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Reign Of Militias - A Cyberpunk RPG recruiting!

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    Reign Of Militias - A Cyberpunk RPG recruiting!

    "One of the few RPG cyberpunk mods out there! Reign of Militias!

    Let me give you all a basic description, the mod (for UT2004) is based around RPG elements such as grouping with other players and forming your own team, skill gain, credit system (currency), purchasing new weapons, purchasing Augmentations that can be installed on you to make you have an edge over other runners, and weaponry parts that can be bought and installed to change the way your weapon works.

    The locations in the game will include many areas, most of which will be worn cities, desert towns, neotokyo, etc...

    The story line is based off the Deus Ex story line in many ways. When you form a Militia (group) with other players and begin expanding yourselves you can choose to pick affiliation with factions such as NSF Terrorists, Majestic 12, UNATCO. Being affiliated with different factions will give you different benefits, such as lowered prices and so on. For those players who are NOT in a militia and are freelancing will be randomly selected to join alliance with an AI Program, either Helios, Daedalus, Ikarus... Being aligned with an AI Program wields undesirable power.

    This is a summary of what we will hope to accomplish in [NSF]: Reign of Militias.

    Players joining the server will be able to choose to recruit their own militia, be recruited by an existing militia, or just play solo. Recruiting is done by a small GUI Menu with two lists, one of the lists has players that are solo and avaible to join a militia, the other list shows players that are currently in your militia. An "Invite" button will allow you to invite a solo player to join your militia, a "kick" button will allow you to boot a member from your militia, one more button accompanies the others below the lists, "disband" will allow you to leave the militia you joined. A text box on this menu will allow you to change your militia's alias. A member of your militia will not be able to change the militia's alias.

    While in a militia, each comrad will have GUI over their heads. Players will also receive an additional +5 credits to their 5 credits gained per second while alive. The comrads in your militia will not be affected by damage from other comrads, unless the server has set it. Combat between militias can be rewarding, there are different points that can be earned. "Kill Points" are points earned for killing anyone (solos, and enemies), 200 credits will be earned per "Kill Point". "Assassination Points" are given when a player of a militia kills another militia's leader, 400 credits will be earned per "Assassination Points". "Bloodshed Points" are given to every comrad in the militia when a leader of a militia assassinates another militia leader, 400 credits will be earned per "Bloodshed Point". "Bombing Points" are given to every comrad on the militia, for these to be awarded, one must plant a bomb and blow up specified targets on the map, 1000 credits are awarded for "Bombing Points". "Capture Points" If your militia is on a holding spot (a defence area on the map that can be guarded) each comrad will gain an additional +5 credits to there 10 credits gained from being alive and on a militia; only militias can earn "Capture Points".

    Weaponry will be supplied at a "Weapon Store" and occasionaly one will find small arms laying around the map randomly. When approaching the door of the Weapon Store, a message will appear telling you "<NAME OF MAP> Armory". In the Weapon Store Zone, no killing or credits per second will take place here. A "Purchase Menu" will appear that will allow you to buy ammo, weapons, and armour. Credits will be used to buy these goods. Five slots will be available: A melee weapon slot, a small arm slot, a medium arm slot, a heavy arm slot, and a misc slot (which will hold various items: grenades, smoke bombs, stun bombs, and the CNB (Concentrated Nitrogen Bomb). Each weapon you hold in your inventory will slow you down a little bit, but there is not a "weight limit" so to speak. The weaponry in [NSF]: R.o.M. will have partly realistic damage. A bomb will kill you, a bullet to the head will kill you, but a bullet to the chest will not unless it is the Robar 50cal sniper rifle. Special abilities will be given to certain weapons, such as the knife, the knife will be able to acheive "Backstab Damage" if the victim is turned away from the attacker. I wanted to steer away from the conventional lineup of weapons, so I made my own. I kept some existing modern weapons in the mod because people are familiar with them, though in the mod they are concidered "antiques", as the mod is 20 years in the future.

    This is the current list of weapons: (Each of these weapons are balanced)
    - Melee:
    - Pistols:
    Glock-17 9mm (Antique)
    Sp9-SD 9mm (Silenced)
    Tactical Socom .45 (Antique)
    Desert Eagle .50 AE (Antique)
    Russian CZ 9mm (Antique)
    - SMGs:
    K12-SMG 9mm
    MP8-SD SMG 9mm (Silenced)
    ASC-TMP .22
    - Shotguns:
    Sabot-COMPACT 12ga
    - Carbines:
    PSK-CAR 5.56mm
    AUWR-AR 7.56mm
    - Scoped Rifles:
    Robar-392 Sniper Rifle .50 (Antique)
    Hunting Rifle .22 (Antique)
    Semi Auto Rifle 7.56mm
    - Heavy Weapons:
    TS-133 Avenger 10-06
    Grenade Launcher 44mm (Antique)
    SKS-RPG Launcher 40mm (Disposable) (Antique)
    K17-MG 7.68mm
    - Explosives:
    CCE (Basic Grenade)
    Smoke Grenade
    Concentrated Nitrogen Bomb (Plantable, disarmable bomb)

    Each of the weapons in the game have specific stats in recoil, aiming,reload time, damage, etc. No weapon is the same. There will be no perfect weapons, every weapon has a flaw. Recoil is determined by the default properties of the weapon and recoil that is added on after firing the weapon, eventually these will all go back to the default. After each shot your aim will progressively get worse. Getting shot, running, jumping, walking, hitting a wall, a nearby explosion, crouching, reloading will all affect your accuracy. Each gun will also have its own clip reload count, players firing the gun will not be able to go past the amount of bullet per clip. An explosion will not only effect your accuracy it will also affect your screen, by adding a flash of light and a shake.

