - 1 Unrealscripter

    So we're at least looking for 2 to 3 modellers/animators to join the crew.

    What can we offer you ?

    We will give you the staticfaction to work in a team that is spending almost all there free time on the mod. we won't be able to pay you as we're are almost all students.

    What do we expect from you ?

    We're looking for members who are very loyal to the modifcation. Also you must have experience with moddeling programs like 3dsmax or Maya.

    Hope that I've informed you enough and that you are interested to join the team. Please reply to this post or join us on #reavolk on

    Project Leader and mapper.

    sounds a bit like what they are doing with the Wanderlust MMORPG but that might jsut be me.


      well there is one difference, reavolk is not a multiplayer mod.

      Everyone is invited to our chatroom to ask for more information about the mod, the chatroom is [] - [#reavolk].

      Ambition is the start of every project ;D


        um, I noticed that you don't have any skinners there

        I might be able to help


          sure we need a skinner aswell

          if possible join mIRC chat, server is quakenet, channel is #reavolk. Otherwise msg me on =)


            Nobody in this forum is interested to model or animate for our mod?
            Since I post this we already have 2 new members in our team but we're still looking for people who can forfill these functions.


              Don't You need another coder?
              I'm in UScript for few months and I'm looking for some work to practice my skills. I can do almost everything plus I'm fast learning.

              I worked for TC medieval mod, but team wasn't cooperating, so I quit. Now I have very good knowlage of making melee weapons (ranged too), combo system and other modifications that are handy for medieval mod.

              Your mod idea sounds good - I like Rune very much.

              I think that 1 coder is not enough for TC, second could speed up development process. Anyway, I won't break anything...

              So do You need coder?


                yeah sure msg me on and or ( preferably ) join our irc chatroom; #reavolk on ;D