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    Originally posted by LOVE-FEST

    Yeah I agree.

    I'm getting kind of tired of "ramp maps". Give me a map on CliffyB with coordinated team game play like Dsword allows. To get ownage, I think I would need to add more UT2k3 features, like rounded sand dunes (ie. Terrain).

    Do you think your graphics card would handle that?
    On the graphics card front, I got an upgrade . I now have a GeForce4 Ti4800-SE (as of last week ), but my frames haven't improved dramatically because RAM is the chokepoint now. But I'm still hyped about the new card

    One thing about the map, is bots when they get the flag always seem to go up to the roof. 8 times out of 10 at least. I think it would be better if it was less predictable, so some of the time they run around the back and sides, and more often than now they leave the bog-standard front way.


      a 4800 SE is nothing more than a 4200 with agp 8x so don't expect too much improvement.


        Yeah, but it's replacing a GF2 MX400


          Originally posted by LOVE-FEST
          UT2k3 is a slower game so I added a little more to it.
          Slower game??? In my experience it is faster. Run speeds are faster, feel is faster, weapon firing is faster...

          Regardless of that...

          I like the blue tube teleporters, though it might make sense to make red ones for the red base. Might need to make a red skin or something, I dunno.

          I think the level is turning out great, but I think if you really want to push for ownage, you need to enhance the visuals even more, and give it the static mesh treatment.

          I don't know that there's room for whole sand dunes and terrain, but some small static meshes to create sand that is blown by the wind and piled up in corners, or in patches on the ground and hallways would be cool.

          You could replace the columns and obelisks with static meshes that have chips and cracks as well as hieroglyphics carved into em. Could make doorjams and some walls with carvings, etc.

          You'd want a custom mesh for the solar panels with more detail and some nice env-mapped materials for the glass and stuff.

          Of course, for all that you'd need some modelers and skinners (if you aren't one yourself).

          Now- understand, this isn't criticism! I am just suggesting things if your goal is to get recognition and 'ownage'. I think the map is great as-is and will have good framerates and gameplay. But it seems like the only maps that get big kudos have static meshes for every surface, and there is a big aversion to bsp geometry.

          Anywho, the map is one of my all time favs, it's looking and running great. Fix those things you mentioned, and I for one will be entirely satisfied...

          Taking requests for your next conversion project?


            I never thought about ownage until a couple of days ago, although on any project I strive for that level. But many people have given extremely positive feedback about this version.

            I think Dsword should be ownage for its own sake: Because it's Dsword.

            It's one of those rare maps where all the best elements of the Face genre came together, with the added Z action of the Catwalk and Gantry.

            I would love to add the sand dunes as you described... I think about it quite a lot.

            Taking requests for your next conversion project?
            Sure. What would you like? But I only have about 30 mins to hour a week to work on my maps. Not much time for a quick turn around.


              What request would I have? Easy... classic LavaGiant. I like DE's LavaGiant2, but I itch for some classic LavaGiant action. I haven't seen a conversion of it yet.

              I have been thinking for a while that it would be great to put together a classic maps pack, or maybe several packs. Would need several mappers and / or would need to find and select the best conversions of classic maps and put them together into packs.

              What I'd really like is to make two packs:

              1) A pack with high quality conversions of the official UT CTF maps (command, niven, face, coret, lava giant, dreary, november, etc...), and maybe the maps which came with the bonus packs (hall of giants, face II, etc)

              2) A pack with conversions of the best and most popular user made CTF maps for UT (Like the Diamond series, ...too many to name really, would be hard to choose)

              I really don't care for most of the conversions where the mapper has taken significant license in modifying the geometry, or where the geometry is quite different and only 'inspired by' the original. I think your DSword method is perfect... all the exact original geometry, scaled up approriately, retextured, and then the whole thing spiced up with emitters, sounds, decorations, effects, new lighting, new improved pathing, and maybe some custom meshes.

              OR, the other option is where there is a new version with all new geometry which is extremely high quality and which follows the original map's layout and gameplay very closely, like Fordy's new EternalCaves map which is looking fantastic.


              I have done some UT mapping, but haven't really done much for 2K3 yet, and I am only just starting to learn modeling. I'd be willing to give a try at converting though. I'd really like to see LavaGiant (original geometry, maybe with a little tweaking), accurate versions of Coret and Dreary, a version of November that matches the original layout (not the CE or SE versions).

              Interested in a project like this? Your DSword and Hall of Giants maps look like they'd be perfect for this, we'd just need to each start on another conversion, and recruit other mappers who want to get this done.


                Face][ is covered



                  Another problem tho is with remakes you pull the attention away from the more original and potentially great maps. New artists getting down because they don't get enough attention and the remaking mediocre mapping being praised as gods... I'm not bashing anyone here but just take a look at this forum.


                    True, I mean I love the newest maps, my favourites currently being CamperCrossings and BlueFjord. Remakes will be present in every game, its just finding a good balance and I think we have a good one now. I'm working on 2 other maps as well as Face][ as I know that remakes are slightly frowned upon.


                      Ok tell me if you think it's ready for final release.

                      Download from here:

                      I got the assault paths finished and sniper zones set up, and more jump spots for bots arranged.

                      I also added some more details to the damage amplifier/flag room, using light maps.


                        lol nope not yet, first thing i noticed was the flags, that are on the faces of both bases, they "blow" in oposite directions, uh since these are epic static meshes i dont know if you can do anything about that but its just something i noticed, also as far as bot pathing, i noticed bots dont jump to the antennae correctly. outside, you know those overhead things? bsp. the bots wont go up there if the flag is dropped there lol, i saw it happen it was so messed up, some dumb bot died up there and the other bots just couldnt reach it. well um, thats pretty much it. oh and also the bots dont go for any power ups??? :bulb: seriously, why? i was playing godlike and i easily beat them. 3 to 2 but still i havnt even played in two weeks and i beat em easy. eh bots i dont care for em, but just fyi. onine fuggin rules WOOT! other than that this maps ready for finalization me thinks.


                          DOWNLOAD BETA 10

                          the bots wont go up there if the flag is dropped there...and the other bots just couldnt reach it.
                          I don't know exactly where you're talking about on the map, but that may be more of an AI thing. I have bot paths everywhere with jump spot for them to get for any place on the map.

                          onine fuggin rules WOOT!

                          other than that this maps ready for finalization me thinks.

                          I'll take a look at the flag direction again.


                          The flag direction is fine; it's a mirrored map. I think the direction of the flag should be flipped.

                          i noticed bots dont jump to the antennae correctly. outside, you know those overhead things? bsp. the bots wont go up there if the flag is dropped there lol, i saw it happen it was so messed up, some dumb bot died
                          They should now. I just fixed the pathnodes. They got all jacked up. But now they're fixed.

                          Also added some wind effects on the top of the towers.

                          DOWNLOAD BETA 10


                            no no, the not the flags you grab and run with, the flags that are being "blown" with wind the team banners,, eh its no big deal and i dont think very many people would notice as they're too busy doin **** with their rocket launchers and lightning guns ofc..



                              Haven't tried B10 yet, but will do tomorrow.


                                Just curious, did you add Rob Zombie's "Never Gonna Stop Me" as an ambient sound to the map?

                                If not, someone added it for you, and quite loud too
                                found it on Damage Inc. server
                                Admin email (I think I got it right)

                                I have music turned off so I can hear if someone's coming... kinda hard when music is being forcibly piped into my head
                                Assuming it was edited to add the song, I doubt it was the only one. CTF-Bridge has Eminem's "Without Me" in it, I don't remember it always being there