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    *EDIT AUG 19, 2004

    CTF-LF-DiamondSword[v1].zip: [list=1][*]Rebuilt and brightened for 2k4[*]Boots of Jumping FallHeight adjusted. No damage now when jumping from the roof to the gantry floor[*]Terrain added in some places[/list=1]

    DiamondSword, originally created by Colin 'ArKile' + Daniel 'INFERNO' Winter, is my all time favorite map from the UT G.O.T.Y Edition (A.K.A. UT99). At work, about 8-10 of us play it every day. It's the best CTF ever made--with Hall O' Giants running a close second.

    Download Here:

    The guys and I had to have a UT2003 version. So, I copied the original geometry from the old UT editor and pasted it into UED3, scaled it up 30% , permanently transformed the geometry, re-lit the map, and retextured it with an Egyptian motiff.

    Yes! Those are BOOTS!!! JumpBoots are added as well.

    I have since received permission from Arkile to recreate his famous map with the title DiamondSword2k3.

    Thoughts, Opinions, Consternations? Post your thoughts here

    hmm.. did you get permission from the creator of diamond sword?

    last i heard, he was workign on a new version of Diamond sword for ut2k3... :bulb:


      mmmmm.... faux pas?

      You're right. I should have asked. I'll go and do that.

      At work, we like the map so much that we wanted one for ourselves. So, I thought, "hec! I just post it hear too." Maybe someone would like it.

      I don't have UT G.O.T.Y hear presently. I have forgotten his name. Do you have a link to his site?

      I have since received permission from Arkile to recreate his famous map with the title DiamondSword2k3.


        Preview screenies anywhere?

        On the permission issue: I think it´s OK to rebuild other peoples maps as long as you build the map from scratch (not converting existing geometry) and credit the original author in the readme.

        EDIT: just read that you used the original geometry... well, I´m looking forward to a version that makes good use of the new UT2k3 features.


          OMG, look at those Hall of Giants remake below .

          Getting it :up:.


            Dsword looks better than the screenies of Hall O' Giants on my Web page. Download Dsword and give it a whirl.

            By 3PM EST, I'll have screenies up. Come back here or to my webpage to have a look-see.


            Thanks for your feedback Tetz!


              Good luck optimizing HallOfGiants. It's not fun.


                I can´t load the map because it requires "Boots of Jumping" files... if you added some extra stuff you have to include it into the download.



                  Make sure you read its "README.txt"


                    Re: DIAMONDSWORD_UT2K3

                    Originally posted by LOVE-FEST
                    At work, about 8-10 of us play it every day.
                    ****...Where do you work? Are you hiring?


                      We typically played at lunch and close of business day (COB).

                      Engineering team vs. the WebDevelopment Team.

                      Our work machines couldn't handle everything 2003 offers. So, we wanted to keep it simple--only the original geometry. It's an exact duplicate, scaled up 30%, with hi-rez egyptian textures.

                      NOTE ABOUT THE MAP:

                      I've played them all.

                      Originally created by Colin 'ArKile' + Daniel 'INFERNO' Winter, Diamond Sword adds the "Z" action that Face and Facing Worlds didn't have.

                      You really can't appreciate the map unless you have your teammates in the same room with you (or at least have some means to communicate). Communication is key to get the most of this incredible map.

                      Piston camping at the teleporters is particularly hillarious. There is so much to do in this map to be strategic.


                        Take a look here, when you discuss diamond.

                        Take a look here


                          I checked your map out, not bad! I found the scaling alright and the gameplay is just like in the UT version.

                          Concerning the look, I would recommend to avoid typical egyptian motifs, like columns or those canopys, they look out of place. The original Diamond Sword kinda looked like a mix of aztec architecture and a tech satellit, and that look is quite unique I would try recreating something like this. So, the base texturing is OK (though I would chose darker grey textures as a main theme), but take out the obvious egyptian static meshes and maybe use some techy ons instead, for example those pylons (like in CTF-Maul for the top of the building.

                          One thing I always missed in this map is place for the flag defenders. The flag room is quite cramped, one leveled, and you always have either the void or a teleporter in your back. But since your goal was to recreate the original map, I guess you on´t want to make alterations like that.

                          Originally posted by LOVE-FEST
                          DiamondSword proved the best map ever made for CTF Team Coordinated game play. Amazing "Z" action. Fast and smooth, with lots of outlets.
                          I can´t agree there, I prefer more complex layouts, with different routes to chose from and better connectivity and more multilevel design throughout the whole map. Maps where you can develop a lot of different strategies and positions etc.
                          Though I have to agree, Diamond Sword is probably the best Facing World type map, for players who prefer straight, simple layouts and sniper action it´s sure a good map.


                            there is a CTF-DiamondSword out already.

                            its pretty damm solid too.jus lacks alot of stuff like health packs,redeemer shields ect.

                            ill post a link later to show u where to get it.

                            edit: jus played your map its quite nice...few things that i think should be adjusted...

                            the sniper should make the window like a cm bigger so that you can barely jump out of it.....would create another escape route for the Flag carrier.

                            the rocket launcher room...the windows on each end if you jump out of them you kill the original Diamond sword there was like satelite wings that you could land on and get to the bottom level easy.

                            also i get very bad FPS when i jump down to the 100 shield that whole little bridge i get like 10 fps....

                            other then that everything else is GOOD!


                              What's your card? I have an ATI AIW 8500. I don't get that.

                              I'll put the satalite wings back. I used the ones from Phobos2. Look cool but a friend complained. So, I'll just go back to the originals .

                              In the original map, you couldn't jump out of the sniper room, you had to translocate out. Creative game play followed, I assure you, when you were holding the flag in that room! hee hee