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Tower Defense beta v1.01 released

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    Tower Defense beta v1.01 released

    Name: Tower Defense
    Version: beta version 1.01
    Compatibility: UT2004 with 3270 patch
    Description: Invasion meets strategy! Build! Kill! Upgrade!
    -Code, Effects, Maps by Seelan 'Knight' Vamatheva
    -Artwork, Sounds, Music by Daniel 'Eclipse' Yu
    -Site and Documentation by 'Knight' and 'Eclipse'
    -Portal Tower, Boulder Tower, and Outer Castle Walls by 'acc'.
    -satoreMonsterPack by 'satore'.
    -Special thanks to TheGibberingFool for hosting the TD Mod.

    The UMOD is self-extracting; the ZIP is manual installation, and an alternative if the UMOD does not work for you. You must first extract the UMOD file, then double-click on it to execute it, and the rest is just simply following the wizard. Read the documentation for more details.

    Current Version Info (20 MB)
    -25 waves of monsters
    -25 unique creatures
    -Hit points of creatures increase with each wave
    -Every 5 waves of monsters are bosses that have a large number of hit points
    -7 different towers, each with unique abilities
    -online cooperative play with up to 4 players
    -2 maps, with more coming in the near future
    -custom game configuration
    -difficulty voting

    Update: Added screenshots to the screenshots section of the TD website. Here are a few of them:


    Also expect 2 new maps within this week.

    Im downloading it, didnt know you were going to release this. Expect a review soon. Very cool.

    Edit: WOW! That is _SO_ cool! I put the gold for killing pupae at wave 1 on 20000 so I made all the cool towers. Its awesome to fool around with it. Wave 25 is way too hard though, lower it just a bit. Im too speachless (or mainly tired) to say much else. GJ!


      WOOT WOOT!!!! by the way the DL links on your site are dead


        Should work now. Try refreshing.

        Thanks for the comments.


          well after about an hour playing i say keep the controls the way they were space and crouch was soo much better, you can zoom out but you can zoom in, you can scrool left and up, but not right and down, id say put the prices a lil lower for the towers, i mean the ice towers are 25 when the regular arrow towers are 50.


            You should be able to zoom in and out.
            C = zoom out
            Space = zoom in
            R = camera up
            F = camera down

            and WSAD is just like normal UT movement.

            As for the prices of the towers, well, we did have them cheaper, but the game was too easy. After a lot of tweaking, we found the prices to make the game challenging. If you just want to try out each tower, then do what Phantomdream did and edit the configuration.


              Originally posted by Glasseater!
              you can scrool left and up, but not right and down,
              what i meant by that was with the mouse on the screen. oh and when you use the midddle mouse button to change the camera view, when you look up it zooms up, instead of getting yo a diffrent angle, like itll give you the angle, just that it zooms. just a lil annoying to me but its still a great game


                Alright, well Im not exactly sure what would be causing this problem for you, but those things should be working fine. When you are against the edge of the map, you wont be able to scroll in that direction.

                Also, in terms of key configurations, you can open up the TDUser.ini file in the TD\System directory, and change the left-hand side of the key assignments.

                So if you want to change the 'H' key for health, you can change the following line:

                to say, Z:

                Note, keep the right-hand side the same. If you mess up, look in the defuser.ini file in the same directory, or just delete the TDUser.ini file and it will be re-created for you by UT.

                edit: For future feedback, can you guys say whether you used the UMOD file or the normal zip file? I would like to know if the UMOD works well.


                  /me patiently waits for SC Cannon D mod for... the mod...


                    It looks cool, some more maps with more realistic geometry would be nice, and skyboxes too. Perhaps build blocking volumes around a giant terrain so that you ca only move about in the middle quarter but your view can see the rest of the terrain and the world doesn't just "end there". Also higher detailed tower models. We're not really going to build THAT many are we?

                    And finally custom monstors, such as huge, camera-shaking golems (I really wanna see the camera shake when one gets nearby) and giants and magic casting beings etc. Flying ones too.

                    This mod is good but these improvements would make it great.


                      Same problem,can´t zoom in or out.Checked the binds twice,also tried with ini editing.Sucks cuz I´ve been waitin for this


                        Try this fix for your zoom in and zoom out problems. Its a simple fix, and should work:


                        Let me know if it does work. Thanks.


                          Ok, Im trying to get a quick follow-up version (beta 1.01) out very soon, maybe tonight or tomorow.

                          I made some changes to increase the damage the of the more expensive towers, among other changes. Is there any other changes you guys want? Anything simple or not too time-consuming. I also plan to make 1 more map so I dont want spend time coding big changes.


                            can the ***** make maps somehow?? cuz i really want to map this

                            EDIT it says no intro.ut2 couldnt be found

                            EDIT2: heres the error message

                            UT2004 Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-07-27_14.28]

                            OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
                            CPU: GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 2493 MHz with 503MB RAM
                            Video: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller (3510)

                            Failed to enter NoIntro.ut2: Can't find file 'NoIntro.ut2'

                            History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Free


                              You shouldnt get that error. But anyway, copy NoIntro.ut2 from your UT2004/Maps folder and put it in UT2004/TD/Maps folder, and it should work. Same for any other *.ut2 errors.

                              As for mapping, yes the public can map. If you are interested, there is a mapping guide on our home forums. I will also write up a new guide soon.

                              Im currently making a map right now, and while I can put the requirements of the mod into the map, if someone can take care of making the sky box and making it look much better, I would appreciate it. Its very simple to map for this mod, in terms of requirements. If anyone is interested in doing this, please PM me or add me to your msn: seelanav -at- msn -dot- com

                              edit: It should be NoIntro.ut2.