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Elimination 2k3 - LMS style gametype

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    Are you testing it yourself, or do you have beta testers? Because you will find more bugs if you have selected a beta test group.


      Are you testing it yourself, or do you have beta testers? Because you will find more bugs if you have selected a beta test group.
      I do both. I have a LAN with 4 machines at my house, so I can do pretty thorough testing by logging into a server with several clients. I also have some online friends that help me beta test once I've fixed all the bugs I find on my own. So, my development occurs in the following cycle:

      1) Develop code
      2) Test on a single machine
      3) Fix/change code
      4) Test on multiple machines locally
      5) Fix/change code
      6) Test online with small beta group
      7) Fix/change code
      8) Release

      The other nice part about having a beta group is to get feedback on things that are good/bad about the mod in addition to finding bugs.

      Hmm, that was probably a longer answer than you were looking for .


        Originally posted by agentq_71

        I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon/evening working on a multi-round Elimination. The current working name is EliminationTE (Tournament Edition). I'm up for suggestions on a better name .

        Anyway, I have an alpha version up and running. I just need to add some bells and whistles, do some more testing, and I'll be ready to release it to the unwitting public .
        This sounds interesting and after now playing Epic's LMS gametype, this sounds even better.

        as for name, EliminationTE or EliminationTPE for Elimination Team Play Edition (variable as Teamplay Edition) as Tournament Edition sonds more like a standard Deathmatch game, not a team game IMO.



          Ah, I see the confusion here. EliminationTE is not team based; it's individual play. I will be making a Team Elimination after I'm done with this.


            Well now you will have to make this a mutaor for LMS insted of an LMS mod, because epic just released LMS.


              Elimination Version 1.31 is available here.

              *==> Version 1.31 (March 23, 2003)

              * Enhanced spectator mode to show more information to


                What's the diference between Elimination2k3, and EliminationTE?


                  A game of Elimination is a single round of LMS.

                  EliminationTE is a round based game where you get points at the end of each round for surviving. Whoever gets to X points first wins.

                  Does that make sense?


                    I think so. So the Elimination is at version 1.31, and EliminationTE is still at version 1.10. Right?



                      If I had been a little more forward-thinking, I just would've released all Elimination games in a single package .