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      on the new screen, re-texture that mesh arch from the asian theme(?) just thought musky lighting as well might look good here too.



        Originally posted by {DAM}MoxNix
        From a purely aesthetic point of view it does look a bit nicer when it's a little darker. The problem is when it's any darker it's difficult to see enemies. In fact some think it's too dark as it is now. The skybox and sunlight actor are probably a touch too bright, I'll be tweaking that before final release.

        Lightmaps, ya they need to be bumped in some spots... Thanx for pointing it out, that's the type of minor detail that can be easy to forget.

        The entire ceiling is a single zone open to the skybox. Windows are another story, each outside wall has it's own seperate outdoor zone for the windows on that side. I'll likely add some more detail to the roofline and uppper walls yet (allready have added some) but I doubt I'll add any more crossbeams.

        The rain is slightly angled. Initially I tried it at steeper angles but it just looked wrong in a lot of spots. At a steeper angle I'd have to add a whole bunch of "norain" zones so it doesn't look like the rain's coming right out of the walls.

        Plants poking through... Heh, I just did that a few days ago. There are some dead weeds in the corners by shock and mini now and some dead trees outside the windows on 2 sides. I decided not to put any terrain in this map, mainly because most maps I've done previously had at least some terrain.

        I know I said beta 6 was probably going to be the last beta, but I've made enough changes allready that I should release one more beta just to make sure there aren't any serious bugs that have crept in.

        It's got screenshots and cubemaps for the water too now. The biggest thing holding me back from releasing it is the roofline. I'm still not entirely happy with that.

        I've also added some meshes the bots can use to dodge onto the slanted wall surfaces. That means bots don't have to shieldjump to get up there so low level bots can get up there too, not just masterful and higher bots... It's funny how low level bots can make fairly difficult dodgejumps with ease, yet they've got to be masterful or better before they'll even try the simplest shieldjump.

        The skybox, what textures are you using for it?Maybe a skybox like DOM-Scorched Earth would look good?

        I take it your gonna use 8 or 4 lightmaps?

        Cool about the crossbeams, reason i add them is only to make cool shaodws and to give the gab in the skybox look more interesting.

        The rain i would tweak some more, try and make it a little more angled. If you haven't add that pool mesh from rankin and use the splash emitter as well, if you wan tto go the full mile add a nice greeny lighting like i did in my malevolence re-make and also a splash sound trigger, for when someone would through the puddle.

        The plants make a nice effect, also try some of those thorns mesh from the citadel package, they might look good here.:up:, terrain i would use if i was you yes you use it in all your maps but you do a ace job on it, its one of your strengths:up: i use terrain only purely for detail, like in small mounts only maybe some terrain could be used for lumps of dirt or sometinhg lineing the walls?

        bots are weird folk mate :bulb:

        hope that help,s i'ii download it tomorrow and give it a whirl over.