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ONS-CosimiaSE(ver. 2.0)

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    ONS-CosimiaSE(ver. 2.0)

    Name: ONS-CosimiaSE

    Version: 2.0

    Content: UT2004

    Description: Changes in vers.2.0: - Power Nodes are Hide
    - New Spawn Points
    - Skybox Lightning and Fogring
    - Some new Static Meshes
    - Gameplay
    That`s relativ big Level with rocky Terrain and some great Static Meshes around.Gameplay ist medium up to difficult.

    Comments:I am a new Member and just want to hear YOUR Opinion and Comments

    Screenshots Links avaible:

    Download Links:
    ONS-CosimiaSE_German Link
    ONS-CosimiaSE_ MapRaider Link


    Pretty cool looking! The only things I see from the screenies:
    1.) Your water is using an old Unreal texture. Making a custom one or maybe use lava instead would look neater.

    2.) Your background terrain seems too...orderly. The peaks are all in a line as if the terrain was built by someone. With some depth they could be more convincing. Of course, you might have been going for this.

    Really cool static meshes and stuff. I like the bowls hanging by the chains and stuff.


      looks great...the only thing I can tell from the pics is that it may look a little too dark for screenshots...what I mean by that is in the game it's fine but when viewing a screenshot on a white background it tends to make the screenshot look too dark...imo if you could brighten them by a smidge it'd look better for a screenshot


        I really like the look of this map. You know you should submit to I mean I could mirror it for you, but I would hate to take away the fun of submitting it yourself. Either way there's a nice girl over there that runs that UT2004 section and I think the community there would appreciate it just as much as I do. Great work. I didn't have an lighting issues but everyones settings are different, plus I play in the darkest of dark dark rooms. Anyway again this one seems special to me.


          I did it......and have Problems with Screenshotsupload


            ahh it's easy once you get used to it although the instructions are a bit difficult I would say... but I am sure the person running that section will screenshot the map. Just email her or I can.


              Very nice ... there are many improvements to this version ... the look felt more correct and the gameplay was more balanced. Also the bots seemed better. Maybe a little more could be done with the skybox but really I don't have any issues with this map. Good job ... what can we expect your improvements to be ... more lava .. bubbling perhaps ... some more structures or wrecked vehicles for added eye candy? Anyway I look forward the next version. Peace. :up: :up: