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    Name: MECHFURY
    Version:UPDATED v4.0
    Compatibility: must have a good 3d card that runs at 800x 600x fine with low detail at least for the models

    Description: installing just drag the ut2004 to the same dir as the one for the program and say yes to replace the folder ut2004 with ut2004

    Comments: Had help with recompiling the mod Thanks Kholonar

    AND EVEN MORE BUT I WON'T spoil the fun
    Credits: VAPTOR
    Special thanks:Kholonar who recompiled it for me.
    Homepage: sorry other server went out of business linking has been fixed however
    Download: :up:

    also this is how they are implemented i also included the factorys so the mechs can be put in maps like standard vehicles for mappers its a bonus to use both sets of vehicles

    downloaded... test in a min...

    and for all those antivirus-whores, the batch file is safe (looked into it)

    -Lurkes gowad!- :up:


      Autobots Rollout!!! Change Getter!!!!! Rise SHINING!!!!! Sweet mech pack and I'll check it out now. D/ling.


        What's the best way to get these ingame? Carlauncher?


          What's the best way to get these ingame? Carlauncher?
          Carlauncher, or Worm2k4.

          Anyway, looks great! D/ling now.


            Do you have a link to Worm and/or Car Launcher?


              Carlauncher thread


                Content mania works great, too.

                Now, about the mechs.

                WOW. they all work great. They all work great, but a few of the could use a secondary firing mode but it's not really needed.

                While I love the vehicles, I still say that it's completely ridiculous that not a single mech can jump.

                If you really want to get people's attention with this thing, all you need to do is put WORKING SPIDER MECH in the thread title. That thing is an absolute beauty. It's the only one that really feels like a mech when your driving it. But it's also the only one that really needs to be able to jump.


                  Thanks NBIC, I got worm and I'll get CL in case I run into problems running them.


                    First off you installer did not work for me (win 98se, latest patch). I had to manually compile the package to use it. Second I can easily see this installer method casue major version mismatch errors. My sugestion, compile it under the second last patch, and release that (since the newest patch is so buggy)

                    For the actual vehicles:
                    I had problems with getting into a new mech after leaving an old one, sometimes I would be put back in the old mech even if it was 20 lenghths away. Also i had to get on top of the ice rat to enter it. The Spider mech is wicked cool, excpet it never seems to stop (even when you leave it). The hovering mech (name lot off the top of my head), I see you are using the default positions of the manat hover effects, try moving them they are off place.

                    Also the 'engine is running sound' seems really off for all the mechs it's used on.

                    Might report more later as I **** around with them more


                      The bat file has been *****ing with me so I'll see if can get the error because otherwise the other setups work but not the bat.


                        the bat file

                        the bat file is very easy so if it has a problem alter the location so It matches where you put the ut directory
                        with a text editor like note pad put the correct paths in for Ut2004 make sure the system/ucc.exe ......ect stays the same.

                        the vb files must be in the same folder as the program they have the ability to find the ini unlike the bat file which only executes commands

                        @echo off
                        REM This batch file is only necessary if WSH is not associated with vbs files
                        REM The batch file only works with mapped or real drives. UNC network path
                        REM names will not work with a batch file.

                        wscript //nologo SetupMod.vbs

                        wscript //nologo SetupMod8.vbs

                        C://ut2004/system/ucc.exe make

                        C://ut2004/system/ucc.exe ExportCache MECHFURY.u

                        C://ut2004/system/ucc.exe DUMPINT MECHFURY.u
                        save as "SETUPMOD.BAT"


                          I did that but I'll go back and see what I can do.


                            I just tried what you recommended and it still dont work. I think this could be problem though, I am working on 3270 so is it that this mod is for 3236.


                              I think you should still just release a already compiled verison, much less hassle...