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Tower Defense beta v1.01 released

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    k thx


      Updated first post with screenshots.


        TD owns


          I've seen my friends and other people play TD maps for Star Craft and Warcraft 3 but never played it my self.

          when i try'ed this mod i found it to be very fun (completed it alone with 31 hp left )

          :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: (out of 5)


            i also have to say, this version is far better than the first one. it's great fun!!!


              yeah its fun.. um how exactly do those uh teleporting towers work? they seem to do nothing...


                The documentation explains how each tower works/attacks. For the portal tower, it has a 3% probablity of capturing a unit per second. Once it captures a unit, the unit is teleported into the cage, and for every second the creature is in there, you get half the value its worth when you kill it. Also, while its in the cage, every second there is a increased likelyhood that it will escape the cage, with maximum duration of the capture being 7 seconds. Once it does escape, it will be teleported to any of the spawn points and will travel twice as fast to the castle.

                This tower works best in mid to late waves. It has unlimited range, so you can put it anywhere on the map. Also, the creature cannot be attacked while its in the cage. We found that the Portal tower makes a lot of cash if its given any more than 3% probablity of capturing a unit.


                  2 new maps have been added:

                  Here are links:

                  These maps are done by Ben "Slainchild" Edney.

                  Our main website Screenshots section contains pics of TD-Rehabilitation. Here are shots of TD-DevilsRoad:



                    Why on rehab do they spawn in the air in the middle of the map with 2 players? and one player can only build ON the path?


                      Thats because its really a 1 player map.


                        nice new maps but have to say something you are never anymore online maybe you blocked my or did you make a new e-mail addres?
                        pls give a comment on this


                          Let me start off by saying Congratulations on producing a top notch game. I know how hard it is to produce something like this from scratch...

                          I have been enjoying playing Tower Defense for a few days now and am enjoying it immensely. Unfortunately, I have a few bugs to report.

                          I installed version 1.01 off the zipfile listed above.

                          BUG A:
                          I cannot get a network game listing to play online. In the TD.ucl file in the UT2004/TD/System directory it shows


                          Unfortunately, I cannot find this class either in the source files you sent or through the UnrealEditor. Thus the Maplist does not work and defaults to show me the Onslaught map listing.

                          Any ideas?

                          BUG B:
                          The Boulder tower shows a single Speed upgrade available. If you purchase a Special upgrade first then the Speed upgrade is no longer available. Also if you had purchased the Speed upgrade first then the Special it seems the Speed upgrade no longer has an effect. The other Towers do not have this problem so possible Bug?

                          BUG C:
                          On the TD-DevilsRoad and TD-Rehabilitation maps you cannot zoom up into the sky very far before you hit the roof. I understand this is just the way they were made but I generally like to be able to zoom out to get a "Strategic" view every once and awhile. So not really a bug but sure limits your view options.

                          BUG D:
                          Sometimes my towers will shoot at the Monsters trapped in my Portals. This is not overshoot, etc. They actually turn and shoot the monster. There is no reasoning for when they will do it and when they will not as far as I can tell. Very intermittent.

                          Thats it for bugs now to request features:

                          FEATURE A:
                          I would like to be able to see a range circle when I select a tower. Make it like the health where you can turn it on/off. This helps in placing the towers in the right spot to offer overlapping support. For the multiple upgrade ranges have multiple circles? Would be especially helpful for placing the Trebuchet since it has a min/max range. Hard to place correctly right now...

                          FEATURE B:
                          I would like to see the starting hitpoints of each monster in the wave listed somewhere on the screen. The health bar is great most of the time but sometimes you want to figure out if a particular tower upgrade is actually going to do sufficient damage to make it worthwhile. Hard to estimate this sometimes from just a bar readout. Would also like to see the amount of gold you will be awarded per kill listed.

                          Thanks for taking the time to produce such a great game!!

                          I may break down and build a map for it someday since it seems so easy.


                            Mmmm, Serious Sam meshes.


                              everyone please have a look at this:


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