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    Name: CTF-LunarArena
    Version: Beta but pretty well tested already
    Compatibility: 2k4 only
    Description: Quake style space platform
    Comments: Originally made for the excessive mod in mind but finished to work fine with regular 2k4.
    Credits: Techbota

    this is a cool map, but it needs a bit more eye candy imo
    has it got any portals?
    and could i convert this to vCTF (with full credit ofcourse)?

    nice map!


      If you want to do anything with it just read the readme that came with it. I have no problem with that I just would like a couple things put in the new readme that you would supply with it. I pu that in the readme with map.

      Did you actually play it or just commenting from the screenshot?


        i did play it. i dont judge from screens. if i do i say something like "wow that screen looks awesome!!! DLing!"

        it just looks a bit empty, thats all. i really like it and i think it would w0rk well w/ vctf.
        if ya like you can also make a vCTF version urself. if ya dont wanna i can.


          I have never actually played a vehicle CTF so I probably wouldnt do it like others would want it. Feel free to manipulate it as wanted just read the readme included and it will tell you what I ask put in YOUR readme. Basically just giving credits to the original to me and a link to the original and my site and email.

          I wasnt trying to sound rude when I asked if you played it or not. Because from the screenie it looks like there is absolutly no meshes in it. when in fact there in all the hall areas and a few outside.

          I really only play Excessive UT/2k3/and 2k4.
          If you never played it you really use your weapons for getting around and alot of objects just get in the way.

          Here is a quick link from my site to get the mod if you want to try it.

          Configure your filter to find internet play. You will find players on at night on DM,CTF and ONS. Its very popular in ut and 2k3 and starting to get more folks in 2k4.

          It plays fine with instant action as well.

          I stuck mostly with columns and such in the closed area but in the open areas I wanted to leave it as little cluttered as possible so the players dont get hung up when hoping along with a shock rifle.

          I really would like to get feedback on gameplay and if any bugs found.

          Its odd that with well over a 100 views your the only one kind enough to review it. I appreciate it.


            i know eccessive and i like it quite much. i prefer normal UT to it though.
            mayB il come on 1 of the servers someday

            ur ingame name is "TECHBOTA"? just askin...


              Yep its techbota add me to your buddie list.

              I also play some of the chaos mod as well. I just DL it last week and its REALLY well done!


                Just bumping this to see if anyone else DL'ed it and their opinions.