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DM-1on1-Derelict [Beta 1] [Pics] [Update-3]

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    Map Status

    Ok, I think I better clear some things up:

    ** This map is nowhere NEAR finished.

    ** There are NO static meshes... yet.

    ** Lighting as not even been started.

    ** Trim work will be completed.

    Purpose of level: Purely for gameplay and flow suggestions.

    As soon as I have meshes and lighting done a new improved beta will be released.

    I hope that helps clarify some of the questions brought up

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    i'ii download and test mate later.

    from the screens your lighting need ssome work, get rid of the white lighting and use a sorta light browny colour like in DM-Rankin or DM-1on1-Alpu3.

    Add trim around edges, like door frames because it looks like cut out bsp.

    Get some meshs in there and give the place something to look at other than textures, also remember light meshs the light needs some where to come from .

    For your 1st map matey its looking alright, get some different colours in there and some meshs and it will be nice:up: . Maybe some missing tiles, bricks etc would look the part as well, experiment with that.

    if you need any help give me a bell on MSN.

    hope that helps mate


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  • started a topic DM-1on1-Derelict [Beta 1] [Pics] [Update-3]

    DM-1on1-Derelict [Beta 1] [Pics] [Update-3]

    EDIT: Beta 1 has been released folks! Any and all comments much appreciated still!!

    Name: DM-1on1-Derelict
    Version: Beta 1 (release 3)
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: A small fast one on one map with z-axis fun. Based on Q3 CPMA map "pull your socks up"
    Comments: Fully supported bots. Lift jumping. Lighting and mesh work started. I would really appreciate as much feedback as possible. Even if you think the map stinks

    Credits: The original creator of the map for giving me the inspiration for the re-make
    Download: Beta 1(Release 3)