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    Ok I'm about halfway through. (This didn't take long at all )

    BUT, because of the great amount of files I'm fixing up, there is a very high chance that there WILL be errors (unless I have an immense amount of luck, in which case I'm buying a lottery ticket). They should fix up fairly easily, though. I'll update when I'm done with a couple compilations.

    I use ConTEXT because you can open multiple files, but at the moment this has the adverse affect of making my editing window about 10 pixels tall. I like ConTEXT because if you input the UnrealScript module, it works like a nice code editor. Plus you can get hotkeys to compile, etc.

    uh, btw, anyone know any good places to host files? The only one I've used so far is Unreal Playground. I have no idea how to submit files to other places.


      Ok done. I'm going through some testing now.


      Ball of DOOM (chair on floating ball)

      Ball of Happiness (Flying Smiley Face, it looks at you and shoots lasers from its eyes)

      Cruiser (Levi Killer)

      Gunship (Power Core Killer)

      Missile Turret

      Photon Tank

      Hydra (Kills everything (Twin Ion Plasma Cannons plus 6 missile mounts and 4 dual laser turrets)

      Crappy Car with machine gun on top

      Hover Mech

      Shock Chucker

      Sniper Turret

      Atlas Recon Vehicle

      Hover Tank

      Missile Hover Tank

      Condor Super Hovercopter

      Wraith hover attack craft

      WARNING: Most are overpowered, and many are NOT finished (Photon Tank, Shock Chucker) And some models have not been used yet. A couple are plain crappy, but I will fix that in later releases. There are a couple vehicles that you have not seen in my screenies as well, and a couple I have not mentioned. Some are screwed up at the moment (sniper turret [It's very hard to actually get in it, you have to use ghost] ). But then again, this is like an alpha. I'll release as soon as I can find someone to host it.


        How big is the file? I might be able to host it (for a short time).


          It's 9.2 megabytes. Here are pics of them in-game in all their un-UV-mapped glory.

          (shots removed)

          I have a lot of refining to do. For instance, the Hydra has thrusters floating in mid-air because I haven't configured them yet.


            THE HYDRA IS HUGE!!!

            bot support?
            where do all those vehicles respawn?
            two teams start with all these vehicles, every one has only one life when the last vehicle of a team is destroyed the other team wins


              Most of these vehicles are, like I said many times before, massively over-powered. I will balance them out in future releases. Most of the vehicles the bots use well, but some are lost to them. I'll work on that sometime. The Hydra IS huge. It has twin Ion Cannons for primary and 6 missile launchers for secondary. It basically has no weakness except its bulk and maneuverability. However the Cruiser and Gunship are more balanced. Although they are pretty powerful against ground forces, a squadron of Raptors can take them down. The Condor is really ghey at the moment (it has massive missiles that home 200% better than Leviathan missiles). As soon as I get the release out, I'll start refining and balancing. Btw, I still can't find a place to host this. :/

              Oh, the total file zipped up is approx. 9.82 Mb.


                im hopping you find a host



                  Well, I managed to change a couple things while I'm still looking for a host:

                  -Hydra lights and thrusters and streamers do not "float" anymore, they are in their proper locations

                  -Atlas now has no weapons and is a 2 man transport

                  -Atlas is now more maneuverable

                  Argh! Can't find a host. Can someone suggest one?

                  EDIT: Okay, I'm trying UT200X HQ. You should see a download link here relatively soon.


                    Gorgeous models. Very well thought-out and they match their intended purpose. All of them are very unique and freaking impressive and feature some of the best designs I've seen yet on the forums.

                    I'd love to see an Assault map where the purpose was to destroy the Hydra!

                    A couple pointers:
                    • Polycount: Some of them are HUGE in terms of polys. The highest poly vehicle in UT is the Hellbender and it's right around 7000 tris. You should really shoot towards much lower polycounts (like 3000-4000)and use tricks like creative texturing and vertex smoothing to make your vehicles appear higher poly. Remember: not everyone's got a GeForce 6800 ULTRA and a Dual 3.4Ghz P4 Xeon. Also, fewer polys helps with UV mapping. On that note....
                    • Just like someone suggested, learn to UV. As someone who makes vehicles and forced himself to learn UV-mapping, trust me, it's not something you want to force on anyone else. It really is time-consuming, annoying labor and its the one part that everyone hates. Many a good vehicle has died at that point.

                      But, if you want your vehicles to be truly complete, you need to put in the time and take care of that aspect. Once the UV is done, there will probably be a ton of people who would take on the actual texturing.

                    That said, these vehicles are truly amazing. I can't wait to see them complete.


                      o...m...g... ME WANTS TEXTURED


                        I UV-ed the Hydra.


                        Considering it's my first UV job (besides the Ball of Happiness), I think it's ok. It's probably "off" a bit, though, and some of the triangles I have no idea where they came from. You can give it a shot, though.

                        I'm a seriously crappy Photoshopper. I can do pretty good with Fireworks, etc. but I haven't learned Photoshop.

                        It looks like a complicated paper model.


                          Worked on the Tank Mech's "hands."



                            I send you a private message, because of skinning one of the vehicles. So pls check your PMs , thx.


                              OMG I made another model! Unfortunately it has 8000 polys. Oh well. If I actually manage to code it, it will be a rare vehicle like the Leviathan.

                              "X Mech" is just the file name. It's temporary.

                              I think I'll post this in a separate post as well.

                              Come here:

                              for it.

                              EDIT: ARgh! I sent the file to UT200Xhq, but they apparently haven't received it.


                                I never really checked - but does anybody know of beyondunreal hosts files like this?

                                I mean.....

                                Beyondunreal hosts a lot of files in its fileworks system.. but I'm not sure if that's only for their hosted sites...


                                you could try

                                Not sure if they accept unfinished vehicles but I think in this case they'd make an exception XD

                                (not like they have very many [or very good] vehicles on the site anyways >_>)