    The [NSF] Player Class is significantly less agile than UT2K4's player class. Double jumps are not available. Since I believe stealth gameplay is as important as any other type, dynamic lighting is put to use and hiding is available in shadows. When walking no sound is made, as opposed to running. If the player is wearing the [NSF] Covert Armour a stealth mode can be activated for a short period of time, this mode allows the player to temporarily become hiden to other player's views. Although, if a weapon is armed the mode will be disabled.

    Armour can be bought in a "Weapon Store" or some can be found randomly on the ground. Armour will not deflect everything, except 9mm bullets and shotgun pellets. Armour wears down fast, so it is good to save money to buy as it helps alot if fully offensive combat is being put to use by your militia leader.

    Here is the current list of armour:
    - [NSF]Covert Stealthsuit <CovertSSuit>:
    Protection: 5/10
    Agility Deduction: 0/10
    Special: Stealth Option
    Price: $1500
    - [MJ12]Government Issued <MJ12GI>:
    Protection: 10/10
    Agility Deduction: 5/10
    Special: N/A
    Price: $1000
    - Police Vest <PV>:
    Protection: 8/10
    Agility Deduction: 8/10
    Special: N/A
    Price $700
    - Retail Vest <RVest>:
    Protection: 5/10
    Agility Deduction: 4/10
    Special: N/A
    Price $200
    - Unlabed Vest <UVest>:
    Protection: 2/10
    Agility Deduction: 3/10
    Special: N/A
    Price: $50 (Can be found on ground..)

    The maps in [NSF]: R.o.M. will be realalistic maps set 20 years from the present day. Maps will hold "Capture Points" for militias to defend, and "Bombing Points" for militias to demolish, both of these will give your militia's comrads credits. Each map will have a Night/Day Change and Random Weather system. Some of these maps will not be able to have high poly counts like UT2K4's maps.

    I have implemented a system of Night and Day changes to further insure the ambience of the maps. Sounds will also play according to the weather effect and the time of day. Servers will be able to control certain aspects of the system aswell. Here are some of the server controlled variables:
    bActivate (Bool variable that either allows this system or not)
    bIsNight (Bool variable that determines the time at which the server starts)
    bIsDay (Bool variable that determines the time at which the server starts)
    bWeatherActive (Book variable that either allows the weather system or not)
    WeatherEffect (Float variable that determines what weather effect to start the server off with)
    DNCycleTime (Interger variable that determines how long a full sun rotation is, example = 24hours)

    Vehicles are bought at "Vehicles Stores" with credits. Vehicles will allow passenger seating, this is determined by the vehicle and how large it is. Hovering vehicles are avaible, though they are hard to control they are very useful. <MORE INFORMATION AT A LATER DATE>

    Credits will be able to be spent on objects such as weapons, vehicles, and armour.
    Money us gained by the following:
    - Killing an enemy player ($200 earned)
    - Killing an enemy team leader ($400 earned)
    - Holding a capture point ($5 earned per 5 seconds)
    - Players earn $5 each second in-game
    - Blowing up cars ($200 earned)
    *** Later Version***
    - Planting the bomb and a successful explosion at specified locations ($1000)
    - Forming Alliances ($50 earned per 5 seconds)
    - Declaring Conflicton ($100 earned per 5 seconds) (Both conflictors earn money) (Lasts for 60 seconds)"


    Side notes:
    It is impairative that it be known that there isn't 2 teams, the team system is dynamic and based on the players ingame that want to make new teams.
    The mod has a HEAVY emphasis on skill gain with weaponry including melee weaponry.. Weapon Balance is of upmost importance.
    The team has been together for 3 years now and its composed by 6 members.

    -Modellers / Animators
    Must be experienced with Maya or Max. For 1st/3rd person view on weaponry, extensive creativity and knowledge of how weaponry works is required.

    -Concept Artist
    Must enjoy the cyberpunk realm, the drawings must portray possible map ideas allowing for vendor zones and realism.
    Vehicle concepts, both commercial and personal vehicles.. Some being hover vehicles, and others being wheeled.. Not everyone can afford the best car ya know?

    Must have extensive knowledge with UnrealEd, and ability to be creative and enhance the map based off concepts.



    ICQ: 96970935
    AIM: DerMuffinMensch