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    The new spider model has some issues, like auto-dying on particular surfaces such as the Torlan base floor. Still needs work.


      Are there similar issues with other walkers as well? Hopefully not, I'm so looking forward to the Epsilon and I hope it'll progress well after the Condor's release... What's next on your list after the new Condor anyway? Gunship, Epsilon, the Alpha-Collection or a bit of everything?


        where do you expect that error to be from?


          This might have to do with the fact that the spider's center is between its legs and gets pressed through the floor when crouching. It'll require some trial and error experimentation.

          Next up after the Condor is... depends on how quickly the new flak tank gets modeled. If soon, then that (since it is an easy but cool vehicle), otherwise... probably an update to an earlier released vehicle.


            sounds like alot of fun, cant wait man


              AH finaly i can log in again ( i somehow coldn't typ in my username
              @xyx: how is the centre of a vehicle determined anyway? is it determined in the editor afterwich you place the model around that centre, or does the editor place it?
              if the first is the case, wel simply "re-asamble" it.
              if its the second... wel, you are a briliant coder...
              (and where is that ******* spel cheker?!?!?!


                Please don't offer suggestions on how to fix things unless you know what you're talking about.


                  wow the project has come a long way since i saw it last good job guys!!



                    I recently thought up a device that might fit XS, so I'll suggest it here:
                    It would be a turret, but with a cool twist:
                    It spawns as a turret, but when a player enters it, he can hit altfire to fold the thing up and it is added to his inventory as a deployment device, so he can carry it around on foot and re-deploy the turret where he sees fit.
                    When deployed, it fires a constant stream of electricity wrapped around a carrier beam that deactivates vehicles for as long as the the beam stays on the target, so you can focus only on one vehicle at a time and have to rely on your teammates to take it down while it's immobilized and unable to fire.
                    When the turret is folded up, hitting altfire instead of fire will transform it into a turret with a different primary fire mode that is more effective against infantry, I thought about a big shockwave that does only little damage but has a huge knockback. You won't be able to flip over a Hellbender with it, but you can hurl players back to where they came from.
                    Deployed in the right place at the right time this baby could really make a difference, but you have to watch your back at any time, because it's a very vulnerable vehicle (150 - 200 health max) and in order to switch from anti-vehicle mode to anti-player mode you have to undeploy it first and then redeploy it in the other mode, which takes precious time.


                      A vehicle (or rather a turret) that is also a weapon, eh? I would need to delve into the weapon code. Not that hard, I guess. Certainly an excellent idea. Needs more thought... let's explore the possibilities.


                        Hmm, it could slow you down, since you know turrets are heavy stuff.
                        but i guess the thing for that is making the link/shock/lg shoot alittle harder, about 2more for ling/ 5for shock/ 10 for lg?

                        the about between it and the vehicle it hits sets up a kind of, break the beam and the vehicle is free'ed BUT you get hurt lots from the whiplash of all that energy going back into you, since the vehicle is grounded, but players aren't like that.

                        the can be good but it doesn't sound all that hot.....
                        maybe a kind of....
                        actually this might be the perfect vehicle for that worldwind idea i brought up!
                        its more of an anti inf thing, but it could be used with it, make E the unpack and make fire/alt fire when unpacked to choose between vehicle and inf.


                          if you are making that kind of turret, will the highjacking rule still apply? like you get out, but it dosen't fold up, someone else gets in, folds it up, and runs away with it, then it's their's, right? or is it they get in, take it over, and use it against you, even though they didn't fold it up first, and then redeploy it. a cool anti-vehic idea (and easier than the electron cannon), is an AVRiL launcher, and if E is going to be the key to fold it up, how about a sort of super weapon, bends over to reveal a big missile launcher, and it fires some sort of redeemer-like missile, average damage, but knockback is as strong as somone hitting you with the Empire State building. just offering my own form of idea.


                            Originally posted by Sarge-David View Post
                            Hmm, it could slow you down, since you know turrets are heavy stuff.
                            Maybe it folds in on itself like in that Motorola Razr commercial, where an entire house folds up into a cellphone. Or maybe it dematerializes, like something out of a travel-sized holodeck.

                            Or maybe it does weigh a ton and slow you down. I suppose that is within the realm of possibility.

                            Originally posted by Sarge-David View Post
                            the thing for that is making the link/shock/lg shoot alittle harder, about 2more for ling/ 5for shock/ 10 for lg?
                            Interesting feature, but that would move the thingy further away from vehicles/turrets and closer to weapons/powerups/tools.

                            Originally posted by Sarge-David View Post
                            between it and the vehicle it hits sets up a kind of, break the beam and the vehicle is free'ed BUT you get hurt lots from the whiplash of all that energy going back into you
                            Good out-of-the-box thinking... the beam could require some power-down time to disconnect without energy flowing back into you/the turret.

                            Originally posted by shadow21 View Post
                            if you are making that kind of turret, will the highjacking rule still apply?
                            When deployed, it would be like any other vehicle. You get out, someone else gets in, they're in, that's it. It only folds up when they press altfire.


                              yes powerup idea, and the folding in on itself, i guess it could also be made out of a super light alloy, or plastic based material...

                              with the folding in on itself, that could be made into a cool animation. i wonder if you can, actually set it up on a vehicle, like the sentenal turrets, but that might be a bad idea.

                              the beam is high powered, it feeds energy into the vehicle sending electricity through the vehicle making it shut down or it's electronics will be fried(fail safes are fun). the sudden break in the link will cause the energy to have no where to go, causing it to feedback into its electronics. and since it has nothing to ground it from stupid manufacturing, causes the enemy vehicle to suddenly get a surge of power and your turret to be damaged.

                              target vehicle(shut down but when link dissconected bam turned on and with some of that electricity running through it feeds into the engine and other things causing it afew seconds of faster movement and stronger power, but when hit by the beam it cant shoot or move.

                              the turret when feed back in, isnt shut down and damaged badly.


                                Let's go out on a limb and discuss two things simultaneously!

                                I've been taking a little break from the Condor and did some work on the Flak Tank. Including a seriously nice tracer arc that displays the mortar's trajectory when aiming. There's a couple of design issues that I'd like some feedback on:


                                It handles like a pregnant yak, which is perfect. Big, heavy hovercraft, decent top speed but **** maneuvering. Good hover height, can take rough terrain, skids a lot in corners.

                                Still needs something "interactive". Like the way the Manta can crouch and jump. Only not crouch and jump, since several other hover vehicles have that already. But what then?

                                One thing that sprung to mind was a powerslide. Press Jump (or Duck) to cancel all friction and slide in a straight line while turning freely. Allows for tight cornering, with practice. Not exactly a super-cool feature, though.

                                Any other possibilities?


                                It's a "flak" tank ("FLugzeugAbwehrKanone", which literally translates as "airplane defense cannon"). Thing is, its current form isn't terribly effective versus air units. It has a mortar and a rapid fire multi-barrel cannon. The mortar won't ever be an effective anti-air tool due to its nature, but the cannon ought to be.

                                At the moment, the cannon fires flak shards - like the Flak Cannon primary (with the mortar firing the flak shells). Flak shards suck against air units. I'd like to preserve the flak theme, obviously, but in a way that is effective against those nasty flyers.

                                Possible solutions:
                                • Speed up the flak shards. I doubt it'd help enough.
                                • Aim help. Either a display of the target's trajectory, or locking on AVRiL style with the gun firing along the calculated trajectory.
                                • Switch to historical flak shells - high velocity shells that explode mid-air when detecting a radar signal. Like I did for the ship-that-I'd-rather-not-discuss.
                                Any other ideas?