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    I canĀ“t agree there, I prefer more complex layouts, with different routes to chose from
    You have to play it while talking to your team mates. Get RogerWilco to talk to your friends during games.

    The ridges on the pyramids provided great hiding places for flag carriers (more z action) and jump boots made it safe to jump from the top of the pyramid to the bottom gantry. Loved that part.

    I don't have a lot of time to perfect maps. Too many other "voices" call me. But suffice it to say, that I'm not a great egyptian fan, but it worked better than an of the other texture sets that came with ut2k3, with out adding heavy metalic static meshes to create a techno metal/aztec arena.

    I just had to go with the egyptian. Other people liked the canopies. I however, liked the originals. you could hide behind them and avoid enemy fire.

    got to go. ciao.


      I love the map although it had a few bugs and it didnt have those satelite wings. The skybox didn't work with net play and the area where the amp is you can jump through it instead of being able to stay up there with the flag. It also had some screwed up spawns in the other teams base. Fix those bugs and add some type of wings in the middle and I think it will be an awesome remake.


        Good Feedback.

        I've re-added the wings, fixed the spawns, and properly blocked the amp-up loft area.

        Also, turn up world detail. I've used the Phobos2 skybox. With it, you have rotating worlds, saturn rings, and metorite fields. The redeemer tubes are animated rings. But you need to turn up world detail and or texture detail turn up high. The tubes will look black if you don't.

        I'll post the latest version later this after noon


          personally diamondsword was my favoritest map for old ut as well, but i find the egyptian textures do not fit my fav map! my personal thought,, ciao


            I agree... I'm not big on the egyptian motiff, but it fit with the archetecture. I tried the other "space" textures of both phobos and chrome, but no joy. I didn't like what I was getting while still staying true to the original geometr, with NO STATIC MESHES ADDED.



              New Version Release updated:

              Download Here:

              IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you install "BootsOfJumping" on your system. The map won't run without the pack installed.

              New ScreenShot:


                I'll check it out. The more I see the pics the more intriged I get.


                  Ok. A few things you might want to cosider changing.

                  Lighting: Alot of your lighting seemed to have no source from which it is being emited, so you might want to add some lights, and tourches in a few spots. I have ideas for two of the spots. Where the RL is place a panel light right above it, and on the lower path add tortches in the middle, or on each of the pillers.

                  Some other things that I think would be nice to change are... Make the wall that separates the amp from the flag see through. Insted of having two rows of adenilin pills below, only put one line of then running down the center path on each end. And replace the bubble telleporters with those sparkling light emiter type telleporters form the original DiamondSword.


                    I agree about some of the light sources. I'll add some.

                    The buble teleporters are preferred by some of those I work with. They are also better for "Piston Camping", like we used to do in the original.

                    Have you ever Piston Camped? It's a very good defensive ploy, as well as a psychological deterrent on your opponant.

                    I'm trying to find the right Lattice/grate for the Amp area. I didn't want to use the fence texture, and I didn't want to use just plain old glass. The original allowed you to look through it but it was difficult to discern if an opponant was up there with the flag. You had to look carefully. I want to re-create that with a good texture.

                    How does the scale and the boots feel?


                      I didn't have any problem with the scale, except for the wings, they seemed to small. as for the boots, they were good, but would be better with the updated version of them. But I'm not sure if thats ur map or my files there.


                        I got those boots a month or two ago...

                        Is there a newer MOD/Version of the Boots?

                        FunGame Play!

                        Another Shot:


                          Yep I saw them in a map once. If I find a link I'll post it for you.

                          Edit: You can find everything you need here. --> Boots of Jumping


                            Great map man!

                            this map is gonna be fun to play on!

                            the spawn points are messed up (in beta 1 version)

                            and there is this thing by the blue base i think its jus a platfor with a hole in it....dont know if it was supposed to be there or what....ill try to get a few pictures up to show u.


                              scale is completely off

                              bot pathing sux0rs

                              wait for the original mappers to release their verson. dont waste your time on this cut and paste job


                                Great map man!
                                Thanks. I really appreciate it. I just got an email from the original creator of Diamond Sword, Arkile. He saw the pics and said the map looks great.

                                That makes me feel really good.

                                In the Beta2 vesion release, I've fixed the spawn problems, replaced some textures, and added the wings back.

                                I just got a reply from Miles Asvachin, creator of the BootsOfJumping MOD.

                                He's updated his site with some great tips on how to get your boots embedded into the map--without having users to download them.

                                The boots will be embedded into "MyLevel" in the next iteration.

                                I'm awaiting new from Arkile for a final endorsement before I release a final version for admins to upload on their servers for mass distribution.

                                I've also asked Arkile what he would like me to name this version of the map, since he alone has the perogative to chose the name of the official DiamondSword for 2003.