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DM-Konstrukt [D/L] [PICS]

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    DM-Konstrukt [D/L] [PICS]

    Name: DM-Konstrukt
    Version: first public pic release
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description:A underground research facility located deep within a gas giant.
    Comments:My first level ever, (from scratch). The setting is some underground facility. I'm adding some theming later.

    Credits: 73h1337n00b, syntaxers

    My first public map! Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    [edit] removed questions for uploading map[/edit]

    Re: DM-Konstrukt [D/L (up for now!)] [PICS]

    Originally posted by 73h1337n00b

    My first public map! Any comments or suggestions based on the screens will be appreciated. (anybody know where to host beta maps?)



      hmm. n00b question

      I registered on unrealplayground, and then when I try to submit a map, it goes to the login screen, I login and then it goes to my control panel. It's late here, so I'm tired and can't find the upload section. Could somebody please point me to it?



        It's under "Map Resources" on the left hand panel on the main page.



          Got it working! Thank you very much.


            also and - haven't tried the map but looking at the screenies it looks pretty good for a first map...definately better than my first


              there is basically no custom content in the map, therefore the size is small, 1.7 mb. Just a bunch of smeshes in a basic BSP space with some fun lighting. Took a long time though, 30+ hours, it has been through multiple revisions. You can see the process at my website. (under more pics) It started out as a 1-on-1 map and got too big.

              Here is the plan of what's gonna happen to my map:

              The jumppad/gravity lifts are a bit buggy though. I tried making a jumppad within a velocity volume with a terminal speed. So it would limit the speed of the jump and slowly move the player up, but it gets buggy and weird.

              The bots need some better pathing in the central spiral catwalk section. They just walk around and don't jump from platform to platform, I'll need to fool around with jumpspots for that.

              I'm also planning on making the central part out of some custom meshes of mine, replacing the catwalks with glass and some steel supports, so you can see through them more. (and make it more fair for people below to see who is on top.

              Also, I'm not sure about this, but it's hard to go between the levels, you either need to go find a lift somewhere or walk around (from the spiral catwalks to the shock-rifle area.) I might make another area above the bio-rifle area that connects with the spiral area so people can move around more easily. (making it more fast paced)

              The walls in the shock-rifle area also are a bit dull. I'm planning on making mine-shafts or windows or something. Also, maybe a bridge over some lava. (maybe in a CTF version) since it's located underground.