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[RELEASED] SinkPack 2004 [Download] [Pics] [UPDATED]

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  • [RELEASED] SinkPack 2004 [Download] [Pics] [UPDATED]

    Name: SinkPack2004
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004, updated to 3323 with ECE bonus pack
    Description: A collection of Giant-sized maps placing inches-tall players in various places around a kitchen, ranging from the entire countertop, to the basin of the sink, even hopping outside into a windowsill flowerbox.
    Comments: It's been an intense couple of months working on the SinkPack, and I hope it's received well in the community. I've learned a great bit and done a lot of things I never thought about doing before. I wound up skipping out on the Assault board due to time constraints, unfortunately - but I will probably finish it later, giving it the time and care that an Assault map needs.
    Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
    Credits: Dan "Winky Boy" Overlander. The cupboards, chair, faucet, pot, and pan come from BootsofJumping are credited to Mr.Evil! Almost every other static mesh you see was hand-modeled by myself after that, and I also manually created all of the textures myself, too.
    Download: from | from PCGameMods

  • #2
    all i can say is, wow!...

    from the screens, it's possibly one of the best 'tiny' maps i've seen! it's so realistically messy and disorganised!

    more relevant comments will come once i've played it a bit


    • #3

      I'm in LUB with wacky maps....

      This looks ill. I'm downloading.


      • #4
        very slick

        after playing id say the only thing that needs real work is the texturing, it looks great overall and great from the sky but there are certain textures here and there that lack quality, perticularly the table top counter with its pattern, is way too defined, make it more subtle, it looks a little odd as it is, even from the sky.

        VERY Good map though nice node layout, me likey lots


        • #5
          the only thing that needs real work is the texturing
          I wasn't expecting that!! Huh. Okay, I can work on the countertop pattern, but I'm not too sure how to make it more subtle -- I was trying for a marble countertop look. I've got some actual countertop samples from Menards that I'll scan in and replace it with. Thanks for the tip!!!

          Any other particular textures stand out as Needs Work? I've got the freakingly-huge source of all of them still and I can save them out with any detail I could possibly need


          • #6
            how good are the bots?


            • #7
              Well, there are pathnodes leading them everywhere they need to be, and they even claim the middle node which is usually only accessible by raptor. (I haven't set up any jumpnodes for them to get there by manta yet, as players can do).

              I typically test with Masterful bots, using the board-selected amount of them, and they do fairly well in capturing & defending.

              Of course, I always think the level designed shouldn't QA their own map, so you tell me


              • #8
                Hey - on this note, I have seen the bots jump in and out of the vehicles from time to time. Does anyone know offhand what causes that? I'm looking into it myself, but if anyone can shortcut me to the answer, it'd be appreciated. I really, really want this fixed in all maps I create.


                • #9
                  right click the top bar of your viewport.

                  view > show paths (or something)

                  lots of lines come. white good. red bad. purple forced (+ yellow)

                  make sure they are white if not forced!


                  • #10
                    Thanks, Cat -- I knew the white ones were good, but I didn't know what the red ones meant! Or the yellow, either. I figured they were "not as good"... I don't have any purples ones to my knowledge. I'll take this knowledge to heart!!!


                    • #11
                      It usually means that the paths are too narrow, thus undesireable.


                      • #12
                        For the ambient music, I suggest SDG-ONS05. Although it is default music, the map filesize will be more 56k-friendly and the music fits in. As far as the ipod music goes.. well, just add some looping rock music.


                        • #13
                          red is proscribed (like specifically won't use) and yellow is forced (use it as a normal path, though UnrealEd dosent think it should be.

                          just for fun!

                          But the blue, white and green are how wide the paths are, which is how much bots can stray from the path, and how much vehicles and other large vehicles can go thru.

                          But the map does look awesome, looks like u may need to blur out some upcs or brand names though


                          • #14
                            ace, let me know when it gets to version 1.0. :up:


                            • #15
                              Hey thanks for all the comments so far everyone. I've added adding SDG-ONS05 to my to-do list, and will review the bot paths as well.

                              [EDIT]I found that white are the widest paths, actually[/EDIT]

                              So I'm looking, if possible, to get GREEN paths, assuming you listed them in priority level, DaJMasta. Thanks. Oh-- I don't think any of the UPC symbols could actually still be useable, and apparently there were no issues with my CTF-KitchenSink board from UT99 having so many commercial products in them, so I'll probably leave those as-is.

                              I'll definitely keep this updated when there's a new version out - but don't expect it for a while. In the meantime, this version IS very playable. (And on that note, I'd love to play it on someone's server sometime. If anyone uses it, please let me know and I'll be there!!